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My Trainer - Hosie by bravehartbanana
My Trainer - Hosieby banana
After not opening up for a year, Josie is dragged into a gym to have the best body for the fall. There, she meets her trainer, Hope who gets her to open up and find a pa...
somebody else | hosie story by ariasluvvv
somebody else | hosie storyby ang:)
hope and josie used to date but broke up due to certain circumstances. now hope has to deal with seeing josie happy with somebody else. how long will it be till hope and...
Kindred Spirits by Hosieiseverything
Kindred Spiritsby Hosieiseverything
hope and josie fanfic. Landon isn't in the story. the story starts after season 2 when hope won't wake up. Might have smut
Hosie 3x14 by theannoyinggaybitch
Hosie 3x14by theannoyinggaybitch
Very short rewrite of Legacies 3x14. Time Stamp: 35:08 - 35:20
The girl online (Hosie for sure) by Gthksie4life
The girl online (Hosie for sure)by Gthksie4life
And to think it all started online Things about the book 1.No supernatural 2.hope's family is very rich and famous 3.Josie's family is normal
the girl • a hosie story by josiesatlzman
the girl • a hosie storyby josiesatlzman
hosie. that's it. that's the story. • • i do not own any rights to the characters in this story.
HOSIE- I Want You To Stay by josiemikaelscn
HOSIE- I Want You To Stayby hosie rights
what if josie never lost feelings? what if hope didn't love landon back? what if josie was her epic love.
Is it to late? (Hosie) by hosielover2006
Is it to late? (Hosie)by hosielover2006
Hope has had a crush on Josie for the longest but she needed to get over her after all Josie and Hope were best friends , Josie also has a crush on Hope, but Josie waits...
Siphoner Witch, Josie Saltzman was born with a death date just like everyone else. She was orphaned as a kid because of death date and didn't know about her supernatural...
double sided agreement:) by bravehartbanana
double sided agreement:)by banana
two girls. one agreement. when hope mikaelson, the player, and josie saltzman, the introvert, meet and decide to help each other. a double sided agreement, if you will...
Hosie Stories by H0sies
Hosie Storiesby Hosie
A collection of Hosie stories. These can vary from completely random, simple cute Hosie stuff to slightly more episode based ones. Some stories are longer than others, a...
i want you to stay - hosie by splatashajumpanoff1
i want you to stay - hosieby suka
yeah i'm terrible at this shit but uh hosie? tbh i don't even have a plot for this i'm just going with it as i type 😭💀but uh yeah enjoy
Josie's letter to Hope by siredtohxsie
Josie's letter to Hopeby siredtohxsie
This is what I think/hope Josie wrote in the letter Hope reads in the finale episode of legacies. enjoy!! <333
Still Loving You (A Hosie Story ♡♡♡) by thehosiewhore
Still Loving You (A Hosie Story ♡♡...by ✍📝
This is a story about two witches that are in love with each other but don't know it the question is will they figure it out? What will happen next? Read to find out!
Hosie, the two bestfriends blindly in love with eachother <3 by g4yforhope
Hosie, the two bestfriends blindly...by tayla <3
This story will mainly be in Hope and Jo's POV but also in third person, let me know about things you want to happen and i'll try make it work. hope you enjoy this stor...
A Hosie Love Story by HosiesBxtch
A Hosie Love Storyby Nykole Echevarria
I do not own any of these characters, All Characters are from Legacies on the CW
just tell her how you feel dude  by lucky123fun
just tell her how you feel dude by lucky123fun
Jed watches his best friend, Hope Mikaelson, gawk over Josie Saltzman across the school gymnasium. Hope is such a dork. He watches Hope until she notices his eyes on her...
Hosie Oneshots by josiemikaelscn
Hosie Oneshotsby hosie rights
a collection of short, soft hosie stories bc we don't get fed enough in the show
Walking Disaster- Hosie  by hosiesmp3
Walking Disaster- Hosie by hosiesmp3
There are two girls, pretty obvious. One girl is a party animal, the other one likes to stay away from crowds like that. One day Hope tried to stay home but her best fri...