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Pretty Little Mafia Princess  by raveenaelijah
Pretty Little Mafia Princess by raveenaelijah
After Aditya sells off Imlie she meets Aryan and his brothers..becoming more confident and finally taking Revenge from Aditya..
Contract, Marriage And Love- Arylie Ss Complete  by raveenaelijah
Contract, Marriage And Love- raveenaelijah
Short story on Aryan and Imlie getting married...
Teri meri prem kahani by arylieforever
Teri meri prem kahaniby arylie forever
hi guys this is my first watpad ff so please support me 🥰i am a native hindi person also not great at english so write Hindi-english story please bear with me😅 Now...
Dreamy Tale  by writtingmythoughts1
Dreamy Tale by Arpita
#AryLie fanfiction. Everyone dreams to meet there fabs. Here when a fan girl *IMLIE* collide with the superstar singer *ARYAN SINGH RATHORE* Are you ready to dwell in...
Arylie Ss - Memories (Completed) by raveenaelijah
Arylie Ss - Memories (Completed)by raveenaelijah
Story takes place after Aryan's accident and a subsequent memory loss..
《sᴏʟᴀᴄᴇ》 by TabassumSilk0302
《sᴏʟᴀᴄᴇ》by cherrycherry🍒
It Can Trigger You!⚠️ As you can see it's a sumaan ff. So if you don't like it then ignore. If you like it, WELCOME! 😈 This is probably gonna be my first one on wattpad...
Missing moments of Arylie by raveenaelijah
Missing moments of Arylieby raveenaelijah
One shots based on suggestions about scenes which were missing in the serial Imlie
Anti Hero by Kate_Sal17
Anti Heroby SalvatoreK
(Sequel to Villain) A glimpse of Aryan's past is revealed to Imlie by her ex-husband. Imlie knows better to trust any word of his. But the bottom line was Aryan's brothe...
Arylie ss- Dil ka Rishta  by raveenaelijah
Arylie ss- Dil ka Rishta by raveenaelijah
secret marriage between Aryan and Imlie in Pagdandiya
Arylie- You are my forever and always  by GargiRamtirthaParand
Arylie- You are my forever and Gargi Ramtirtha-Parandekar
This story starts after Aryan discovers Imlie is pregnant, story about realization, love and Forgiveness aryan realizes Imlie is carrying his baby but Imlie has lost he...
Partners by Aryliexlove
Partnersby Aryliexlove
Imlie who is mistreated and kicked by her laws and husband and her girlfriend.. Will she find her saviour,her partner,her mentor,her friend...Who will treat Hera s a que...
ECSTASY by chanchal2035
ECSTASYby chanchal2035
50 Shades of Arylie Warning ⚠️ : This book might contain mature stuff so read at your own risk.
Jogan by blackfaree2
Joganby Preeda
Imlie's crazy love
Yaarana by blackfaree2
Yaaranaby Preeda
Pyaar dosti hai? Hey guys am back but not sure if i want to write on imlie and aryan i mean i can use the names but u guys tell me?
Arylie os Yes I do  by titirthebird
Arylie os Yes I do by Titir Chakraborty
The moment was Imlie saved by Aryan on Tripathi's after Aparna's heart attack. but this one is Aryan was there to deliver a food parcel send by Arpita.& he saw her in da...
Arylie- OS/TS/SS by AChadha2004
Arylie- OS/TS/SSby AChadha2004
This book is based on the starplus show, "IMLIE". It will contain One shots, Two Shots or Multiple Shots depending on the plot. The chapters will not be inter...
Arylie babies - Final journey to happy ending   by GargiRamtirthaParand
Arylie babies - Final journey to Gargi Ramtirtha-Parandekar
This is my take on Imlie after Malinis lies are exposed. Imlie is pregnant and vulnerable and slowly warming up to her ABP after a long separation. Story of Pregnancy...
Imlie os Book (Complete) by raveenaelijah
Imlie os Book (Complete)by raveenaelijah
one shots on Aryan and Imlie, cover made by Samriddhi Sahni..