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Four Elements High school by octobermango
Four Elements High schoolby octobermango
A high school au of the gaang. Bending is included. Aang has always been home schooled, but he is suddenly plummeted into Four Elements High school, where the easygoing...
avatar gc  by chicklenms
avatar gc by 😐
ty lee adds zuko, katara, aang, toph, azula, sokka, suki, and mai into a gc just bc she misses all of them
Fire Academy by Arin806
Fire Academyby Arin
Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph all roll into a fire nation school to learn things about the fire nation that may help in the final showdown. A girl flirts with Aang. What...
Finally Home Avatar FanFic by APRARingette
Finally Home Avatar FanFicby Sophie_Crane06
Aang's gone for three years and five months since he defeated Fire Lord Ozai. What's happens after when he returns to Katara after all these years? Will Katara be able t...
Falling In Love Is Risky by Holaweirdos
Falling In Love Is Riskyby *~💖Tsuki💖~*
Growing up, Aang has always looked up to ice skaters. One day, he meets a professional. He falls in love with her, so pretends to be on her team to impress her even thou...
Regret by Plsnoonefindmelols
Regretby Plsnoonefindmelols
Katara regrets being with everything. Seven years after the war ended, Katara is the fire lady of the Fire Nation. She finds however she's miserable. She recounts the ex...
100 years  by Kataangstories
100 years by Kataang.storys
"You like to play dirty? huh?" I was made to fight in this war as the last water bender of the Southern Water Tribe. I was supposed to play him but he played m...
ATLA: Book 4 by obsessedwithATLA
ATLA: Book 4by obsessedwithATLA on Fanfictio...
My take on avatargurumaster's "Avatar The Last Airbender Book 4 Air". Team Avatar will have to face many new adventures. Aang and Katara will deepen their love...
Not For Pity by Holaweirdos
Not For Pityby *~💖Tsuki💖~*
{Modern AU Kataang} ~ (This is extremely inspired by a movie I saw, I don't remember the name though and it was also a different language and gender-bent) ~ Once arrivin...
the gaang and the fandom by Bricks4Brains
the gaang and the fandomby Bricks4Brains
Main cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender react to stuff on the internet about them and their futures. Hilarity ensues. And it's nothing serious. (Most of the time) Kataan...
The Gaang reacting to ALTA by Treethe
The Gaang reacting to ALTAby Hi
It basically them reacting to ALTA
Republic city boarding school by That_one_kid_2002
Republic city boarding schoolby That_one_kid_2002
Aang moves to republic city after the death of his mother to live with his grandfather gyatso who was now his legal guardian now why doesn't he stay with his father you...
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Atla High School🌊🌪️🔥🌍 by Holaweirdos
Atla High School🌊🌪️🔥🌍by *~💖Tsuki💖~*
All inspo is to the ones I've read before. All characters are Sophmores-Seniors(15-18) {AaxK} {SuxSo} {ZxM} {Tox?} {TyxAz}
Little Things - A Kataang Fanfic by milkyyytea
Little Things - A Kataang Fanficby lize
this takes place right after the final episode ends! it's all sappy and sweet for the most part! - - - Highest Rating: #14 in Kataang
ATLA: The Lost Airbender by infern8king101
ATLA: The Lost Airbenderby samuel dausab
What if another airbender survived the Airbenders Genocide? This story will focus on that. I suggest you read it because I will try to make it as interesting as possibl...
The Picnic - A Kataang Story - Modern AU by geand55
The Picnic - A Kataang Story - Mod...by menotgrace
4 years after teaching Fire Leader Ozai a lesson, the gaang is living in the same house and they have adjusted to a normal lifestyle. The day that Ozai's plans were ende...
Torn Apart (pt. 1)  by QueenOfWeirdness
Torn Apart (pt. 1) by Lora
It's been twelve years since Avatar Aang and the infamous Team Avatar defeated the ruthless Fire Nation and ended the Hundred-Year War, and everything has changed for th...
The Gaang reacts by Treethe
The Gaang reactsby Hi
So they basically just react to random things may it be about ships, fan art, fan fics and a whole bunch of stuff so check it out. Also if you have suggestions you are f...
Zukka - Secrets by zukoswhoree
Zukka - Secretsby zukoswhoree
Modern high school au, where Sokka has an unhealthy obsession/crush on a mysterious criminal called the blue spirit, who may or may not be his new roommate. !Cover Art i...
The Girl No One Knew by arimichella
The Girl No One Knewby arimichella
Cover art by depino on DeviantArt Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. On...