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Mr.Uncle McBoing [COMPLETED][REPUBLISHING] by feistyprincess1
(Y/n) Hart is your normal college girl at NYU. She goes to night classes so she could sleep in, has one or two friends and doesn't necessarily go to parties due to her a...
Stuck || Joshua x reader (Hong Jisoo) by YANG_CC
Stuck || Joshua x reader (Hong Miss_Carrot
"Time may pass us by..but you will stay stuck on my mind." ---- June 2020 All copy rights are for me,myself,and I. Do not copy. ( ̄▽ ̄) ∞YANG_CC∞
the sun and the moon. - j.m.k. by chaicoffeelatte
the sun and the moon. - ali ann
"He moved closer to touch my hand, more meaningful than just a graze of his fingers. His hand wasn't clammy, just warm. He was warm, and it was fitting. How he was...
the late bus  |  joshua hong  by taelongassride
the late bus | joshua hong by §§§
she caught the late bus because he caught it aswell, from strangers to lovers they thought nothing could get in their way, oh how naïve that was. Joshua x Reader
the moon and its stars~ joshua bassett  by leki-z
the moon and its stars~ joshua ℒ~
In which a strange tall boy one night randomly appeared at a girl's favorite spot to stargaze... Joshua Basset X READER A short story to read for a quick read [Currently...
Internet Crush. - A Josh Dun x Reader Fanfiction. by cosmictruce
Internet Crush. - A Josh Dun x 多幸感.
[Please note that this story was written by a very inexperienced younger version of myself, in fact it is the first full length story I ever produced so excuse the quali...
CLOSE (Josh Dun x Reader) ✧ idkbrooklyn (#Wattys2017) by idkbrooklyn
CLOSE (Josh Dun x Reader) ✧ ☼ brøøklyn ☼
❝THE FEELINGS MUTUAL, SUNSHINE.❞ ☼ Highest Ranking: #238 in Fanfiction ☼
DISTANCE (Josh Dun x Reader) (SEQUEL) ✧ idkbrooklyn by idkbrooklyn
DISTANCE (Josh Dun x Reader) ( ☼ brøøklyn ☼
Josh Dun x Reader by blurry-fics
Josh Dun x Readerby max
These are not related to one another in anyway, just a collection of random one shots!
Welcome To Trench by dog7meat
Welcome To Trenchby casp. 18.
Highest Ranking: #1 in tylerxreader #1 in trench #1 in dema #1 in joshxreader #1 in 21pilots #1 in welcometotrench
Josh x O.c (until dawn) by idenvance
Josh x O.c (until dawn)by Iden Vancey
my o.c, likes Josh, here's a story, hope y'all like peace
FARTHER (Josh Dun x Reader) (THREEQUEL) ✧ idkbrooklyn by idkbrooklyn
FARTHER (Josh Dun x Reader) ( ☼ brøøklyn ☼
Eyes Bright, Uptight. (Twenty One Pilots) by odds_of_even
Eyes Bright, Uptight. (Twenty bulletproofinblack
Tyler has a best friend named Josh, he has a sister who also has a best friend who likes both of the boys a little too much.
Detroit: Become Human One-Shots by Ashes_Vanessa
Detroit: Become Human One-Shotsby Ashes Vanessa Cobe
All the different characters, pairings, scenarios, x reader mostly unless requested otherwise! Requests are open message me with your scenario and pairing! I would gladl...
Aphonia // Tyler Joseph x Reader by Newtcase
Aphonia // Tyler Joseph x Readerby ghost
Tyler Joseph is mute. That's what it had said all over the internet. Tyler Joseph is now mute. How could an accident strip this man's whole life away like this? He lost...
Twenty One Pilots Imagines by OhMyJosh_TayTayAndTy
Twenty One Pilots Imaginesby caitlin
imagines of your two favorite boys
Until Dawn x Reader (ONE SHOTS) by moonlight53
Until Dawn x Reader (ONE SHOTS)by Stephany
collection of imagines based on the characters from until dawn that i have decided to transfer from my tumblr account (link is in the bio) FEEL FREE TO REQUEST IMAGINES...
Neighbors ///j.d x Reader by dandeliondunn
Neighbors ///j.d x Readerby jayda
I moved out of my crappy apartment. A blond girl named Jenna Introduced me to Tyler her husband and Josh my new neighbor. We became friends instantly. ---- This sounds...
wonderstruck// Tyler Joseph  by OhMyJosh_TayTayAndTy
wonderstruck// Tyler Joseph by caitlin
when the prince finally came of age, he was expected to find a wife. he didn't think anything good would come out of the selection, but a young girl who could have only...
siren// tyler joseph by OhMyJosh_TayTayAndTy
siren// tyler josephby caitlin
[miniseries] a boy from ohio and a girl sentenced to stay silent for one hundred years cross paths. [based off of the siren by kiera cass]