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A Cell Phone's Godly Powers - Genshin Impact by BathroomBarbie
A Cell Phone's Godly Powers - BathroomBarbie
(DISCONTINUED) A (y/a) year old (gender) cheats death, but was in a state they could no longer live a normal life. The gods took pity on them and gave them a second chan...
The last demon king by IsaiahDavis106
The last demon kingby Isaiah Davis
our protagionist 15 year old eli dies in a car crash but is then resurted as the last demon king of a fantisey world named kei all he wants is to get back to his world b...
Twin Realities (LHV) by serpantking
Twin Realities (LHV)by The Serpantking
When two friends bound by fate are sucked into another reality they are forced to adapt to survive. In this new world what challenges will they face and how will they be...
Date a live: Bloodlines by Cobra_striker
Date a live: Bloodlinesby Cobra_striker
Shiori Itsuki was a normal high school girl, living with her little sister Kotori, ln a world with a strange unknown phenomenon called spactial quakes, That apper at ran...