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Meeting the Moon at war by MiguelCamilleri2
Meeting the Moon at warby Percyno1fan
Cursed by Kronos, Percy must find a way to travel back to his time and escape the dangers of the past. Along the way he would find a certain auburn haired goddess, befor...
The hunt is where I belong by QueenofWinter36
The hunt is where I belongby QueenofWinter36
When Jasmine is kicked out of her family and disowned, she never thought that her life could change when she runs into a certain group of men hating Hunters. After joini...
Broken And Betrayed by Edinamabasi
Broken And Betrayedby Cayde-6
When all of Camp Half-Blood, and most of all Annabeth, turn their backs on Percy and shun him for something he hasn't done, he and his half brother leave for Olympus. W...
Wolf Meets Nightshade by MiguelCamilleri2
Wolf Meets Nightshadeby Percyno1fan
Percy Jackson, a fifteen year old boy who has been living in the wild for five years, stumbled upon a camp covered in silver and with the only people present were...
Celestial Sniper of the Hunt ( ongoing ) by SinglePringle7
Celestial Sniper of the Hunt ( SinglePringle7
Percy Jackson betrayed and becomes "Guardian of the Hunt"? Nah! Let's have a Mortal have a go at this. Percys had enough heartbreak. Will is a mortal in a stra...
The guardian by RichmondTigers221
The guardianby We work in the dark
It has been 15 years since Percy Jackson was killed. 15 years since he was banished from camp for a crime he didn't commit. 15 years since he was betrayed by the ones he...
Son of a Hunter by Irish_Wolves
Son of a Hunterby L.W
By:RWBRyan A forbidden child of the Huntress Artemis has been born, via modern technology. Follow him as he fights the most powerful monsters of Greek Mythology, in orde...
The Twins of the Sea- A change in the past- by Mikaela1103
The Twins of the Sea- A change Mikaela1103
This is the story of the Jackson twins. They run away after their step-father, "Smelly Gabe", kills their mother. Who would have thought that their life would...
Remember (A Percy Jackson Fanfic) by Sacai2005
Remember (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)by Sacai2005
After losing the one closest to him, he disappears for quite a long time. Another war is coming. Against an enemy that was never seen before. A war that will decide the...
The goddess and the wolf by thezestywalru
The goddess and the wolfby Annaleise Clár
Perseus is the son of Poseidon. Athena, Poseidon's bitter rival, cursed him, so he would remain a wolf until he received a declaration of true love. She deposits him on...
Heroes of Remnant by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Heroes of Remnantby Fire Hero: Inferno
More than 20 millennia has passed since Earth became a remnant of itself and it's heroes have died and it has been at peace for half that time. But, like always, peace d...
The Male Hunter | Olympus' Traitor #1 by DarkShadow327
The Male Hunter | Olympus' Darky, Son of Apollo
It has been one year since Gaea was defeated, one peaceful year. However, Camp Half-Blood is changing, and Percy doesn't know why. With Annabeth and the rest of the camp...
Percy Jackson: The Reaper and The Hunt by Critica1Darling
Percy Jackson: The Reaper and Nick G.
The camp turns against him One action costed him his life But he is not done Death has a new champion Now... The hunter will join the Hunt and is hunted by a group. Wil...
Percy Jackson, Son of Hades by FireSpiritDeagle
Percy Jackson, Son of Hadesby FireSpiritDeagle
Instead of having a childhood with the angel like mother Sally Jackson, what if Percy had an abusive orphaned one, until found out by the only left out son of Kronos in...
Instinct & Understanding// [Percy Jackson OC]// Book 3 by Nicole5737
Instinct & Understanding// [ Nicole5737
"You're acting like your only two choices are to die now or pick the wrong side later." "But what if it is?" _ Six months have come and gone...
The Unclaimed by LuckyWriter7
The Unclaimedby LuckyWriter7
It's been two years since Jessica and her younger brother Michael found out some shocking news. After ending up on the doorstep of their shop when being chased by a hell...
Artemis's Heir| Percy Jackson x Fem! Reader by emilia_riddle_99
Artemis's Heir| Percy Jackson x ~Emi Riddle~
Y/n Luna Hunter is your typical Half-Blood. Y/h/c, y/e/c, y/h, you know, the usual. Sometimes getting bullied by the Ares cabin members calling her 'Katniss' and all. ...
The Guardian Chronicles by Jeff1o1
The Guardian Chroniclesby Jeff1o1
This is just a Pertemis story and a Jack Frost and Percy Jackson crossover.
The Guardians of Artemis by Timeless_95
The Guardians of Artemisby Just Another Fanfic Writer
Betrayed. Left out. Replaced. All of these words describe Percy Jackson's feelings as he left camp with his newfound brother, Nick. They survived out in the wild for a w...
The Long Lost Lover by bluebubblegum12
The Long Lost Loverby bluebubblegum12
Perseus is the Long Lost Lover of Artemis. He is the son of Poseidon and Lupa. He died many millennia ago. He now has the chance to take back that was lost to him. But w...