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Poppy Playtime: Reunion by Delilah_Pretztail
Poppy Playtime: Reunionby Delilah McCarthy Pretztail
After the success of selling the Snuggy Ruggy toys, it would only make sense to make more toys like Snuggy Ruggy, which is how Pluckly came to be. However Plucky managed...
Bunny Boy | Bunzo x Reader by xDawnAngelx
Bunny Boy | Bunzo x Readerby iiNightCove
After dealing with Huggy Wuggy and Poppy, Y/n blacks out. She wakes up to realize that Poppy is gone and a strange door is now available. What Y/n doesn't know is that t...
Reconciled (Huggy Wuggy x Reader) by Janey_fnaf_fan
Reconciled (Huggy Wuggy x Reader)by Janey
It starts off with you as a little girl in the mid 80s. Your grandma buys you a present. When your mom was a child, she received a doll called Poppy Playtime. From your...
"Have We Met Before?" || A Huggy Wuggy X Reader Story. by SmolHugWug
"Have We Met Before?" || A Huggy That One Person.
I will post chapters whenever I have the chance and I'm not busy at the moment. So yeah, feel free to check out this hot piece of garbage! :P Y/N is an ex-employee of pl...
‼️Huggy Wuggy X Reader Oneshots/Headcanons‼️ (Requests Closed!!) by _-TheLegitLeaf-_
‼️Huggy Wuggy X Reader Oneshots/ -Leafy_Skittle-
Cover of the book is drawn by me :3 (WARNING -CrInNge- This is kinda old :/ ) Just sum shit I wanted to write cause I'm obsessed with this blue boi right now. Note to k...
poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x Fem reader) by Cutezie_Cartooncat
poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x Cartoon Summer
I saw this and I found the game cute and creepy and I thought why not do a huggy wuggy x reader
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Reader Insert) by Zion-The-Storyteller
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Zion's Adventerous Life
Since I'm more of a pacifist at heart, I thought when first watching a playthrough of Poppy Playtime... "What if there was a way to make the toys like you?" So...
Huggy is different || Poppy Playtime  by Kokuichiii
Huggy is different || Poppy Kokuichiii
As a old Playtime employee, I received a strange letter. I visit the place again, but it's so different and abandoned. I have to investigate. 10 years later, what will h...
Exposed toy || Huggy x reader  by Kokuichiii
Exposed toy || Huggy x reader by Kokuichiii
The world is reversed, humans have become toys in cages, facing genetically modified monsters after experiments. But maybe one of them will be nicer than these horrible...
'A tight squeeze'(Huggy wuggy x reader) by bonecatAndcompany
'A tight squeeze'(Huggy wuggy x Bonecat & Company
The image cover is draw by an artist on Twitter which I forgot their name in the way... but yeah. credit to them for it.(I'll draw my cover for this book later..) anyway...
if y/n were a doll like poppy by 4ng3lw1n9
if y/n were a doll like poppyby あなたへの私の愛
I was bored so here Y/N was an ordinary girl that went to school but she was young like 11-13 so one day she woke up in a dolls body and find another doll named poppy a...
Poppy Playtime Oneshots by VexSlick1987
Poppy Playtime Oneshotsby Vex Slick
You know the drill.... I am so mentally ill-
Just Another Victim //// A Huggy Wuggy x reader story by Coralthehorse
Just Another Victim //// A Huggy [ SAYORI ]
After getting a suspicious letter, you wander back to your old workplace to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of your co-workers, who have been gon...
Poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x reader) by i_love_catssm
Poppy playtime (huggy wuggy x Isabella
You are an ex-factory worker at poppy playtime and you decide to go back there after finding out that everyone there went missing with out a trace Little did you know A...
•If Y/N was in Poppy Playtime• by pengeo
•If Y/N was in Poppy Playtime•by 🌕pengeo🌑
As the title says it is YOU that is displayed in Poppy Playtime. You= Y/N Gender/pronouns= She/Her + includes chap 2
~Heartbeat~ (Huggy Wuggy x Fem! Reader) by BusyBee231
~Heartbeat~ (Huggy Wuggy x Fem! Beatrix
Ten Years since the incident, you missed coming to Playtime as a child, you had dreams that Huggy came to life. Ever since you got into a car accident, you had a heart t...
Caught In Her Web~ by Fangirl_332
Caught In Her Web~by Fangirl (or A for short)
Yandere!Mommy long legs x fem!reader ⚠️Warning this book contains⚠️: Spoilers for chapter 2 blood Violence scary themes obsessive themes Yandere themes Girlxgirl crappy...
Your Best Friend, Huggy Wuggy! by __Tasukete__
Your Best Friend, Huggy Wuggy!by Michael karlis
(I do not own any characters from poppys playtime. and this a au!) player has been stuck in the work shop for awhile now, after being stuck in the work place for quite a...
Gotta Go Fast - Sonic x Huggy Wuggy by ivoredjeffbezos
Gotta Go Fast - Sonic x Huggy Wuggyby sonic X huggy
Sonic The hedgehog X Huggy Wuggy // Student X Teacher // Slow burn // Coffee Shop AU