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Different Twins  by RonnyBonny4
Different Twins by RonnyBonny4
At the age of one, Lilliana and Lily were taken away from their eight brothers and father by their mother.They were the only two girls after 10 generations. Lilliana Ro...
FAMILY  by beautiful_liar25
FAMILY by beautiful_liar😘
Ava have a twin sister and a stepdad but she's always sad. She doesn't have any friends and is always bullied at school by her twin sisters friends but she thinks her tw...
TROUVAILLE - Jiminxbts  by Redamancy_Bangtann
TROUVAILLE - Jiminxbts by smile
"So what are we gonna do now? He is a human. I don't think he can cope up with our life style." Hoseok broke the silence. "I know. But he don't have no wh...
𝐎𝐁𝐒𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍'𝐒 𝐕𝐄𝐈𝐋 by mtswrites
𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐀 𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐑 Elena goes to the most elite school in the UK. The school is also and escape from her step dad.In the second term she gets partnered with the...
Desesperada by Lady_Rishimu
Desesperadaby Macy McKay
One chapter will be released every month or so. Genshin Impact "fanfiction" starring my OCs. (Read the Author's Note for more details.) She reached out her han...
The Half-Giant's Guide to Seeing the Future by eliana_elf
The Half-Giant's Guide to Seeing t...by Eliana Hale
Terri Oakeley's abnormal height has always attracted stares and whispers. However, that's the least of her problems when a man attacks her in an elevator. Fortunately, a...
彼の小さなうさぎ(Naruto fanfic)(Sasuke X Maleoc) by rosia_azxl
彼の小さなうさぎ(Naruto fanfic)(Sasuke X M...by ♡Rae♡
Kazuma Haruno, the younger sibling of Sakura Haruno. Sakura hates her younger brother, she thinks he is annoying, lazy an attention seeker, she hates him even more when...
Little Patterns || Akaza x Reader (Female) by wxttmxk
Little Patterns || Akaza x Reader...by mak
Upper moons are forbidden to love another, and a secret can't be kept from the king. -- I do not own demon slayer (kimetsu no yaiba), mugen train, or any of the mangas...
Shirayukihime and The Lost Fox by _theLittleBook
Shirayukihime and The Lost Foxby A book
Akira Kazumi is your normal, everyday high schooler. Well, normal except for his heterochromia, a condition where he has two different colored eyes. He loves to watch an...
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The heterochromic duelist (Adopted) by SparkySparkpaw
The heterochromic duelist (Adopted)by Sparkz Lightning
It has only been a week sense Yusho Sakaki had vanished, and people have continued to bully Yuya by calling him a coward. One night Yuya was crying again till he heard a...
Collie by AnAuthorForChristina
Collieby Christina's Personal Life Wri...
Bennie, known for her unique eyes and unbelievable charm. Everyone is jealous of her girlfriend. They want to be her. Or do they? This story takes place in the far futur...
devil son by sunset_bookz
devil sonby sunset_bookz
Innocent little girl abused. not today. For my beloved readers I have a story which is slightly different our awesome but slightly stupid protagonist is not a girl but a...
torture (todoroki x reader) by Mariam_Ramzy
torture (todoroki x reader)by Mariam Ramzy
It all begins when your sadistic father with the erasing quirk decides to torture the number 1 pro hero todoroki shouto
Opposites Attract (Eruren) |AOT/SNK (Complete) by erenyeagerlover
Opposites Attract (Eruren) |AOT/SN...by Erenyeagerlover
Eren is Levi's pet Neko and Erwin is a stray cat. One day the two opposites meet and they fall in love. Eren was first in denial about having feelings about the stray bu...
The Foxes Secret by 17bucklesl
The Foxes Secretby Britishbitch
Stiles is keeping a secret He is a Werefox with heterochromia Hunters from his past are in town will people find the truth or will he be able to keep it hidden with grea...
Those Eyes by classysister
Those Eyesby hana
"She has multicolored eyes." "That's it? You need to be more specific." "I don't. She's the only human in Gaza who has those pair of eyes. Y...
EXCEPTance//Jilix (OT8) by graywolken
EXCEPTance//Jilix (OT8)by gray
Felix moves to Yurolin and people aren't exactly accepting of his heterochromia... Jisung finds him crying in his grandma's botanical garden and shows him self-acceptanc...
Return Of The Forsaken One by Reymon_demon_king
Return Of The Forsaken Oneby Reymon
this is a story of izuku yagi the son of toshinory yagi and inko yagi he has a twin sister izumi who was neglected and forced to be more by his family. He uncovers his r...
Beautiful Fate by SaltyQween
Beautiful Fateby Salty
In a world so kind and unkind Favor of the blessed by god rules us all The power given to those who are deemed worthy Stolen. The powerful so powerless And the undeservi...
The Heterochromatic Duelist (Adopted) by Platuim
The Heterochromatic Duelist (Adopt...by Veldomi
It has only been a week since Yusho Sakaki had vanished, and people have continued to bully Yuya by calling him a coward. One night Yuya was crying again till he heard a...