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Sweet Or Sour? by ScarletMusicLover
Sweet Or Sour?by Scarlet
Jason the Toy Maker X Reader X Laughing Jack This is a requested story. I'll dedicate the first chapter to the person who requested it.
My Green Little Doll. [Jason the Toy Maker X Reader] by AuliCat
My Green Little Doll. [Jason the T...by AuliCat
[ Y/N ] Marshall started to feel terrored by the random dolls that always appear out of nowhere on her room. One day, she found the one who put those dolls there. "...
The Deal (Jason the Toy maker X Child Reader/ reader) by RedInsanitySpark
The Deal (Jason the Toy maker X Ch...by RedInsanitySpark
You are a child that met Jason. Will you live or will Jason make you into his toy? Let's find out in this journey of you and Jason the toymaker
Baby Doll (Pennywise X Male! Reader) by 6Tim_Wright9
Baby Doll (Pennywise X Male! Reade...by Tim Wright
(Y/n)'s different then other kids. He doesn't know his mother. He's mocked over the clothes he wears and his father's 'fey' appearance. He doesn't even seem to have fe...
!¡ON HOLD¡! ☆Creepypasta x reader☆ by sammynx_
!¡ON HOLD¡! ☆Creepypasta x reader☆by Noodlez 🍜
This book is currently on hold, i wrote this somewhere at March 2021 but never posted it. So now im posting it because i knew past me was very proud of the book :) . ...
Broken Pieces (Jason the Toymaker x Reader) by SarahMKJ
Broken Pieces (Jason the Toymaker...by SarahMKJ
An accident during a competition shattered her life in the horse world. Her life is now in a wheelchair. Her only friend on main campus was a shattered doll that she fix...
Yandere Jason the Toymaker x Reader by KittyScratches6
Yandere Jason the Toymaker x Readerby Kitty Scratches
You forget about an old friend from your childhood. Needless to say, he'll make you remember.
Creepypasta Brother x Sister reader oneshots  by Sherlock1517
Creepypasta Brother x Sister reade...by Sherlock
Hi everyone I'm Sherlock! I read a book kind of like this one and got really inspired! (Thank you) The art I'm using for this DOSE NOT BELONG TO ME AND THE CHARACTERS AR...
Creepypasta Father Scenarios by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Father Scenariosby Creepyp. Queen
Wanna be a child of a male Creepypasta? Here's your chance! Cover by me!
<My Little Dolly> (A Jason The Toymaker X Y/N/Reader) by 7Ixl0izxI7
<My Little Dolly> (A Jason T...by Satan's Wife | Obey Me!
[What happens when a kindish woman meets a toymaker? Will the story end well or not?] ^Only one way to find out^ <Y/N and her siblings might meet other people..> B...
Creepypasta oneshots by lovezerokiruu
Creepypasta oneshotsby Ella_Bloodrose
Title says all request if you want might include lemons or limes if requested.
You Cannot Destroy Me(Jason the Toymaker x Reader) by DontBeExcited
You Cannot Destroy Me(Jason the To...by The Bloody Painter
This is the story of you meeting some weirdo guy named Jason and soon enough, you two fall in love. What do you expect? It's a fanfic. Also, your a girl. If you want a g...
Adopting The Tiny Creepypastas! (Female Reader) by AlishaDaWolf
Adopting The Tiny Creepypastas! (F...by ~AlιsнαDαШоlf~
{WARNING; This story will start with adorable and cute Creepypastas, but things will take a twisted turn. YANDERES, SWEARING etc.} You were planning on adopting a small...
The Living Doll (Jason the Toymaker X Reader) by Justtwoweeks
The Living Doll (Jason the Toymake...by ✌🤡✌
You've been kidnapped by a red-haired stranger, who has decided to spare your life in exchange for friendship. Will you escape before he changes his mind, or will you be...
The toymaker(completed) by creepypastagirl2345
The toymaker(completed)by creepypastagirl2345
(Y/N) was a 16 year old teenager when her sister came over for her birthday . But after hearing a scream from upstairs (Y/N)'s life was changed forever.
The Dollhouse (Jason the Toymaker x reader) by SarahMKJ
The Dollhouse (Jason the Toymaker...by SarahMKJ
Y/n is happy where she is. She works hard and has good friends. She doesn't remember her past but it doesn't bother her. Her restless nights do. Y/n- your name F/c- fav...
The Chosen One ( Jason the Toymaker X Reader ) by Pepsiwriter
The Chosen One ( Jason the Toymake...by Pepsiwriter
You always felt like someone was watching you. Something in the shadows. Could that old rabbit you received as a gift hold the key to the truth? Credit of creation for...
Madness ( Jason the toymaker x reader) by timerlor
Madness ( Jason the toymaker x rea...by timerlor
Let's see... Where to begin the story. Ah! Let's start from here shall we?. Loneliness. That was all that I felt. Father cheating, mother acts as if it's normal. I was...
Slasher and Creepypasta x reader by Lonely_Ender_Girl
Slasher and Creepypasta x readerby 🖤Mad Hatter🤍
This will basically be about what it's like to date different slashers and Creepypasta character Also I'll only be doing certain characters for this
S̵̙̱̤͌̃̌ṱ̶̻̦̐á̷̡̺r̷̳͌̈́v̵̩̹͒͜͝i̸̢̖̇̎̅͜n̶̥̅g̵̠̻̈́̀̕ by DyslexiaAtItsFinest
S̵̙̱̤͌̃̌ṱ̶̻̦̐á̷̡̺r̷̳͌̈́v̵̩̹͒͜͝i̸̇...by ❝꯱ׁׅ֒ᨵׁׅ ꩇׁׅ݊ꫀׁׅܻᨵׁׅꪀׁׅꫀׁׅܻ❞
(2/16/22 Edit: Why do people still read this pile of garbage? Its not even a good book! ;-;) "B̷̈́ͅè̶͈t̷̼́r̴̬͌ȁ̷̻ÿ̵͙́e̵͇̿d̶̬͋.̸͍̕.̵̺̐.Ạ̶̽b̴̜͛ạ̶͒n̸̪̈d̴̫̑o̷͈͐ń̸̲e...