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Over the Highland Mountains by Letthereadingbegin
Over the Highland Mountainsby Hannah
Circa 1200 AD Scotland After the death of her mother, Lily's clan quickly fell into poverty. Five years later, her people are suffering more than ever. Lily is offered a...
Highland Promise is now published! This is the version I sold to my publisher. To read a revised version with new scenes and a new chapter go to Amazon at https://goo.gl...
Faith is Fallen (Broken Fantasies Series) by theeternalscribe
Faith is Fallen (Broken Fantasies...by Danielle Forrest | The Eterna...
Some fantasies aren't all they're cracked up to be... Cara, princess of the Seelie Fae, had always been meant for great things. Then, she is betrayed by her brother, an...
Across many moments   *Murtagh Fitzgibbons by aylee-eliza
Across many moments *Murtagh Fit...by aimee.eli
Strange new time and strange new people Beatrice Finch is accompanied by Claire Randall through the stones at Craigh Na Dun not expecting to find themselves in a complet...
The Runaway Bride by alaynasara
The Runaway Brideby alayna
Catrìona Adair is not your traditional damsel in distress. She is a fighter and has never needed or even wanted a man to protect her. She is independent, a spitfire, and...
A Kind of Magic by SilviaKrpatova
A Kind of Magicby Silvia Krpatova
My ONC 2024 entry inspired by prompt 21: A dragon, an elf, and a dwarf embark on a quest to find the lost heir to the kingdom.
Highland Bear (Book 4) by AzMaz90
Highland Bear (Book 4)by AzMaz
The Druids were a hunted people long ago...they made a pact to scatter their children throughout time to keep them safe from the massacre to come. These children became...
Highland Fling - A Funny Chick Lit Romance (COMPLETE) by SavvyDunn
Highland Fling - A Funny Chick Lit...by Emma Baird
*EDITORS PICK* "This book has been so amazing I found myself daydreaming about it💖💖 totally worth my time 😃" "This story has had me laughing, screaming...
The Highlander's Servant (Book One of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Servant (Book One...by Savannah K. Vining
For Kirstin Croft, the lowlands of Scotland have always been a sanctuary for protecting her sense of virtue and purity. After she becomes involved in an unfortunate occu...
My Highlander, My Love, Part Three:Forbidden Love, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. by Soulmates2
My Highlander, My Love, Part Three...by Soulmates2
In a world where Druids, Fays, and Valkyries come together to save the human race from the Dark Forces who want to destroy earth, a babe is born whom the Druid's swear t...
The Truth About The Many Worlds Of Printed Pages by SilviaKrpatova
The Truth About The Many Worlds Of...by Silvia Krpatova
Weekly updates (Weekends) °•○•°•○•° Once they all quieted down, the old woman spoke to Siena and James. "Let us direct this argument a little more towards philosoph...
The Falconer's Daughter, Book 1 by lizlyles
The Falconer's Daughter, Book 1by Liz Lyles
Know your daughters. When young Lady Anne Macleod runs off with her true love, the handsome young falconer, Kirk Buchanan, she inadvertently sets off a chain of events t...
Highlander male reader x ForHonor by AnonymousSlade
Highlander male reader x ForHonorby AnonymousSlade
Y/n L/n out in the wild having to survive in the cold winter, while meeting and fighting new people you've met and havent met before. (this is my first time writting a s...
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Origins Story) by kamerykae
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Orig...by Kamery Solomon
Taken Away (A Swept Away Saga Origins Story) is a title that can be read without reading any of the books in The Swept Away Saga. For more information, please visit www...
One Shots by TLotiel
One Shotsby TLotiel
One shots for many fandoms. Requests are currently not being taken but you are free to read all of the one shots that have already been written. :)
Story and plot ideas  by Wolfcubx2
Story and plot ideas by Story Master's
These are a bunch of partially written ideas that I don't know how to continue. I figured I would put them out there so that others might be able to. please let me know...
A Highlander's Night by Jessfairy88
A Highlander's Nightby Jessfairy88
When Jessica and her friends went on a trip she didn't know the adventure she will start on, that will lead her into her new a wonderfully magic life. Duncan/OC
Scooby-Doo and The Loch Ness Monster (OC's Included) by Braedey95
Scooby-Doo and The Loch Ness Monst...by Braedey95
Scooby-Doo, Braedey Martin, and the Mystery Inc. crew travel to Scotland on vacation and find themselves unexpectedly tackling their biggest monstrosity ever: the Loch N...
A Warrior's Heart by InaraRose
A Warrior's Heartby Inara Rose
She found him in the wilderness and tamed his untouched heart with the swiftness and ease of killer in the dark. And then she ran with wolves at her heels, until she tur...
Force of Nature || Outlander by bbdqqce1
Force of Nature || Outlanderby DickGrayson's_sidehoe
In which a funny girl gets transported to 18th century Scotland and falls forbiddenly in love with two individuals. Outlander {seasons 1-2} (Female!OC x Jamie Fraser x...