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The Woman Who Doesn't Believe In Love (Lee Siblings Series#1) by Mavylyn
The Woman Who Doesn't Believe In AVA
Lee Siblings Series #1 Samantha Smith Lee is the youngest and only girl among Lee siblings. She is fragile, soft hearted and innocent. Her parents were both busy at work...
Isang babae na may pagpapahalaga sa sarili , lagi siyang nag iisa hanggang sa dumating ang pagkakataon na nakilala niya ang lalaki na sa akala niya ay di siya kayang...
My Wife Unknown Suffering  by GieWrites
My Wife Unknown Suffering by GieWrites
All her suffering like , physical abuse , heartbreaks , tortured . A woman should not experience but it happened to her . Sa kabila ng pinagdaanan niya , wala pa ring n...
When The Days Are Cold by arc_hell
When The Days Are Coldby arc_hell
In her life full of controlers can she find the one whom she can leans on?
UNEXPECTED LOVE by sang_and_sam
UNEXPECTED LOVEby Harmony_indark
Meron limang magkakaibigan apat sa kanila ay galing sa mayamang pamilya habang si rose ay sa mahirap na pamilya nanggaling Maayos, Masaya at puno nang kakulitan...
That Boy Next Door by minnaaadaiskiii
That Boy Next Doorby Nicole baral
Summer Solstice is a seventeen year old teenager who dreams nothing but a normal and happy life. But how can that happen if she happened to meet this mysterious devilish...
His Benevolence (Nostalgia Series #1) by zhxancy
His Benevolence (Nostalgia zhxancy
Nostalgia Series #1 Romantically or not, she never liked anyone. She always thinks that everyone hates her. She never had any good relationship with anyone aside from h...
Put an end by Desamero14
Put an endby maria
he's the one that got away, and he got away with a lot.
Tongue-tied ~ Flawless Love Series 1 by Meteor_Galaxy
Tongue-tied ~ Flawless Love Phoenix Mystica
A story that has been kept inside his silence. Lost her in his grasp but still stay quiet. Benjar Ithiel Santiago, a coward man that everyone else thinks he's a bold one...
Superstar Series 1 Falling into your Smile by Mhorfeucious
Superstar Series 1 Falling into Yenyen
There's nothing special on her, she's just a simple girl who always give him a headache everyday. Para kay Hyunjin malayo ang mundo nila para sa isa't isa, he is popular...
All About You and Him by _redreamer
All About You and Himby cure eli
He will never fail, and never be.
A broken masterpiece by minnaaadaiskiii
A broken masterpieceby Nicole baral
Aurlie Colette is a puzzle waiting to be solved. A never ending mazed. A complex combination of insecurities and doubts. Always leaving a trail of mystery. Her lack of p...
This is all for you by AlexaMhayGarcia
This is all for youby Alexa Mhay Garcia
This story is about love,pain,and sacrifices.Kathleen Ventura a very sweet and kind girl isang dalaga na handang isakripisyo ang lahat makasama lang ang lalaking mahal...
Wattpad Encounters by Laleilou
Wattpad Encountersby my jungone and only
Wattpad characters (in different stories) interactions!
Worth  by Itzelshi18
Worth by Itzelshi18
Cassandra Lee, a happy go lucky woman in everyone's eyes. Some says her life is perfect as a clean blue ocean. But as we know, like ocean. Beyond it's perfect view, dee...
Pained Eulogies  by PERHIIILOUS
Pained Eulogies by Eiyan
This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to act...
Trying not to cry by AlexaMhayGarcia
Trying not to cryby Alexa Mhay Garcia
Alexandra Fae Marquez isang napaka bait,magalang,maganda,matalino at maunawaing babae na kahit na kaya niya naman lumaban ay ma's pipiliing manahimik nalang pinipili niy...
with you by louwei143
with youby Mary Joy Ompong
This story is about a girl that have a huge crush on a boy that named Richard....parang na love at first sight ang girl sa lalaki and the boy loves someone that can't lo...