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socials - harry lewis by -angelichumans
socials - harry lewisby シ
"WE'RE FREAKING SOCIALITES, MY FRIEND. NO ONE'S LIVING LIKE WE ARE." in which they collab, and their relationship develops harry lewis au ; wroetoshaw fan...
tinder- w2s by sebbytheseabass
tinder- w2sby jules
jules davis gets invited to go on the newest sidemen tinder. she meets someone and instantly connects, he does too. HARRY LEWIS x OC
we made it - harry lewis by wroe2babe
we made it - harry lewisby b
beth and harry, harry and beth. they were youtubes newest couple, but with so many obstacles, will they make it?
The Eighth Member (Sidemen x reader) by Eyelynthederp
The Eighth Member (Sidemen x Eyeball
Ever wonder what it's like to be a famous YouTuber? Ever wonder what it would be like to be friends with the Sidemen? Or even whats it's like to be a member of the Sid...
Harry Lewis Instagram by wroetomini_
Harry Lewis Instagramby 🫶🏼💕
Josh's little sister katie used to love Simon. But soon it's all about her and Harry. But what happens when he what's a divorce find out and read on ...
To die with you *wroetoshaw* ✔ by xlu1ux
To die with you *wroetoshaw* ✔by <3
y/n is JJs bestfriend and she finds out she only has a certain time to live. in telling JJ she became closer to JJs friends could she possibly fall for one of them, but...
Adopted by Zerkaa by unknown24356
Adopted by Zerkaaby unknown24356
Mia Thompson is only a girl of sixteen struggling to find a way out of the dark hole that is her life. Suffering through endless panic attacks and broken trust, Mia buil...
Sidemen + Co Oneshots by whygonjin
Sidemen + Co Oneshotsby whygonjin
Sidemen and close friends oneshots. Not all will be smut, but majority of them will. It is what it is. Also most of them will be quite long, I like detail and setting a...
My brother his best friend|| Sidemen by grayStr
My brother his best friend|| Grace
Read the A/N in the beginning I noted a few things about this book. :)
A L E X Y S // s.minter by luxlikekez
A L E X Y S // s.minterby kez xo
Sequel to P R I S T I N E Simon Minter was Christine Payne's first love, first boyfriend, first everything. Almost 2 years later Christine shows up with something of hi...
Beta Squad, Amp, and Sidemen Imagines by Sharkysgf1221
Beta Squad, Amp, and Sidemen Tohotforyouxoxo
Yeah basically the title. Request are open ✅ Ps I will NOT be using Y/n, just made up names.
The Bet: A Minishaw Short Story by FuckItImInadequate
The Bet: A Minishaw Short Storyby sdmnstan
"Hey you know what? The shy kid, I bet you you can't make him sleep with you." Simon is one of the most popular kid in high school. Harry, on the other hand, i...
Sidemen FICS  by cheeeemyyy
Sidemen FICS by nori
I'll upload my AO3 one shot stories here so that y'all can access it. What I won't do: - X readers
You'll Be Okay by boggox
You'll Be Okayby boggox
you'll be okay - a five part story anxiety, depression, dissociation & depersonalisation a short story on how harry lewis experiences mental illness, and how his friend...
- letter of love ♡ sidemen + willne - by minilenney
- letter of love ♡ sidemen + - j
❝ these aren't my goodbye notes, treat them more like a letter of love. ❞ ↣ in which a girl writes letters to everyone to read after she goes. ↣ trigger warning - talk...
My Brother's Bestfriend- a W2S fanfic by wifeofskywalker
My Brother's Bestfriend- a W2S ani's wife
Amy spent the last five weeks in her room in her childhood home, listening to sad music and crying over the loss of her best friend. Her mum finally decided it was time...
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All I Want | Miniminter fanfic by mxntersdmn
All I Want | Miniminter fanficby 🥵
All she wants is nothing more than to hear him knocking at her door. It all started as Liana visits her brother, famous youtuber zerkaa. Things were going well until sh...
Secret Love Song- a Miniminter Fanfiction by wifeofskywalker
Secret Love Song- a Miniminter ani's wife
Avery Bradley is a professional dancer from London, but she isn't the only famous one in the family. Her brother Josh is a YouTuber who goes by the name of ZerkaaHD. Wh...
sidemen imagines  by harleysquinnxo
sidemen imagines by sugawara senpai 🥺
Send suggestions and that and it's all in the title :)
Zerka's sister//w2s fan fic by harrywroetoshaw
Zerka's sister//w2s fan ficby harrywroetoshaw
Since moving into the sidemen house, Josh's sister Megan has became bestfriends with the sidemen until a spark appeared with one of the members. Things all seem to be go...