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My Beautiful Man One Shots: Interactive by JairoOh
My Beautiful Man One Shots: Intera...by Ro1
Night and Day... Koyoi and Hira might be worlds apart in their personalities but they can never be without each other. Let's see what happens with these two as they navi...
Muslim Love Story (Under Major Editing)  by FatimaO111
Muslim Love Story (Under Major Edi...by ﷽
Assalamu Alaykum. Peace be upon you. The journey that each of us embark on when looking for love is as unique as the prints at the tips of our fingers. The quest for lo...
A Series of Aru Shah Oneshots by calypsowriting
A Series of Aru Shah Oneshotsby Calypso
Major spoilers for all the books. There is an unfortunate lack of Aru Shah fanfiction on the Internet, so I decided to write my own. A lot of Aru x Aiden because I love...
Oh! My Darling Teacher by lailamehtaab
Oh! My Darling Teacherby lailamehtaab
Meet Shah Brothers... Muhammad Zulqarnain Shah, 27 years old, handsome, humble and one of the best actors known today. He is from those people who have luck on thei...
Aru Shah Oneshots... (With a little Paola Santiago) by Vajra_Forever
Aru Shah Oneshots... (With a littl...by Kate Kapoor
(ALL RIGHTS GO TO ROSHANI CHOKSHI AND Tehlor Kay Mejia) Aru Shah stuff with some rare Paola Santiago!! No smuts periodt. NO ANGST I SWEAR TO GOD I WRITE FLUFF!! the firs...
Aru Shah Oneshots, AU's, Fanfics, Headcannons, Short Stories, Jokes, and MORE!! by ilovepigs123886
Aru Shah Oneshots, AU's, Fanfics...by ilovepigs123886
Hey!! This is my first book, so constructive critism is fine!! Please don't leave any hate commentsor anything!! This is basically an amazing book with everything ARU SH...
Aru Shah Oneshots/Stories/Stuff by Aruxaidenforlifee
Aru Shah Oneshots/Stories/Stuffby someone who needs books to su...
Hi so i am a new writer so my writing might be very bad, please add constructive feedback but please don't be mean so this is about aru x aiden mostly i might add snak...
RUNDOWN by the-epic-potatoes
RUNDOWNby the Aru Shah Fandom
Aru Shah only wanted to get college over with. That's it. Seriously though, who else thinks that having to deal with more school after college is messed up? What was mor...
The Light at the End of the Tunnel by Loife1m
The Light at the End of the Tunnelby Loife Melons
Aru Shah loves her job. Wouldn't you when you're a well known detective? When you're called 'the Sherlock Holmes of the era'? Her streak was a case solved in 6 days! Wel...
Shattered Relations | Aru Shah AU | by queenofapeacefuldawn
Shattered Relations | Aru Shah AU |by The Queen of Dawn
Aru Shah is an eighteen year old college freshman, who is currently trying to pull herself out of a personal tragedy, when disaster strikes their group. They stumble upo...
Some Random Aru Shah stuff. by kid1lname
Some Random Aru Shah stuff.by Gogo_forever
Read the title (BTW, I <3 the cover, it's by my fav author on wattpad).
Aru Shah one-shots by PearlEwhite
Aru Shah one-shotsby Macy
More Aru Shah fanfic that no one asked for, I'll probably also do headcanons and fanfics based off head canons,
A Danger That Lurks In The Darkness | A TPQ AU | by queenofapeacefuldawn
A Danger That Lurks In The Darknes...by The Queen of Dawn
After doing something mortifying in front of a new detective in her precinct, Mini's now paired up with him to catch a kidnapper. But little do Mini and her new partner...
Aru Shah One-Shots by Yoongisiimp
Aru Shah One-Shotsby S I M P
These are my Aru Shah one-shots. I either use lyrics from songs and transform them into one-shots, or I get inspired by pieces in my piano music. I really hope that y'al...
Aru Shah 4.5 by calypsowriting
Aru Shah 4.5by Calypso
Major spoilers for City of Gold. This what I think might happen in Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality!
Aru Shah Oneshots (requests!) by king-jxe
Aru Shah Oneshots (requests!)by Kinny
I've wanted to do this for a while. Let's see how long it takes for me to lose interest. Will include casual Potato stuff and fluff. Give any requests you'd like to see...
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Normality: An Aru Shah AU Fanfic by TotsBrynneRao
Normality: An Aru Shah AU Fanficby Tots.Brynne.Rao
Hi! This is my first published fanfic, even after being on Wattpad for like 5 months. It's a different dimension, with the Potatoes, and they have normal-ish lives. Sorr...
Aru Shah Random! by SnazzyOcto350
Aru Shah Random!by Aru⚡
Random stuff about the Aru Shah Universe! ⚠️DISCALIMER: I do not own any of the characters; they all belong to Roshani Chokshi.⚠️
Random Aru Shah Stuff by awesomeTechnerd
Random Aru Shah Stuffby ✧*̥˚𝚃𝚎𝚌𝚑*̥˚✧
Just some random stuff I think of about Aru Shah. I'll update this whenever I can. Cover made from Sketchpad.
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Aru Shah Oneshots by _vidhiiii_
Aru Shah Oneshotsby vidhi :)
Aru Shah Oneshots! Updated....randomly :D Featuring all of the beloved characters!!!!