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what'd i miss? // jeffmads by bullyapologist
what'd i miss? // jeffmadsby im gay for jefferson
#1 in jeffmads Another Hamilton AU fanfiction (because nobody asked for it), this time focusing on the relationship between the fabulous Thomas Jefferson and the quiet J...
Uh...France?{Jeffmads} by spcdst
Uh...France?{Jeffmads}by Duke
Modern Jeffmads au James: "I'm straight." Thomas: *Returns from France.* James: "Fuck."
I wanna make you mine(Jeffmads) by AngelicaIsLife
I wanna make you mine(Jeffmads)by Ham_fan_trash
Okay I made this up becuase I keep listening to training wheels so...anyways yeah some jeffmads for ya heart ⚠️trigger warning⚠️ Anxiety Angst Suicide Shaming Bullying...
Hamilton Toddlers AU by squidilton
Hamilton Toddlers AUby Squidilton
Alex starts Daycare and meets new friends and begins to have a closer friendship with a quill.
Hamilton Gay Oneshots by TheThotPolice
Hamilton Gay Oneshotsby Gay Lord
Ok, Gay oneshots! Definitely will be smut but with warning so bye!
that would be enough || Lams by KiRafunE
that would be enough || Lamsby semi hiatus
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
Corset in Congress (A Hamilton Genderbend) by rubyjean_jacket
Corset in Congress (A Hamilton rubyjean_jacket
A Hamilton AU where everything is the same except Alexander is a woman and she marries Elijah Schuyler. For the most part it is told from Aaron Burr's perspective, but...
Another lams college AU. Competed. There are actually only 40 chapters
unpolished [lams]  by shinyquartz
unpolished [lams] by satan
some lams one shots to warm your heart ¡! the story is unedited ¡!
Hamilton / Lams Oneshots by comrade_joseph
Hamilton / Lams Oneshotsby Joseph Hoffmann
A collection of Hamilton Oneshots, most of it is Lams if I'm being honest. If you're here to see writing progress, start from the beginning. If you're here for quality...
New York City (JeffMads) by velvetqisses
New York City (JeffMads)by mercy
Read it I guess. May 13th 2018- #40 for Jeffmads stories- i- september 29th 2020 #8 !!! for jeffmads stories - why are y'all still reading this 💕❤️🥰 thank
Je te veux (Mulette) by WelpHereItIs
Je te veux (Mulette)by Welp
Look around Look around At all the trash that is alive right now Please enjoy, Welp
Hamilton Road Trip by yayhamlet123
Hamilton Road Tripby Yayhamlet123
Hamilton fanfiction set in modern day time. Hamilton squad go on a road trip. Lams 💕 Mullette 🌈 Jeffmads 🎉 Marliza💄 Cover Art: @CrazyGalComics
Freckles- HAMILTON HIGHSCHOOL AU by LamsLife17
Freckles- HAMILTON HIGHSCHOOL AUby 🥀📙✌️🍃🌌💜
"he saw a bronzed skin boy, with curly brown hair tied back into a ponytail and freckles. So many freckles." Alexander Hamilton just transferred to a new scho...
Paris - Mullette [COMPLETED] by Pale_Cas
Paris - Mullette [COMPLETED]by Casper
Three friends are on a school trip to France, one is extremely nervous, one has no interest in the trip whatsoever, except to maybe write about it, and the last is just...
You Look Perfect (lams) by pansmexual_lams
You Look Perfect (lams)by Pan lams shipper
Alexander Hamilton is a 16 year old bisexual, who's recently been adopted from the Caribbean. John Laurens is a 17 year old openly gay teen but who still has to hide hi...
College  years- lams fanfic by JohnLaurens_tho
College years- lams fanficby AND PEGGY
Completed Lams AU and they're in college, the cover picture isn't mine so if you know who drew it please tell me and I'll tag them, there's a lot of angst and sadness b...
You Help Me, I'll Help You /// Mullette by AlexIsFandomTrash
You Help Me, I'll Help You /// Alex :3
TRIGGER WARNINGS: SELF-HARM, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, ANXIETY ATTACKS ^•^ Lafayette is broken. Hercules just wants to fix him. One has depression, anxiety and an abusive father...
Hamilton Oneshots by soapstxr
Hamilton Oneshotsby Soapy
yeah uh my OTP is Jeffmads. So most of these are Jeffmads but I DO write other ships so donut worry. Oh yeah, only fluffs and angsts. None of THAT stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Be...
Stories Undone, Scars Unseen // Hamilton College AU by BurningUsAllAway
Stories Undone, Scars Unseen // L and C
Ham Squad at college. Fluff, angst, no smut because all you sinners need a break and more. Galore. Enjoy.