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Always (John X Remi) by OrangeJuice457
Always (John X Remi)by T C
A little cringe but bear with me " All characters are from a webtoon called unordinary and belong to uru chan.
currently unnamed| unordinary chatfic by 000N0A000
currently unnamed| unordinary 000N0A000
you know the drill by now I dont own this of course the goddess Uru-chan does
Jera or Jemi| unordinary fanfic by 000N0A000
Jera or Jemi| unordinary fanficby 000N0A000
art by the beloved uru chan as well as the original story this is based off, John went crazy when the person he cared for was in danger but what happens when he has two...
Being  ✨Ordinary ✨ (indefinite hiatus) by neighborhood_gay
Being ✨Ordinary ✨ (indefinite Robbie Fontana
What if John didn't hide his ability? What If he went for a Royal spot? Would he still be friends with Seraphina? Or would there be a different crew? Would he and Arlo b...
Flowers of Love(Uno Fanfiction) by Zedaress
Flowers of Love(Uno Fanfiction)by Zedaress
Remi was put into the hospital after her fight with John , but everything was ok because she had Blyke. After the fight and loss with John they had gotten together. The...
The Only One by ElusAU
The Only Oneby EluAU
The battle is over. John just defeated all of the royals. He only felt bad for one of them... (Main ship will be John and Remi uwu)
unOrdinary: Alea Iacta Est by A_Writer_123
unOrdinary: Alea Iacta Estby anonymous
Life is like a game of dice - completely random, yet seemingly unfair. The most important aspects of life are often predetermined, and one must learn to adapt to their...
unForgotten | unOrdinary Fanfic by Tortollino
unForgotten | unOrdinary Fanficby Tortollino
John reached the top. He was King of New Bostin. But the title almost cost him his friendships and strained the bond between him and his father. Claire told William what...
johns singing abilities (Prety short) by Shiper0111
johns singing abilities (Prety Shiper0111
This story is about how the school discovers that john can sing and buitifully might i add.(i will use a song that is made by the living tombstone)
Tags and information. Not a story by Cipher_301
Tags and information. Not a storyby CiphΞr
Literally so I can search up tags whenever I want.