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The Chocolatier's Rose {Willy Wonka} by RogersWater
The Chocolatier's Rose {Willy RogersWater
Rosalie Bucket is the eldest child of the Bucket family. She works hard, serving as a waitress at a small restaurant, to help support her poor family. When things don't...
Johnny Depp Memes  by CatrionaTodd
Johnny Depp Memes by Athaleyah + Scar = Cara
Johnny Depp Memes To Make Your Day 😉😉😘😘
Life is a mess- Johnny Depp by BooksByKLS
Life is a mess- Johnny Deppby K
Being Johnny Depp's childhood best friend gets you into mess when you met his girlfriend, Amber Heard. P.S. this will go very fast in the beginning and i only just came...
His Sunshine, Her Moonlight | Willy Wonka | by ccitywolf718
His Sunshine, Her Moonlight | WolfQueen718
Before Willy Wonka closed his factory, he had someone standing by his side, his fiancée, Catherine Bucket. Catherine and Willy started dating when Willy had his small st...
Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp x Reader) by barnes_girl06
Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp Kenobi’s wifie <3
Y/N met Johnny Depp at a gala. They immediately click. Johnny wants to do a movie with her to get to know her better. Y/N is thrilled. After being friends for a while, d...
Jack sparrows addiction 🖤🔞 by SeverusSnapeCumS1ut
Jack sparrows addiction 🖤🔞by Johnny depp’s wife
Mature audience only ! "Don't tease me Jack" "but I love it when you beg for me maria" "cmon love, lift your legs up for me" Maria was rai...
Lucky ones | Willy Wonka x Female reader by johnnydeppsmegapint
Lucky ones | Willy Wonka x 1800-SUCK-UR-MUM
Cadence "Cadie" Bucket is the older sister of Charlie Bucket, and they've always loved the thought of one day meeting Mr. Willy Wonka, the best chocolatier in...
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka x Female Reader) by AutumnSummers123
Charlie And The Chocolate Autumn
The factory. The biggest factory we'd ever seen. My little brother and I walked past it every day. The smell of chocolate filling our noses. It smelled amazing. Charlie...
Jack Sparrow's Treasure by JxhnnyDxpp1999
Jack Sparrow's Treasureby JxhnnyDxpp1999
Captain Jack Sparrow was never known for one woman, he had many and then left them and broke their hearts; that all changes when Hazel Swann finds him in locked in a cel...
Wonka's Wife by YeetusFleetus69
Wonka's Wifeby YeetusFleetus69
*10 year age gap* 20 years ago Willy Wonka closed his factory gates, 10 years later and he met her. Now another 10 years later and they're opening their factory gates fo...
Adopted by Johnny Depp by infiniteflamingstar
Adopted by Johnny Deppby infiniteflamingstar
13 year old Alexa Clearwater has had a rough past. After her mother died from a severe illness, her father started to grow more and more aggressive to her. When he fin...
Jack Sparrow X Reader | The Queen Of Pirates ~ OnGoing by bravemoongirl
Jack Sparrow X Reader | The bravemoongirl
Join an adventure with pirates! Take a part as a young woman destined to follow her father's footsteps as a successor. But once you clash with a pirate, you cannot hold...
High School // Johnny Depp x reader  by DallyWinstonsGirl
High School // Johnny Depp x 90sBitch
Y/n L/n is a regular 17-year-old girl who is a cheerleader alongside her best friends Winona, Angelina, and Drew. She also has a boyfriend Matt who is a football player...
Her Daddy. || Johnny Depp [complete] by Lizzy_Darling
Her Daddy. || Johnny Depp [ liZZy
in which a girl catches feelings for her best friend's dad. "Have you ever felt something totally stupid? but at the same time it just feels so amazingly good."...
In love with the school bully🙎🏻 by Johnnydepp_fanfic
In love with the school bully🙎🏻by Johnny’s wifee💍
Your a 18 year old girl from Phoenix Arizona and you move to California with your parents. Ps:you're an only child. You go to a new school and meet your worst enemy John...
How to take a hostage (Johnny Depp fanfiction) by nowcomeheremylove
How to take a hostage (Johnny Now come here my love, not a...
Mary, 15, just had to go shopping with her best friend when suddenly a certain person appears, who changes her whole life. Forever. Disclaimer: The age gap that is portr...
Kidnapped By Johnny Depp by sadnoodlegurl
Kidnapped By Johnny Deppby sadnoodlegurl
In 2007, a popular girl named Lola is living the dream life in LA with her dad, who is a well known director in Hollywood. But her perfect life comes crashing down when...
Johnny Depp Smut  by lovediary4johnnydepp
Johnny Depp Smut by sophie!! ♡︎
Here is some dirty smut stories about Johnny Depp. Enjoy my lovelies ;)) wink wink
Cassie's Love •Willy Wonka•  by NandKfanfics
Cassie's Love •Willy Wonka• by Nova and Kacie
"Mr Wonka is staring at you, Cassie." I'm Cassie Bucket. Charlie Bucket's older sister. Over my years in this wonderful thing called life I develop a celebrit...
In Deep With Depp (Johnny Depp x Reader) by abcyoume
In Deep With Depp (Johnny Depp x abcyoume
Johnny Depp's age is not specified in this story, so you're free to imagine him at any point in his life. Almost every man longs and lusts for Y/N, Hollywood's most desi...