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The Guy From My Dreams [Jack Frost X Reader] by watchful_frostbite
The Guy From My Dreams [Jack Frost...by brainrot
[ Occasional Updates ] Tired and running on nearly zero hours of sleep you try to find out what's going on. Weird dreams that leave you with more questions than answers...
A Taste of Winter ~Jack Frost x Reader~ [✔] by Marlena7338
A Taste of Winter ~Jack Frost x Re...by marl
One of the oldest Spirits, the Grim Reaper, likes to keep a low profile. The Grim Reaper knows everything there is to know about each and every of the Spirits and Guardi...
Frostbite (Jack Frost X Reader FanFic) by XxBaemaxX
Frostbite (Jack Frost X Reader Fan...by Goose
I was sitting in my garden, watching my sister play in the freshly fallen snow, when all of a sudden I hear an unfamiliar voice behind me. "Whatcha drawing there, S...
Hollows Eve (ROTG X Reader) by Miracle-the-Fangirl
Hollows Eve (ROTG X Reader)by Mira
A new guardian? Who? No! The halloween spirit, Hallows Eve or (Y/N) is the guardian of Hall-o-ween. Playful and fun but mischievous, they're the good kind of fear. But...
My Guardian / Jack Frost x Reader by thebiggestsimpp
My Guardian / Jack Frost x Readerby your mom
Highest Ranking: #1 in #jackfrost You never imagined fear as a person. You never imagined it dressed in black, pale skin, and glowing eyes. You never imagined it to watc...
Jack Frost x Cupid!Reader  by Holly_Rosendale23
Jack Frost x Cupid!Reader by Moss
[Sequel to Jack Frost x Reader] It's been two hundred years and Cupid has flown all around the world. She's spread love to everyone, yet no one really sees her. It HAS b...
I See You (Jack Frost x Cupid! Reader) by OneArtsyGamer03
I See You (Jack Frost x Cupid! Rea...by Sabrina ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** My name... Is (Y/N)(L/N). Or "Cupid", as people like to call me. How do I know that? Well, the Moon told me so. ... Jack Frost was alone witho...
My purpose Jack Frost X Reader by GodCreatorLizzy
My purpose Jack Frost X Readerby Eli
Every guardian has a purpose, and Jack Frost couldn't find his. One day he meets 17 year old girl who can see him. Little does he know her connection to the other guardi...
Snowflakes (Jack Frost x Reader) by ASKiroth
Snowflakes (Jack Frost x Reader)by ASKiroth
*HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Jack Frost and #3 in snowflakes** "Who are you, and why the heck are you in my house?!" You ask the boy, pointing your hairbrush at hi...
A special girl with a special gift (Jack Frost x Reader) by KayleeBontie
A special girl with a special gift...by Kaylee Bontie
Honestly, I don't like being spoiled myself, so I'm not gonna spoil it for you with a desciption
The Daughter of Fear (Jack Frost x Reader) by NewtFrost
The Daughter of Fear (Jack Frost x...by Newt Frost
This takes place after Rise of the Guardians. You are reading in the perspective of Pitch Black's daughter. Instead of having your father's powers when you were born, th...
Lost memories (Jack Frost x  reader) by CedricDiggorysthot
Lost memories (Jack Frost x reade...by Wassuppp 🪐
It's been 300 years and you still haven't admitted your feelings to Jack, nor has he admitted his own to you. What kind of push needs to be applied for the two of you t...
Forgotten love (Jack Frost x reader)  by CedricDiggorysthot
Forgotten love (Jack Frost x reade...by Wassuppp 🪐
(Reader is Cupid) It's ironic how the mascot of love cannot see the love her best friend has for her. Having the title "Cupid" isn't as great as you think, n...
❄ F R O S T ❄ (One Shots About Jack Frost)  by AlliahMacchiato
❄ F R O S T ❄ (One Shots About Jac...by gimme sum 🎂
the title says it all.... Give this book a chance would ya? I started writing this when i was in 6th grade and I'm editing this little by little so I'm genuinely sorry i...
The Celestial Guardian Book 1(a RotG fanfic) by Haru_Uchiha18
The Celestial Guardian Book 1(a Ro...by Haru Uchiha-Otsutsuki
The girl who mysteriously died in space, a soul that the Man in Moon had been watching since the day she was born. A mysterious, winged creature, an old enemy of his, no...
Arise (Jack Frost x Reader) by HFAngel
Arise (Jack Frost x Reader)by HF Angel
(Y/n) was always special. She would see things no other could. Soft silhouettes in the moonlight or golden dust at her windowsill. She was creative despite her dark life...
The Year Winter Was Warm- Jack Frost X Reader by fixon18
The Year Winter Was Warm- Jack Fro...by liv
You are awoken by a mysterious boom near your window. You open it to find an arc of black dust in the sky not too far away from your window. Suddenly, someone is plummet...
Jack Frost X Reader (One Shot/Scenario/Imagines Book) by EchoOfEverlast
Jack Frost X Reader (One Shot/Scen...by The PoTaterTot
With the help of your younger cousin, Jamie, you not only find belief in Jack Frost, and maybe a relationship with him too. Reading the A/N Note chapter helps explain so...
Love at Frost Sight (Jackfrostxreader) by Fangsgirl0378
Love at Frost Sight (Jackfrostxrea...by Fangsgworl
You were an ordinary girl, who lived in an ordinary world...at least that's what you thought. When you meet the one and only Winter Spirit, your world, your life, everyt...