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Toxic by therealhothead
Toxicby Miss Thing🍒
"I told you to find me a business partner, not a wife." Why he chose you? Well, it was an easy choice. How you fell for each other but still managed to be eac...
His queen (Joker x reader) by sunsetrose005
His queen (Joker x reader)by jokes
Joker loves his queen, but he will never tell...he will show. He will do anything and everything for her. But what happens when Batman catches both of them and locks bot...
My Fault || Joker by pplsss
My Fault || Jokerby yellow
"What makes ya think you're just my toy?" "You don't care about me, you've said it before." Joker x Reader Foul language, trigger warning. Jared Leto...
We Meet Again by Randomlyweirdstorys
We Meet Againby Randomlyweirdstorys
If your not mature enough to watch suicide squad, Then don't read this. There is NO smut in this book but so far chapter 4 and 5 are quite sexual... You and The Joker...
The Work Wife by DiYunho
The Work Wifeby DiYunho
You've been working for The Joker for the past 10 years: you speak and act for him and no matter the circumstances, Y/N is always there to take care of everything he nee...
Joker X Reader  by AlyssaHall152
Joker X Reader by Alyssa Hall
Miya is not like any other girl. She had a lot of growing up to do when she was a little girl. Due to this she has gone to a life of crime and has made a name for hersel...
Jokers Daughter Imagines  by Jokers-Sweethearts
Jokers Daughter Imagines by Daisy
All single imagines about the daughter dating & Joker being a jealous/possessive father
You can be ALICE I'll be the MAD HATTER ( SUICIDE SQUAD JOKER X READER) by SiriusPadfootBlacko
You can be ALICE I'll be the MAD SiriusPadfootBlacko
What happens when reader get's kidnapped by the Joker? What happens when she falls in LOVE with him? Does he love her to? Thank you nutellatrash for this awesome cover
Joker smut  by CillianMurphy555
Joker smut by Kathrine🌺
Jared Leto as the infamous joker smut/ imagines
Joker x Reader by freakylicious
Joker x Readerby .
Give me your hand - Joker x Reader After the suspension of doctor Quizeel the 22 year old Y/F/N is working as the new phiologists doctor in Arkham Asylum. With that her...
Cat Got Your Tongue? by Randomtimelines
Cat Got Your Tongue?by Aviva Rose
Here is an Joker × Reader fanfic.( No smuts that scares me). But there will be a growing connection between you and Joker
Self Care by SexyMonsterFucker
Self Careby Sexy Monster Fucker
NSFW Arthur Fleck/Joker x Reader Prompt: Arthur is home alone, thinking of you. His mind wonders, allowing his instincts to get the better of him.
My girl joker x reader by glaciem_animarum
My girl joker x readerby glaciem_animarum
You fall in love with the joker from suicide squad You're also a gamer on YouTube
Caged Animal by agtpigeon
Caged Animalby agtpigeon
A job goes awry and you find yourself fighting for survival while in the hands of The Joker. Before long the captor/captive dynamic that exist between the two of you be...
Fucked Up Cases and Broken Vases by DEADPOOLS_PRINCESS
Fucked Up Cases and Broken Vasesby Deadpool's Princess
Detective (Y/n) (L/n) was kidnapped by the infamous Joker and Harley Quinn. They want her. They want to break her. Crack crack crack, broken.
Chaos ; Joker x Reader  by audreywrites720
Chaos ; Joker x Reader by Audrey
A world of chaos surrounds (Y/N). She hears stories about the Batman, the mob, the Joker, the GPD. The Joker begins to take over Gotham city. He robs a bank with a few g...
"A Christmas Wish"  (Joker x Reader) by DiYunho
"A Christmas Wish" (Joker x DiYunho
Eight months ago The Joker convinced himself Emma wasn't his even after the multiple paternity tests he ordered came back as a match. It was easier to blame Y/N of falsi...
The Masquerader and the Jester [Rascal x Female Reader] by darkconfetti
The Masquerader and the Jester [ Circus Freak
After two years of studying abroad in Switzerland, you return to your hometown of Rainbow Hills. Transferring to an unfamiliar school as the new girl isn't easy. Not to...
Bad Luck! Yandere various DC x reader! by xXYandereWriterXx
Bad Luck! Yandere various DC x Yandere writer
"Oh Baby, Bad luck is in my blood!" What happens when Dc Heros/Villans fall under an obsession for this new Villain?