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Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios by ender_them
Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenariosby Dagger
I saw a bunch of these and i tend to daydream plenty, so i thought I'd take a stab at it. Cover art is not mine. Just your average scenarios thing. As of current, I'm g...
Danganronpa Oneshots (Requests Open) by whenthestarsexplode
Danganronpa Oneshots (Requests Ope...by Haki
I take requests!!! Thanks for looking at this! Includes 1, 2 and V3 Art is not mine.
korekiyo x reader 👏😭 by AnimeNejiFangirl
korekiyo x reader 👏😭by Your mom
I MADE THIS AN ETERNITY AGOOOO Read at your own risk, I MAY keep writing it but not for a while I took a break lol
In love..with HIM? by Isyero
In love..with HIM?by Isyero
An ishimondo story contains: fluff NSFW ishimondo (if u hate the ship or smth dont read it) Swearing ART COVER ISN'T MINE!!!
celestia x kirigiri by keebosarmmetal
celestia x kirigiriby keebosarmmetal
I wrote this in class and I kinda like it This will not be a lemon, sorry I DON'T OWN THE TOP PICTURES!!
Losing Your Memory. Naegi x Reader by Ichika_Takahashi
Losing Your Memory. Naegi x Readerby Ichika Kendall
You have been forced to live in the killing game of Hopes Peak High School for a few months. You decide to grab a quick snack before curfew. Something that'll prove to b...
Hope's Peak Academy - Fanfiction by Myuki0
Hope's Peak Academy - Fanfictionby Nagito Komaeda
Currently in late planning stage, this piece of writing (which will likely be garbage) should get regular updates within a month or less! This story will follow Terumot...
Ecstacy by eye4an_eye
Ecstacyby Nex
Taking play in the story line of Danganronpa 1 you find yourself spiraling down a rabbit hole of madness as you watch these strangers ravage eachother leaving you in the...
danganronpa headcannons by RizuMiza
danganronpa headcannonsby Grey
idk just headcannons i have bc of boredom
Danganronpa head canon  by Youthcupcake
Danganronpa head canon by Chandler
Like other head canon book but for danganronpa