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The Tutor | 2016  ✓ by BlackMidnights
The Tutor | 2016 ✓by A ❥
When she receives yet another ugly grade, her teacher sets her up with a student tutor in her class, who also so happens to be the bad boy. (note: this story is a bit -a...
forced marriage by author-suspicious
forced marriageby author-suspicious
A story of forced marriage...
 𝐇𝐈𝐒  𝐙𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐀 by AnshaFebin7
𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐙𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐀by अनषा
#1 in His Series ✿ Abhimanyu × Kainat ✿ "He is the beautiful dream of my life And that's the reality, he is just a forbidden dream which will never be mine " ...
Texting Him. | COMPLETED ✔️ by sage_reed
Texting Him. | COMPLETED ✔️by sage
❝what was your first clue?❞ * Copyright © 2017 -#1 under the tag 'dialogue' 22/11/18
Hukum Sarkar by Kiken_is
Hukum Sarkarby Kiken
"Suniye" "Ji" "Movie dekhne chale" On Call "Book the best movie whole fucking show.There should be no one else just me and my biwi.&qu...
Don't Love Me ✓  by StellaAdamsHere
Don't Love Me ✓ by Stella Adams
"Will you stop fucking smiling for a moment?!" "That's what I am short of." ~ Rosaline Willow, twenty years, joyous personality, happy aura, a beauti...
~you're Mine~✓ Seperation And sacrifice  by author-suspicious
~you're Mine~✓ Seperation And sacr...by author-suspicious
A story of seperation and love.... Heman jaiswal and deepansha mehra So many ups and downs will come in their love story! Will they able to survive the ups and downs? W...
Best Completed Werewolf Stories by peachyeux
Best Completed Werewolf Storiesby eve.
I have read all of the stories and i recommended all of this book just for you who obsessed with Werewolves stories. From the newest and hottest stories you ever read, t...
Fatherly Instincts  by whyiseverythingtak
Fatherly Instincts by Thegayssss
(Y/n) had always lived a very nomadic life style, when on his adventures he runs into a blonde boy. His instincts drive him to care for the boy, having been in a similar...
Connections ~ Y/n Potter x Bellatrix Lestrange x Narcissa Malfoy by LE_books03
Connections ~ Y/n Potter x Bellatr...by Stories
100.282 Words The Marauders juniors. Harry James Potter, Y/n Lily Potter, Hermione Jeanine Granger and Ronald Weasley, Harry and Y/n are the chosen ones, Hermione is the...
Sex with me  by madisenthewriter
Sex with me by madisenthewriter
Sex with me: About sex with me.
Urdu Shayari Collection  by Danish1801
Urdu Shayari Collection by Danish1801
collection of shayaris of all popular Shayars like Faiz Ahmad Faiz,Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Elia, Mirza Ghalib Sahab and much more....
Running Into The Gangster by friesbeforeguys101
Running Into The Gangsterby friesbeforeguys101
Some call me bad luck. Some call me unlucky. Some call me their worst nightmare. Most fear me. Most scream when they see me. And I smile. I smile because that's what I...
"I'm loving this view having you tied in my bed. But i prepare you being nake while lying there." ..... Samantha Dela Vega. She is the girl whom everyone's wan...
made for him by savsaturn
made for himby Sav Saturn
Iyana faces many trails and tribulations in her journey, will she end up with the man she loves the most?
Perfect for you ( 성혼/ SUNGHOON) ENHYPEN by beaween
Perfect for you ( 성혼/ SUNGHOON) EN...by urmoon_
Working with her past lover is not easy. Which a girl from a broken family, starting to fall in love again with her past lover which also known as her boss . She's happ...
Him. by kyundardhai
Him.by preetwrites
This is a story about Khushi Gupta and Arnav Singh Raizada. They were both in love with each other since childhood.However, due to some misunderstandings, Khushi leav...
H E R ; Draco Malfoy Book2 by koko-vin
H E R ; Draco Malfoy Book2by Casey Flaire
years passed since they last met, years passed since the war that kept them apart. clueless of how she became, Draco Malfoy still wants her back, commanding everyone he...
crush\boyfriend imagines by Smol_Satan
crush\boyfriend imaginesby Smol_Satan
Just some little imagines for those with an all consuming crush on someone
Oasis (Raphael) by Dani-Jay
Oasis (Raphael)by Dani
[oasis] : •noun• place of solitude ; e.g : her