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He Likes It Sweet | TaeJin/ JinTae by breadjinmin
He Likes It Sweet | TaeJin/ JinTaeby breadjinmin
After spending most of his time either helping his uncle in his farm or going on fishing trips with his only friend, Kim Seokjin had planned out how he was going to spen...
TAEJIN ONESHOTS [Top Tae]✓ by TJ_love94
TAEJIN ONESHOTS [Top Tae]✓by TaeJin is Real
This is a collection of TaeJin oneshots (Top Tae). I am not getting any ideas about oneshots for now so I am marking this book as completed. If ever I did get an idea I...
Taehyung always prides himself as a well-rounded young man. Top honor student at his university with a boyfriend who has a promising future. But when he starts his inter...
#Taejin: Married to My Best Friend by Rain_Lily_
#Taejin: Married to My Best Friendby Rain Lily
"Tae, remember our silly promise a long time ago? If you're already 30 and I'm already 33 and we haven't found our life partners, we'll marry each other instead.&qu...
Summer Adventures With You by Rain_Lily_
Summer Adventures With Youby Rain Lily
"Oh wow, an Old English Sheepdog! What's its name?" Seokjin gleefully rubbed the dog's head. "Daisy." Said Taehyung. "Daisy?" Seokjin was...
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#Taejin: Dr. Kim's Nonexistent Fiancé by Rain_Lily_
#Taejin: Dr. Kim's Nonexistent Fia...by Rain Lily
About 6 years earlier in Baltimore, Maryland, USA... Kim Seokjin had just started his cardiology fellowship program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, when his fellow Korea...
In My Heart 💗 by BearMoonThiri
In My Heart 💗by ThiriMon'sTaeJin
ကျောင်းဆရာလေး နှင့် ခပ်ဆိုးဆိုးကျောင်းသားလေး 💗TaeJin သီးသန့်လေး💗
BLOOD Is All I Need by Yuiyashu
BLOOD Is All I Needby Yuiyashu
A vampire. A human. In one mansion or should I say....castle. A girl with curiousity that led her to a violent but sweet vampire. Human's are containers of blood for him...
Fatʕ •ᴥ•ʔ𝚃𝚊𝚎𝚓𝚒𝚗ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ by jinzdick
Fatʕ •ᴥ•ʔ𝚃𝚊𝚎𝚓𝚒𝚗ʕ •ᴥ•ʔby ...
#COMPLETED# It's a story about one boy who always pretends to be happy but isn't. What if someone finds the reason why he is pretending? Book cover by- jinzdick -jinzdi...
My boyfriend is a Ghost  by NJ655212
My boyfriend is a Ghost by NJ655212
Kim Seokjin falling for someone the first time in his life. The someone who does not exist as a human, it's a spirit. This is the story of Taejin. How Seokjin will deal...
#Taejin | Hot Cocoa and A Strawberry Cake by Rain_Lily_
#Taejin | Hot Cocoa and A Strawber...by Rain Lily
The story begins when a stranger orders hot cocoa and a strawberry cake at Jin's coffee house on one chilly night. As time passes by, their hearts begin to be drawn towa...
Incomplete love by sarcastic_frog1221
Incomplete loveby
Your life alters when you fall in love with someone, not just for the romantic moments but even the saddest moments one feels solace in finding your own personal support...
Magical Vacation |teajin by kookjin_dreamland
Magical Vacation |teajinby miss_marmalad
[Complete] تنفر!!! مسخرست.....چون حسم به تو از نفرت هم بیشتره.... تو نفرت انگیز ترین موجود جهانی......از کی فهمیدم؟؟....از بچگیم...از وقتی شناختمت ازت متنفر بودم....از و...
BLUE | ᴛᴀᴇᴊɪɴ  ✔ by WinterBwin
BLUE | ᴛᴀᴇᴊɪɴ ✔by Vv Vσσ Vҽɾ
Where Kim Taehyung sits by the sea, devoid of reasons to be happy or enjoy life until he meets a stranger who is happy without reason, follows his heart's call and lives...
to fill our portfolio in | k.sj & k.th [complete] by seokjinspelling
to fill our portfolio in | k.sj...by Taejin wings
they've been together for years, there's nothing can break them apart, right? Seokjin wants to believe it, he truly does, but then Taehyung comes into his life. #1 in #J...
CUPID'S FIRST LOVE || TaeJin by ox_Charlie_xo
CUPID'S FIRST LOVE || TaeJinby Elyseed⁷
The love god, Namjoon is worried that the mortals don't respect him anymore when they seize praying and giving offerings to him. He is even more so offended when he dis...
DON'T GET CAUGHT | Taejin by marshmarga
DON'T GET CAUGHT | Taejinby mm
Student of Class D where Seokjin at, had never been experience happiness since day 1 in their class. They all experience mystery, there's no day will passed that there's...
TAEJIN  by vvjin_
TAEJIN by :)
t a e j i n <3
نقاشی جادویی (تهجین، جینوی)(Full) 🟣تمام قسمت ها آپ شد🟣 by goligh
نقاشی جادویی (تهجین، جینوی)(Full)...by Seokjinie
کاپل اصلی تهجین (ورس)، جینکوک فرند شیپ ژانر سوپر نچرال ، جهان موازی ، تخیلی ، اسمات🔞
V & Jin♡♡♡♡Taejin/vjin by Fadghhkkh
V & Jin♡♡♡♡Taejin/vjinby Freya
Kim Taehyung and Kim Seokjin are in love. Simple, right?? It's not as simple as it looks. ------------------------------‐--------------------------‐-------- I opened the...