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(huggy wuggy X Fem!y/n)  by xXWeSuckAtUpdatingXx
(huggy wuggy X Fem!y/n) by xXWeSuckAtUpdatingXx
idk what we're making huggy wuggy will be in human form Picture huggy wuggy looking like the cover The huggy doll will be an actual doll figure This starts in chapter o...
poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x Fem reader) by Cutezie_Cartooncat
poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x Cartoon Summer
I saw this and I found the game cute and creepy and I thought why not do a huggy wuggy x reader
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Reader Insert) by Zion-The-Storyteller
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Zion's Adventerous Life
Since I'm more of a pacifist at heart, I thought when first watching a playthrough of Poppy Playtime... "What if there was a way to make the toys like you?" So...
Huggy Wuggy x Male reader by Gremlin_Vein
Huggy Wuggy x Male readerby Mei
This is just what I want to write since I'm just not satisfied with other stories, NOT that they're bad, like not enough chapters or short chapters. And pretty much a sh...
puppet parent dearest by creepydolly95
puppet parent dearestby creepydolly95
a poppyplaytime monsters x parent!scientist!reader Inspired by a animation called "I am alive"
'A tight squeeze'(Huggy wuggy x Mute!Reader) by bonecatAndcompany
'A tight squeeze'(Huggy wuggy x Bonecat & Company
The image cover is draw by me! you know that game? right? then you mostly know what will happen so... open it and read it!
Exposed toy || Huggy x reader  by Kokuichiii
Exposed toy || Huggy x reader by Kokuichiii
The world is reversed, humans have become toys in cages, facing genetically modified monsters after experiments. But maybe one of them will be nicer than these horrible...
A Toy Friend's History (A Poppy Playtime Story) by Embrys_stories
A Toy Friend's History (A Poppy Embrys_stories
After a twisted day of seeing your mother peacefully lay under the ground beneath your feet, you decided to return to the Poppy Playtime Co. Factory after a argument wit...
The Abandoned Toy (Huggy Wuggy X Child OC) by Stingray845
The Abandoned Toy (Huggy Wuggy X Stingray
Nina got toy for your birthday which is a blue teddy bear called huggy wuggy though he was the first human version of him created and Nina named him Ashton. One night he...
Huggy Wuggy x Reader//SMUT by faultxx
Huggy Wuggy x Reader//SMUTby faultt
When y/n visits to a place that they used to work at, a blue creature wants something more than a snack... 5/21/22- I do know that its poorly written and i may or may no...
A New Old Friend (Huggy Wuggy x reader) DISCONTINUED  by clownfreak222
A New Old Friend (Huggy Wuggy x clownfreak222
you never got to go on a tour of the playtime Co. factory as a child despite endless begging to see your favorite blue monster in person, now an adult you visit the aban...
[~Caught In Her Web~] by Fangirl_332
[~Caught In Her Web~]by Fangirl (or A for short)
[Yandere Mommy long legs x Female reader] •In which a former employee of playtime co. goes back in at her old workplace when she received a mysterious letter about it, o...
Ask and Dare Poppy Playtime & Cie by TheMarionnette
Ask and Dare Poppy Playtime & Cieby ☆The Puppet☆
A factory left abandoned for years..... Or is it really abandoned...?
My art UwU by Cutezie_Cartooncat
My art UwUby Cartoon Summer
Just characters that I like drawing. And if you want you can request anything.
Reconciled (Huggy Wuggy x Reader) by Janey_fnaf_fan
Reconciled (Huggy Wuggy x Reader)by Janey
It starts off with you as a little girl in the mid 80s. Your grandma buys you a present. When your mom was a child, she received a doll called Poppy Playtime. From your...
Poppy Playtime x Reader by darkangelIXII0205
Poppy Playtime x Readerby AdumbWhOre
It's been ten years since you've been to the factory, and then one day your dad gets a letter and you read it before him... Really slow updates... like really slow I'v...
Poppy Playtime Images by Mi11enniumD0ct0rWh0
Poppy Playtime Imagesby Millennium Doctor Who
You can copy from here and make your own story!
Gametoons Poppy Playtime Logic by XXim_a_person_2XX
Gametoons Poppy Playtime Logicby Alexis
Players darkest secret yet. not even the toys knew about what happened to the poor kid... Everyone was worried about Player, even Wilson. The CEO didn't care very much...
Poppy Playtime: Reunion by Delilah_Pretztail
Poppy Playtime: Reunionby Delilah McCarthy Pretztail
After the success of selling the Snuggy Ruggy toys, it would only make sense to make more toys like Snuggy Ruggy, which is how Pluckly came to be. However Plucky managed...