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My Stalker(Jason McCann) by belieber4ever_08
My Stalker(Jason McCann)by belieber4ever_08
My name is Kiara. I'm 15. I walk home from school everyday. I always have the feeling I'm being watched,but here recently it's gotten strange. It's gotten to the point w...
Ride Or Die by florencity
Ride Or Dieby florencity
Paisley James was a normal girl until she ran smack into the unexpected life of Jason McCann, a killing machine. By:Daesha on Quotev
Shameless by lovinDatJustin
Shamelessby Suckmywalter
"You said you want to be good but you can't keep your composure, you said you want to be good but you're begging me to come over."
His Good Girl -Jason McCann by spoiledthot
His Good Girl -Jason McCannby bizzleluv
Iris is the priest's youngest daughter. Jason is the world's most wanted criminal and leader of the world's greatest gang. One night, Jason is out doing a job and Iris h...
Remeber Me? Jason McCann  by cncoXjb
Remeber Me? Jason McCann by Bebecita
He was definetly bad. Yet, she was good with her secret bad side. What happens when he leaves. But, when he comes back will the love of his life remrber him?
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann  by cloudwatchings
Toxic Love ↭ Jason McCann by :)
Sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain... literally. © all rights reserved Wrote this when I was 13-14 years old back in 2013 so just know that it is not some masterp...
His Crime by biebuhs
His Crimeby emi
[Sequel to 'His Girl'] After a year of Justin Bieber being sentenced for his crimes, he marks his big entrance home and reclaims his earned title. However, he will soon...
Accidental Text || Jason McCann ✔️  by wajannnnnnn
Accidental Text || Jason McCann ✔️ by pjm.
Where she was meant to be texting her boyfriend, but Accidental Text happened and her life changed drastically. (It's not all texting because the story changes completel...
Mr. McCann | jdb by doyoulani
Mr. McCann | jdbby Lenyiah ∞
"Mr. McCann would like to see you now" © 2015 Lenyiah ; doyoulank
wanted // j.b. by tpham22xo
wanted // j.b.by christina
something in the night is dangerous
[Highest Rank ~ #1 in Fanfiction] 7/18/2016 BOOK ONE → "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME!" He screamed. You stared down at the silver pistol that was dangling in his han...
My Stalker: He's Not All Bad (Jason McCann) by belieber4ever_08
My Stalker: He's Not All Bad (Jaso...by belieber4ever_08
You know Kiera and you know Jason. You also know what they've been through together. Right when things start to look up will Jason mess things up? Kiera finally earns...
Forget forever (DDLB) (Jastin) by jaztynbae
Forget forever (DDLB) (Jastin)by M. M.
He opens his eyes to see a world he's new to. Justin is an eighteen year old kid who ends up in the hospital after he was ran over by Jason McCann's taxi. Jason McCa...
Jason McCann by onewayticket1
Jason McCannby onewayticket1
After her parents have finally gathered enough money and she has kept up her good grades in school, Jordan Martinez gets to go on vacation with her "friend-with-ben...
King | j.b by biebersmiracle
King | j.bby justin drew bieber
King Justin Bieber. He was a man, hated by everyone in the kingdom for his brutal and inhumane ways. The villagers despised his acts of violence and never truly understo...
Ending up at Mccann's house✔️ by holymotherfckingshit
Ending up at Mccann's house✔️by justin bieber ff
#1 in Justin Bieber! Avelyn goes to live with her cousin because of her abusive father and is shocked as she realizes that the house she will be living in is not her co...
Hidden Pain (BoyxBoy-Jastin) by dawinabieber
Hidden Pain (BoyxBoy-Jastin)by taewinterbear96
Justin Bieber is a 17 years old international pop star that everybody loves and adores. He's caring, friendly, fun and goodhearted. He's a happy young teenager. But will...
Don't be Afraid (Jason Mccan Love Story) by XxOliviaaBieberrxX
Don't be Afraid (Jason Mccan Love...by XxOliviaaBieberrxX
When Brittani is kidnapped by Jason Mccan she is afraid and so she should be. Does she live? Does she die? Or do the fall in love?
Inevitable - CB (EDITING) by loisstonex
Inevitable - CB (EDITING)by Lois❤️
Reign Foxx and Hilton Sanders..... two damaged souls whose worlds collide.
Always Mine (Jastin)✔ by blondemccann
Always Mine (Jastin)✔by Nazanin
Strangers turn to friends, friends become best friends and best friends become boyfriends. Love comes in no gender. And these boys are prepared to do anything to prove...