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The Avatar's Marriage by Arin806
The Avatar's Marriageby Arin
AU story in which the War has never happened. Katara's life in the Southern Water Tribe is turned upside down when she is forced into an arranged marriage with the Avata...
the story after the kiss by youfoundmelol
the story after the kissby .
* I do not own Avatar and the last airbender * The story is about what happend after the kiss of Katara and Aang, will they stay together?
ATLA highschool AU by saltysoy
ATLA highschool AUby Catastrophe
In a benderless modern world, the characters of ATLA go about their everyday lives. there are no tribes but there are different groups of students that don't really merg...
What Would I Do Without You? by lqvebugg
What Would I Do Without You?by lqvebugg
Set 4 years after the war. Katara and Aang are deeply in love, and they couldn't be happier. But when Azula escapes her prison and the gaang is reunited at the Fire Nati...
Jinora in the Past by AHchanged
Jinora in the Pastby A.H.
"Dad?" she said. "Yes, Jinora?" His voice was distracted as he stared at the ground, deep in thought. "Do you think we'll be able to find the so...
Kataang One-Shots by melonicous
Kataang One-Shotsby Melon
I decided to follow writing prompts for Kataang week, so this book will be a bunch of Kataang and their family one-shots (not chronological). Most of them are pretty sho...
Kataang short story's  by kataang_lover4567
Kataang short story's by kataang_lover4567
My idea of little kataang story's
Lost and broken  (A tokka fanFiction) by bubblegumishh
Lost and broken (A tokka fanFicti...by Wifey material
"But Zuko, wouldn't it hurt less if you lost a friend, than it would losing your wife?" "Of course if I lost my friend I would be deeply saddened, but loo...
United elements high school by hangeandymirsH0e
United elements high schoolby Historia's wife
Aang is the new kid at school. That's it. that's all I'm telling you. read to find out the rest xdd 🚨⚠WARNING⚠🚨 This story is heavily Kataang, sorry Zutara shippers. M...
The Necklace by Liquebot86
The Necklaceby PepperidgeFarmRemembers
Katara loses her necklace, prompting Aang to help her find it. Aang becomes confused and surprised at what he finds, forcing him to figure out what it means. Kataang flu...
If avatar had Facebook by satanicloans
If avatar had Facebookby Boi
This is if team avatar and friends had Facebook.
Reunion  by JAYESEL17
Reunion by
Since it was robbed from us Avatar and Kataang fans, this is my version of how Aang and Katara reunited after Ozai's defeat.
Love is a Battle Field//Royal Au (Kataang) by Viridescentkwama
Love is a Battle Field//Royal Au (...by viva
Katara is becoming Queen of the Southern Water Tribe and needs to find a husband so her father puts on a challenge for the princesses hand. Things have gone weird for th...
Kataang: High School Lovers | ON HOLD by littlefangirl666
Kataang: High School Lovers | ON H...by Bad Wolf
Aang's head over heels for Katara. Katara's head over heels go Aang. What happens when bullies strike? What will Katara do to stop them? What will Katara do to herself...
Before and after (Kataang) by starrynights03
Before and after (Kataang)by Starry._.night
Aang and katara their story doesn't end after the hundred year war. Trust, courage, love will be tested. Old friendships will grow closer, new ones will be formed. From...
The Gaang reacting to ALTA by Treethe
The Gaang reacting to ALTAby Hi
It basically them reacting to ALTA
Charred //ZUTARA by xxitsxxweronikaxx
Charred //ZUTARAby Ronnie
Fire is world ending. When a healer from his past comes to the Fire Nation at last, everything goes up in flames. Will there be anything to save from the ashes? ...
Forward In Time by airbenderwrites
Forward In Timeby CJ
A new threat comes to the Four Nations. Unfortunately, at the same time, the Gaang is sent forward in time... to the future... seventy years into the future. What they d...
An Innocent Spark [Zukka] by Dhskcjdiwjdkf2
An Innocent Spark [Zukka]by Dhskcjdiwjdkf2
Two months have passed since Zuko was crowned fire lord and it has been more difficult than he could have imagined. When he invites Sokka and Katara to the fire nation...
Dreamers (Zuko x Yue) by Algaldo
Dreamers (Zuko x Yue)by Algaldo
What if Zuko was saved by the spirit Agni when he was born? What if Yue started dreaming of a strange prince that was touched by the spirits like she was? Read and see h...