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stupid for you ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
stupid for you ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Oli revives anonymous letters everyday from a secret admirer and is determined to find out who it is. His quest is interrupted by a certain punk boy who won't leave him...
one for the money ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
one for the money ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Josh's patience is put to the test when his assistant suddenly goes on maternity leave, leaving trouble maker Oliver Sykes to fill in her role. But what if Josh secretly...
medicine ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
medicine ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Oliver Sykes lives on the North side of town. People avoid him in the corridors, paranoid that the rumours about him are true. Everyone has heard the horrific stories ab...
A Lesson Never Learned [✔] by sun_bean_
A Lesson Never Learned [✔]by Bean
Lily Holly Sykes is the little sister of Oliver Sykes, who is the son of notorious gang leader Ian Sykes. When Ian is killed, he leaves Oliver in charge, but what happen...
kingslayer ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
kingslayer ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Oliver is the leader of a notorious gang, sworn to bring social justice to the corrupt world through crime and destruction. Since world war three, a new regime in Englan...
another life ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
another life ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Maybe in another life we would have met in normal circumstances, but not this one.
The Boy Who Spoke French by Beautiful_Disaster93
The Boy Who Spoke Frenchby Gemma Marie
Josh Franceschi gets thrown into a whole entire world of messed up, when he is forced to live with famous Bad Boy Oliver Sykes. The Jock who was known for bullying, bein...
Run Free (sequel to A Lesson Never Learned) by sun_bean_
Run Free (sequel to A Lesson Bean
Nora Liddell is the daughter of Lily and Cameron. She is looked after by Cameron's gang as if she was one of their own, but when Oliver carries out his revenge against...
stabbing in the dark ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
stabbing in the dark ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Joshua Franceschi is sick of constantly being moved between children's homes after the tragic death of his parents 8 years ago. Oliver Sykes is the only child of the dev...
winter's weather ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
winter's weather ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Every year Josh's family spend Christmas at his grandmas house in France, but over time Josh starts to realise his holiday revolves less around Christmas itself and more...
Who Will Fix Me Now? » fransykes by serpent-slut
Who Will Fix Me Now? » fransykesby serpent-slut
Welcome to Norwood House for the Insane. Home to serial killers, psychos, where all sanity has been lost. But it's also home to two men, Oliver and Josh. Can an asylum...
I apologise if you feel something ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
I apologise if you feel Nia🤮
~That boy, take me away, into the night Out of the hum of the street lights and into a forest~ Fransykes
Band One Shots (Request) by XAttack-on-FandomX
Band One Shots (Request)by XAttack-on-FandomX
Collection of band oneshots I have written and also you can request comment down below :D
love bites ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
love bites ~fransykes~by Nia🤮
Josh has been hiding in the shadows since the 60's, using his supernatural powers to stay forgotten. Until one morning, when a human boy wakes up to strange bite marks o...
Firsts (Fransykes) by Asking4AHorizon
Firsts (Fransykes)by Bee 🇧🇷
Oliver was Josh's first everything.
How Much? (Fransykes) by WhateverLife133
How Much? (Fransykes)by WhateverLife133
Josh is left all alone to face all responsibilities in life. Forced to leave his parents home with nowhere to go he ends up on the streets. Josh tries to make a living b...
RUNAWAYS | Koli by anotherniightmare
RUNAWAYS | Koliby 3201
Two overdramatic emo teens who run away from home, four queer college kids living together in the same apartment, and a city arsonist. TW: underage drinking, homophobia...
One Shots by ReadyToFall
One Shotsby ReadyToFall
One shots by request. Cashby Jalex Kellic Andiver Auliver etc.
Cold {Fransykes One-Shot} (Boyxboy) by DyingToFly
Cold {Fransykes One-Shot} (Boyxboy)by /\nonymous
It's not just the fact that they were so different. It's the fact that the entire world was against them and sometimes you just can't hold on as long as you want to. Som...
falling in // josh franceschi by turmanturbulence
falling in // josh franceschiby turmanturbulence
Josh was incapable of disliking anyone or anything, and he fell in love faster than the other person could love him back. Poppy was the epitome of the girl next door...