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Jelix  by Frog_Party_Baby
Jelix by Frog_Party_Baby
After Felix becomes distant from everyone he knows, Sean starts to worry. Nobody had heard from the loveable Swede for over a month now. So, the little Irish lad decides...
He's Only Mine by Cryptidboi
He's Only Mineby Jelix Fanboy
Mark and Sean kissed each other softly, Mark holding onto the other green haired man as they danced. Felix downed a shot as he stared down both of them. Sean was his, ev...
Visit by the stars - SepticPie by troylerl0ve
Visit by the stars - SepticPieby I dont even
Jack finally gets to see his best bud Felix. He packs his clothes, camera but also a secret, which he isn't planning on letting out until he's safely tucked in his grave...
with you, i'll be okay by destiels_love_child
with you, i'll be okayby destiels_love_child
Take the mistakes from your past, and use fear you learned to represent your present. That's at least, what Sean and Felix are attempting to do. Hit #1 in Jelix 11/12/20
Seeing You ♡ Felix Kjellberg/Sean McLoughlin by chehrries
Seeing You ♡ Felix Kjellberg/Sean...by 。・:*:・゚★
Felix, a lonely boy in Brighton, desperately searches for contentment. Having lost his soulmate from a car crash, Felix feels he will never find love again. That thought...
I'm in love with my best friend~ PewDiePie x jacksepticeye [ON HOLD] by Thetrickytiger145
I'm in love with my best friend~ P...by Tricky the derp tiger
I hope you enjoy :3 Cover made by vanilecupcake (on tumbler)
Be More Jelix by JelixFilth
Be More Jelixby Aesthetic Jelix
Be More Chill Jelix AU Felix has never been that confident, more of a huge mess. Tripping over himself and his words was just a normal for him, he has a huge crush on so...
PewdieJack || DISCONTINUED || by thiswasomg
PewdieJack || DISCONTINUED ||by omg.omg
Well I wanted to do a pewdiepie x jacksepticye story so let me tell you the sumary Jack-has a bit of his hair green and he uploads videos mostly everyday but one day one...
The Irish Potato x The Swedish Hitler by NeonDrawBlitz01
The Irish Potato x The Swedish Hit...by corntoast
This is a romance love story/fanfic is about how the most famous, most fabulous, funniest person on YouTube, PewDiePie, finds his one true love...No! Not Mariza, Jackspe...
Robotic Touch by Cryptidboi
Robotic Touchby Jelix Fanboy
AI and Robotics have come a long way. Now robots help with everything, they work alongside humans, some live by themselves, while others are owned. Felix Kjellberg has...
Ok so. This is a ask or dare book. I always loved reading these books cuz I always. Found me funny so I was like u know what, Ima make one. However I am still working ou...
Kiss Me || Jelix/SepticPie [VERY SLOW UPDATES] by -thatfangirl
Kiss Me || Jelix/SepticPie [VERY S...by Hia~Tus
《Written by a girl who's just messing around with this story ^-^》 "Kiss me, Felix." "Okay." It was a joke that Sean told him, but Felix actually did...
Broken 《Jelix/SepticPie》[SLOW UPDATES] by -thatfangirl
Broken 《Jelix/SepticPie》[SLOW UPDA...by Hia~Tus
"Pleae don't mind me. If I had common sense I'd cut myself." "All the more reason! Please hear me out...I want to mind you." "Find me...Please t...