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Black Wings by airiwrites
Black Wingsby 𝒜𝒾𝓇𝒾
As the number two hero of Japan, Hawks knows he has responsibilities to the people. As a double agent between heroes and villains, he has a responsibility to not get cau...
The Path of Being a Hero : Dabi's Daughter  by 10cynthus
The Path of Being a Hero : Dabi' cynthus
Y/n Akane. A girl who lost the only family she believed she had at the mere age of 7 wanted nothing more than to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the hero she...
In Your Wings by itsemmalouboo
In Your Wingsby itsemmalouboo
A loving family. Intelligent siblings. A perfect life, right? Wrong. Especially the day you developed your quirk. You aspired to become a hero. Life changed. Mental h...
A hero as my father? by Chimera_Regarion
A hero as my father?by Chimera_Regarion
Are heroes really good parent? Well after an incident in an orphanage Izuku and Tokoyami were left without a home. In order for the heroes to gain a bit more popularity...
Keigo Takami x male!reader (Oneshots) by p1ssb4aby
Keigo Takami x male!reader ( Apollo Slaughter
Keigo Takami (Hawks) x male reader one shots. Lots of smut, occasional fluff but probably no angst because my little twink heart can't handle it. And don't feel afraid t...
Fried Chicken  (Dabi X Hawks)  by Tomurasfleshlight
Fried Chicken (Dabi X Hawks) by Tomura'sFleshLight
Dabi x Hawks NSFW 18+ mature content I do not own mha, music or photos
The Perfect List (Keigo Takami x Fem!Reader) by Thefacelessauthor007
The Perfect List (Keigo Takami x Ari
"When you grow older, you will add more onto this list" Ever since you were a kid, you have been writing a list about your dream boyfriend. You just shrugged i...
Loved you then, love you now  by Randomlittle123
Loved you then, love you now by Random123
A story of Dabi x hawks and an ACCIDENTALLY PREGNANCY!! And no this is not a omegaverse or genderbend. Hawks can just lay eggs 😭it's apart of his quirk I guess. Basical...
My fake Boyfriend? Yan! Dabi (Toya Todoroki) x reader x Yan! Hawks (AU) by chelsgal1993
My fake Boyfriend? Yan! Dabi ( chelsgal1993
Your first year of college! How exciting! You had your friends with you but they seemed to want to run with a new crowd. You split your time between your two girl friend...
Hawks X Reader Oneshots by ILoveHawks27
Hawks X Reader Oneshotsby Yeet ur feet
Hot Manz Hawks x (fem) Reader! Please vote it would help me out a lot :)
I'm Blue (Dabi x OC) by s0sullivan
I'm Blue (Dabi x OC)by S.O. Sullivan
~*• || UNDER REVISIONS || •*~ ________________________ "Welcome to the Hunter's of Artemis" "Hero Lover" He spat. "Run, run and remember I love...
The Broken Dove (Hawks X Reader) by nino_nino_girl
The Broken Dove (Hawks X Reader)by Nino-Nino
~The weirdo author is back ^^~ "A dove has great beauty but is easily broken," as the broken dove flaps her wings to help others in need but in the night, she...
My Little Angel | Hawks X Fem!OC by bkgsbitch
My Little Angel | Hawks X Fem!OCby bkgsbitch
Emiri Maki, a woman who had no interest in finding any new friends, meets not only a new friend, but possibly her soulmate. What hardships will they face on their journe...
Smile For The Camera ~ Dabi x Hawks💙🧡 by kirifreehugs
Smile For The Camera ~ Dabi x Ezra
⚠️TW PTSD AND MENTIONS OF RAPE⚠️ Endeavor's crimes, including but not limited to the domestic abuse of his wife and children, selling his oldest son to the hero commissi...
MHA/fluff/drama/smut by Pandababy237
MHA/fluff/drama/smutby Heather Burkes
one shots with some of the usual characters but more of the uncommon ones so there's more of a variety 🥰 Requests are open!
Burnt Out (Hawks X Reader) by CrazyChaoticIzzy
Burnt Out (Hawks X Reader)by Izzy
Being trapped in a toxic relationship for years can be draining. Especially when your significant other rips everything you love away from you. After breaking up with he...
My baby bunny! by Chimera_Regarion
My baby bunny!by Chimera_Regarion
A kid in dager, a kid with a bunny quirk and a kid who is mistreated. How much could Miruko actually relate to this small child? Who knew that the hero couldn't stop thi...
"fly" // dabihawks by DABISFLVME
"fly" // dabihawksby ♡
highschool! dabihawks au: Dabi enters UA as a junior, he isn't interested in making any friends but ends up meeting fellow classmate Hawks. heads up before reading: - D...
Mha x child reader by MarvelsthorgirlLokis
Mha x child readerby Marimobaka
This is just some of the things that you'd do if your child self were related to the My Hero Academia characters. And disclaimer I might not do villains. Might not.
Courting  Death by Chimera_Regarion
Courting Deathby Chimera_Regarion
With nothing left to lose, one might say that killing oneself might be the best option, but what if that doesn't work? Izuku Midoriya, a seemingly quirkless kid, had eno...