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Whispers in the Wind by Chimera_Regarion
Whispers in the Windby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku couldn't believe what happened. It was not as if he already lost enough in his life... So why are these two people here wanting to adopt him? It was their fault th...
Teardrop by Chimera_Regarion
Teardropby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku was an orphan ever since he was diagnosed quirkless. His life was the best but he wasn't alone. He had a good friend that he called brother and one day both of the...
Courting  Death by Chimera_Regarion
Courting Deathby Chimera_Regarion
With nothing left to lose, one might say that killing oneself might be the best option, but what if that doesn't work? Izuku Midoriya, a seemingly quirkless kid, had eno...
The Forest's Child by OwlyPersona125
The Forest's Childby OwlyPersona125
Midoriya has no quirk. His father decided to leave him in a random forest and Midoriya decided to live by himself. Nothing comes from trusting people, especially adults...
The Muzzle (Dadzawa) by CoutirAnimations2
The Muzzle (Dadzawa)by Lesbian_Donut
I was born with this quirk. A quirk that is my curse. Cages, leashes, and the muzzle, it's all I've known. I am obedient. I listen to my master, only biting back at thei...
Missing Link  (Nomu Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Missing Link (Nomu Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
If one wants to mix up a bunch of quirks a child is the best option as their growth will help their body accept the change better. WHAT is better for these kinds of expe...
The Dekuverse (Ft. Simplii and Turtleknight) by Chatnoob2
The Dekuverse (Ft. Simplii and Chatnoob2TheScreamingParrot
The chacters of MHA are transported to a theator where three figures tell hem that they will be veiwing the Dekuverse. Sorry im really bad at Descriptions- This is a nor...
Fairy Gone by Chimera_Regarion
Fairy Goneby Chimera_Regarion
What would you do if you would find yourself kidnapped? Scream for help, right? What if that doesn't work? What if you were literally in a dark, cold place without food...
PapaBird by Chimera_Regarion
PapaBirdby Chimera_Regarion
As a child being thrown away Izuku lost all hope to be saved but still he couldn't help it but plea for help no matter what. He wanted to escape that prison of madness...
Wild Dog: Deku (On Hiatus) by Someone_Random37
Wild Dog: Deku (On Hiatus)by Hodor
Izuku Midoriya has the quirk that gives him the power of a bear, the speed and stamina of a cheetah, the reaction time of a fruit fly and a couple others which I can't b...
The Day UA lost all its Trustworthyness by TheStormHero
The Day UA lost all its
Aros Yaoyorozu finds out that Midoriya was suspected as a traitor and was interrogated for hours before he was exonerated by All Might's friend detective Tsukauchi. How...
I became a monster by weeb_next_door123
I became a monsterby Neighbourhood_weeb123
Izuku is kidnaped by the villain and experimented on becoming there newest nomu. izuku is left empty and hollow . will the once filled with life boy ever be the same.
"The Cliffside." - Bakudeku Oneshot by astronautnotfound
"The Cliffside." - Bakudeku Oneshotby -𒊹𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕜𝕚𝕣𝕚𒊹-
Midoriya reached out with his right arm, small fingers gripping on the rock above him as he hoisted himself up. He struggled to find his footing, the sweat on his body b...
Too Delicate:: by babyaquartic
Too Delicate::by babyaquartic
Since diapers, Bakugou and Midoriya have always been together. By each other's sides. But when they get older, Midoriya was labelled as quirkless, which had teared thei...
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not your usual Chat-Fic) by Chimera_Regarion
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not Chimera_Regarion
Due to something rather unexpected Izuku turned into his older self. Now being back in the body of a 10-year-old child, Izuku doesn't remember anything about being part...
You're Going Down a Dark Path Midoriya  by ABURDENandBORED
You're Going Down a Dark Path ABURDENandBORED
Izuku Midoriya is sick, but chooses to ignore his symptoms. As the day moved forward his condition gets worse. Throughout the story, Deku gets dragged into troubling sit...
Angelic Smile by Myst590
Angelic Smileby Myst 590
This story takes place after the Overhaul arc(Idk know the real name of the arc :') ) Izuku and Eri are both experimented on by Overhaul but one day certain heroes came...
Cocoa Whumptober 2021 by Cocoablossomfan5
Cocoa Whumptober 2021by Cocoablossomfan5
Me trying to fulfill the prompts for October 2021! If I miss a day, I might eventually post a chapter for it. Read at your own risk. (Prompts listed as chapter name) (N...
I can't let go.. but I can't seem to hold on /Depressed Deku/ by LaynaAgreste
I can't let go.. but I can't Beesburrow
(This is a really bad, old story.... So I don't recommend reading it) Deku has suffered from severe depression and anxiety for most of his life and was somehow hiding i...