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HOPE | CRIMINAL MINDS by lilyroses95
"You Brought Light Into My Life And Gave Me Hope."
My letters to you - Spencer Reid x OC by CJB_stories
My letters to you - Spencer Reid CJB_stories
After the USPS creates a penpal pairing program, Elizabeth Mills is encouraged by her friends to sign up and talk to someone new. Spencer Reid, bored with only getting b...
A Blessing in Disguise  by captaingreys
A Blessing in Disguise by MCU•Greys•CMinds
Emily Prentiss runs into a special someone who turns her whole life upside down. What happens when a girl arrives at the BAU with no family at all, but a lot of informat...
Criminal Minds Imagines  by julzrulz4ever
Criminal Minds Imagines by JULIA
Collection of Criminal Minds imagines and oneshots. Requests accepted ▪I don't own any of the characters, only the plots- unless I say so people I do: ◇Spencer Reid ◇Der...
the unsub  by carebearguts
the unsub by my writing sucks
a story where spencer falls in love with an unsub. (i suck at descriptions but i swear it's a better story 😭)
Family is Everything by captaingreys
Family is Everythingby MCU•Greys•CMinds
Agent Prentiss has trouble adjusting to her new life as a working mother. However, Juliet has an even harder time getting used to living with Emily. She isn't used to so...
sin to win weekend - hotchniss  by pagetsprentiss
sin to win weekend - hotchniss by paget stan
Emily has to cancel her sin to win weekend due to a case, Hotch is both intrigued and confused when he overhears her complaining. *VERY ROUGHLY BASED ON 5x20 '.... a th...
Endearment {Spencer Reid & Aaron Hotchner} by Sarahthewriter2025
Endearment {Spencer Reid & Aaron Sarah
"You found parts of me I didn't know existed And in you, I found love; I no longer believed was real..... " ON HOLD UNTIL NOVEMBER 24TH THIS STORY IS NOT I REP...
Accidental Attractions by Welcm2purgatory
Accidental Attractionsby Welcm2purgatory
This is a jemily fan fiction from the crime show criminal minds and will include details of criminal cases which may not be suitable for some people. This book is writte...
Awkward ▹ Spencer Reid [1] by -faith-and-soul
Awkward ▹ Spencer Reid [1]by ⚔️ faith ⚔️
AWKWARD | ❝he's not a little awkward, I am!❞ ( SPENCER REID x OMC ) book one ➝ season 1 - season 4 cover by @PanPizza784 started ; 18 Oct. 2018 published ; 18...
The Bronx || Jemily by prentissbitvh
The Bronx || Jemilyby 1-800-YoU-a-HoE
Book cover by : @eprcntiss #4 Criminal minds on 6/24/2021
After everything we've been thru by elektramarazzi
After everything we've been thruby emilyyysbitch
at JJ's wedding emily regrets telling jj to go for will and decides to leave. when after her honeymoon JJ finds out she has to decide what to do an how to deal with it
retribution. by jorsilver
#13 glowing regards
"After Reid's death, she isolated herself. Hotch said she could take as long as she needed, but we never knew her isolation would lead to this." -JJ "I tr...
It's Okay To Need Help (Criminal Minds One Shots) by AWolff13
It's Okay To Need Help (Criminal AWolff13
Criminal Minds one shots, mostly focused on Reid, but requests are open!
Hooked by anxietyatthedance
Hookedby abbey
When Charlie Jones joins the BAU she is immediately smitten with SSA Aaron Hotchner. As time goes on, it seems like he's in love with her as well, until suddenly he push...
Criminal Minds One Shots✨ by reidslittleslutttt
Criminal Minds One Shots✨by Keelin
Hey y'all. There will be fluff, smut, angst. Gxg, bxb, and bxg. Whatever you want to read, it will be there eventually. I will write smut with everyone but Rossi, I'm so...
Criminal Minds Imagine One Shots by tmo2005
Criminal Minds Imagine One Shotsby tmo2005
Possible Trigger Warning. I don't know what I'm all going to write about so beware. I will add warnings in the chapters. No smut! Just a book of one shots I put together...
Criminal minds one shot by ILUVU30001
Criminal minds one shotby Emlyn
Basically what the title says if you like criminal minds you might like this book
Who Are We? by halababes
Who Are We?by babe
You had only been apart of the team for one year, and in love with your boss for about 11 of those months. You and Hotch have to go undercover as the only team members w...
Loving Spencer by xsanjanaax
Loving Spencerby Sanjana Raman
"If you were smart, you'd stay away from me," he murmured. His breath caressed your ear, making you shiver. "Loving me never ends well." Cover credit...