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Demon slayer Yuri One-shots Pt.2 by alexajames60
Demon slayer Yuri One-shots Pt.2by ~Potato-chan~
this is the part 2 of the first demon slayer Yuri one-shots books! hope you enjoy.
A butterfly's love story  ¦ a demon slayer fanfic  by fuhjoshino
A butterfly's love story ¦ a demo...by 腐女
fluffiest of fluffs sanemi x kanae kimetsu no yaiba fanfic
I Love You Stupid Loner by Amirs03
I Love You Stupid Lonerby AmirHarr
Tomioka Giyuu is a student at Kimetsu University.He really focus on his study making him worthy to be one of the 8 Top Scorer at Kimetsu University but it also causing...
My Little Butterfly (A Tankana Story) by segmenteightynine
My Little Butterfly (A Tankana Sto...by Jess
uhh read the first page? idk- uhh you may not like the ships so don't read if you dont- mostly doing the most popular ship among the characters.. uhh read the like Prol...
How To Come Out To Your Sisters / Shinomitsu   by Ibuki_TheTable
How To Come Out To Your Sisters...by Ibuki_TheTable
Take place in the Kimetsu No Yaiba High School ||Demon Slayer High || A book where one-shots and cracks chapters co-exist in a same AU where Shinobu and Mitsuri are boo...
After The Rain by inariidon
After The Rainby Inari
A sparring session with Giyuu makes Shinobu realise things, things she'd rather forget. AKA self-indulgent fic for me to write Shinobu and Giyuu duking it out, physicall...
Butterflies(ShinobuxGiyuu) by Rinna_Kanroji
Butterflies(ShinobuxGiyuu)by Rinna_Kanroji
"The promise..." I heard Giyuu mutter. I looked over to him and saw tears swelling in his eyes. "I'm sorry Tomioka-san." I said my eyes starting to...
To the Butterflies and Peonies 《Demon Slayer》 by YungNightAce
To the Butterflies and Peonies 《De...by Yυng-cнαn
『 Thoughts alone are mere weapons acting as double-edged blades. 』 【Reverse! Kanae Kochou】 「 Role Reversal! AU 」 ❝ To still pity the demon who slaughtered my sister befo...
windflower petals - kny by aerisxox
windflower petals - knyby aerisss
Sanekana story. What if Kanae survived her mission with Douma, Uppermoon 2? This is an Alternate Universe (AU) where Kanae has survived with her mission.
Douma x Kanae {Oneshots} by MiraTheFox
Douma x Kanae {Oneshots}by Mira
Just a Bunch Of Oneshot's I wrote of this Ship I adore. If you dislike the ship then just avoid reading or clicking it's simple as said, But if your interested then have...
wisteria user y/n (reader/your name) Ubuyashiki by Rojibiya
wisteria user y/n (reader/your nam...by Rojibiya
hello how r u? actually this is my first time writing a story and l think i can't post anything for some time because of school works (i'm so sorry English is not my fir...
Are they even human? by itszesty
Are they even human?by Zesty
"He knew he could never tell anyone in the village about his ability. He couldn't tell his family either, what if they thought he was weird too? So he stayed quiet...
Graceful Butterfly (Kanae X Male Reader) by MrNexy7
Graceful Butterfly (Kanae X Male R...by Yeet
(Y/N) lost his family by the hands of a demon, because of that he vow to protect humans from them. But his journey isn't what he thinks to be as he discovers more about...
We'll Meet Again Imouto-san (Hiatus)  by jcavin
We'll Meet Again Imouto-san (Hiatu...by ジェイ•キャビン
I do not own Kimetsu no Yaiba. Credits to their rightful owners. I am Tsuyuri Tsuyoi. A current demon hunter. Being a demon hunter, I must protect humanity. No matter h...
𓆩 水イ✿ 𓆪 𝑲𝑵𝒀/𝑫𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏 𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒚𝒆𝒓 𝒐𝒏𝒆-𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔! 𓆩 水イ✿ 𓆪 by x10Kris10x
𓆩 水イ✿ 𓆪 𝑲𝑵𝒀/𝑫𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏 𝒔𝒍𝒂...by _V3IrA_..
This is my first book so don't judge me. I won't do some characters such as Gyokko and others, for certain reasons. I will and won't write certain things so if you send...
Kimetsu no yaiba fanfics and whatever. :) by Animeotakushit
Kimetsu no yaiba fanfics and whate...by Fuyuki Azumi
So uhm there will be fanfics, one-shots, short stories, anything really. Requests are available if wanted. So uh... enjoy! Don't mind my typos or grammar... ( = ^ = ) [A...
Shinobu's Wish Slay by Chicop7
Shinobu's Wish Slayby Uwu
Shinobae performs a ritual to go back in time but instead of her sis being hashira she becomes hashira and makes kanae have a combination between shinobae and her, prote...
Reincarnation is Such a Nice Thing by Jakeleyy
Reincarnation is Such a Nice Thingby Jakeley
Reincarnation. It's a nice thing. You get to live your next life with or without your past life memories. In some cases you get strong and other cases weak. Some may hav...
The daughter of Lust  by alexajames60
The daughter of Lust by ~Potato-chan~
hallo cupcakes 😌 I don't own Demon slayer or any of the pics I use in this story, credit goes to it's Original artist, now read the damn story ❤️