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Hybrids (Bts & Lisa)  by meowllmb_
Hybrids (Bts & Lisa) by xmeowx
A rich girl who have everything, supportive parents, true friends, trusted people in her company and a happy life. Well, this is what other thought.. One thing that no...
Hidden •BTS×Jungkook• by apeachNpink
Hidden •BTS×Jungkook•by Kiki
Includes: Omegaverse Bottom! Jungkook Sub/Dom ¿Smut? Fluffy fluff Gay af Swearing STARTED: SEPT. 1 2018 END: -----
Three Mates by Myth_Aphrodite
Three Matesby Myth_Aphrodite
Angels- exactly how they sound angelic, light, and beautiful. Werewolves- possessive, tempermental, and passionate. Vampires- cool, intelligent, calm and collected. Sup...
━ 𝐀𝐋𝐖𝐀𝐘𝐒 𝐇𝐄𝐑. ❛ she will never be her's ❜ in which melody mills never fell in love with klaus mikaelson and instead moved to new orleans to help him out with...
Dark Moon | Klaus Mikaelson by SprintingFox
Dark Moon | Klaus Mikaelsonby sprinting fox
Trapped for a thousand years in a coffin, only to be awoken by the brother of the person she'd been hidden from in the first place. It seemed her only option was to alig...
You Belong to Us || BTS ff by TaestyyKookies
You Belong to Us || BTS ffby koo
BTS hybrid x Reader - smut - mentions of depression - more smut - kinks - violence - smut, smut, smut (just a warning, if you are under 18- I actually don't care cause I...
Kitten » Yoongi by jinsinner
Kitten » Yoongiby ジェシー
"He looks like a little shit." "He is one." - A short story where a young, lonely girl, buys the smallest, cutest and feistiest kitten with a little...
HP / TVD --Niklaus Mikaelson love story. by username123hime
HP / TVD --Niklaus Mikaelson love...by
What if Voldemort got it all wrong? Harry potter was not the chosen one after all. It also wasn't Neville. What if the prophecy got a line wrong. What instead of, ' born...
My Seven Hybrids (BTS AU) by WWH2005
My Seven Hybrids (BTS AU)by WWH2005
It started with adopting one... but two years later she has seven. Have fun reading!!! uwu I update every Tuesday and Friday :)
His Witch {Kol Mikaelson} by -dracarys--
His Witch {Kol Mikaelson}by Kelly 💖
The Vampire Diaries Season One to TBD Soulmate AU Kol Mikaelson x OC
My Seven Hybrids || Hybrid Bts x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by MistakeEn__
My Seven Hybrids || Hybrid Bts x R...by MistakeEn_
You lived alone, until you found two abandoned wolf hybrid pups, Hoseok and Jimin. The people in your town didn't treat hybrids like you did, they usually only had them...
LINKED by KatherineReilly19
LINKEDby Katherine M. Reilly
What if TVDU has a mulitverse? In LINKED, the Mikaelsons and the people of Mystic Falls find out that in an alternate reality a certain Original hybrid and a Bennett wit...
Unexpected | BTS Hybrids x reader (COMPLETED) by itsNVxoxo
Unexpected | BTS Hybrids x reader...by N.V😛
Yeah... I'm pretty lonely. I was done studying lone long ago, and now I have a good job that I like that pays me a fortune. But at the end of the day... Working isn't en...
Yoongi And His Little Kitten (Yoongi x Hybrid Reader) by XxXbtsforeverXxX
Yoongi And His Little Kitten (Yoon...by XxXbtsforeverXxX
This story is about a hybrid girl named Y/N who is adopted by bts who had wanted to get a pet for a very long time, however they did not know that she could become human...
Ardent | Elijah Mikaelson by SprintingFox
Ardent | Elijah Mikaelsonby sprinting fox
After being on the run for five hundred years, all she wanted was to stand over the burning body of the hybrid who tormented her without reason. She swore to herself she...
BTS hybrids x Reader by kbaby12345001
BTS hybrids x Readerby Bunny0201
You have just been betrayed by your boyfriend and your best friend. On the way home, you find something that just may change your life.
Breakout (hybrid ff ot7) by Daisy12itsmemario
Breakout (hybrid ff ot7)by Daisy12itsmemario
When y/n is being transferred from a quiet Hybrid hospital to a dangerous Hybrid asylum she is very scared at first, this is something she never thought she would do. Th...
Shards in the Water, the vampire diaries ✓ by chessurK
Shards in the Water, the vampire d...by ches
Marina Kersey is the daughter of the Greek God Poseidon. When she was 12, her older half-brother Percy Jackson saved her life from a Minotaur. Sadly, they weren't able t...
monster /// BDSM larry (ON-HOLD)! by gleeftlarry
monster /// BDSM larry (ON-HOLD)!by quinn
louis tomlinson was a submissive hybrid, he also likes to dress like a girl. this story will contain: mature content, spanking, boyxboy, BDSM, kissing, ddlb