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Running Out Of Time by shatteredrosees
Running Out Of Timeby Ash Spencer
Kaitlynn Stark has cancer. There's no putting it nicely. Late stage lung cancer. Her father. Tony Stark has been absent and uncaring all of her life. Knowing her time is...
Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style) by lillytn16
Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style)by lillytn16
Tony Stark had no idea what he was getting himself into when he found that baby girl, abandoned by her family. He's clueless about how to raise a kid, let alone a mutant...
His Little Angel by Chonipop85
His Little Angelby Chonipop85
Before he became the hero known as 'Ironman', Tony Stark once had a daughter. Her mother died in childbirth. She was kept secret from the world and she was his little an...
Falling {Spider-Man: Homecoming} by lionsbby
Falling {Spider-Man: Homecoming}by Alyssa Cruz
"Every single day now, got me looking at you in a different way now." - Jack & Jack 15-year-old, Isabella Spencer has just arrived in Queens, New York. From l...
ABIENCE  \\ tony stark's daughter by BlueCiffee
ABIENCE \\ tony stark's daughterby Ciffee
ABIENCE (n.) \ ab·i·ence \ ˈab-ē-ən(t)s \ "The strong urge to avoid something or someone" (ie, everyone and everything) MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE -- TONY ST...
Life as Maya Stark • Iron Man's Daughter [ 1 ] by cocastyle
Life as Maya Stark • Iron Man's kayla
Tony Stark had it all. He had the money, the fame, the girls, and basically anything that he wanted in life. But when a eight year old girl named Maya shows up on his do...
Anagapesis(Tony Stark's Daughter) by Steeb-Rogers
Anagapesis(Tony Stark's Daughter)by Human Disaster
anagapesis; "No longer feeling any affection for someone you once loved" "We all make mistakes, and I guess I was yours" ° ° ° ° ° Tony Stark was man...
Scarlet Feathers by cattercat101
Scarlet Feathersby Lynx
"Dad come on he is hot you can't deny it," I tell dad. "You are calling a maniac who killed like 12 people in two days hot," dad asks me shocked. &qu...
The Lost Stark by Commander_Knight145
The Lost Starkby MoonKnight
Ruby Rose always thought she had Yang and Uncle Qrow after her mother and father had died. Low and behold, Qrow had found a secret Summer had been hiding. Original Idea...
My super family  by starks_wifey
My super family by I miss tony stark 💔
Superfamily au!!! • y/n was adopted by Tony as a child •steeb and Tony got married •Peter becomes part of the family Peter isn't in the book right away, it goes alon...
Finding a Family with the Avengers by magireth
Finding a Family with the Avengersby Mama~magic
Amethyst Watson is a seventeen year old genius, who works for SHIELD as a mechanic and scientist. After her mothers death her only living family is her dad, who does not...
The little Stark // Bucky X Cassandra X Loki by blackbirdavenger
The little Stark // Bucky X LadyBlackbird
Being a 25 year old daughter of Tony Stark was never easy. That is why Cassandra hasn't contacted her father for the last 7 years. But one night, with nowhere else to go...
Fractured Daughters (Book 2 in the Secrets Series) by ShesAWriter123
Fractured Daughters (Book 2 in Just Another Author
Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist Tony Stark's daughter has fallen for the young and mysterious Peter Parker, but after her tragic death two months ago, what wil...
With Out a Shadow of  Doubt by Elizabeth_Milo_Grace
With Out a Shadow of Doubtby Ellie
"We need help" Captain America said "I have someone who might be able to help" Tony replied " and who might that be Mr.Stark?" Nick Fury as...
Bleeding out by cattercat101
Bleeding outby Lynx
As Hailey struggles with anxiety and the fact that she's dying she also has to help her father defeat a terrorist. She is also struggling with the pain of losing the lov...
Saving Grace by chalupa_tyler
Saving Graceby chalupa_tyler
Grace Stark has grown up sheltered, her only company basically being her father, his assistants, and an AI - at least until the Avengers show up. Still, getting sent awa...
RADIATING VIOLET| t. stark ✔️ by twitt3rpate
RADIATING VIOLET| t. stark ✔️by ★━ 𝚑𝚊𝚒
I USED TO BE A CHILD, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. ~a lot has changed. Sometimes our scars aren't physical. While emotional scars aren't visible they can cause even more...
Stark's Kid - Tony Stark's Daughter by pechesncrem
Stark's Kid - Tony Stark's Daughterby 🍑Peach🍑
"Threat is imminent, and I have to protect the one thing I can't live without. That's you." In which Tony Stark discovers his long lost daughter, and proves th...
The Atomic Stark by ShiftingFarFarAway
The Atomic Starkby Quinley Grey
Ara has been on the run from Hydra for years. Living in Tenneesse, doing small jobs like mowing lawns and pet-sitting all while trying to keep out of the cops hands, bec...
Stark Life by august10reader
Stark Lifeby Marvel Fan Fic
This is the story of Grace Stark, the daughter of genius inventor, billionaire, and philanthropist Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. After her mother was killed in a...