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Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
Breeding Project || Klance Omegaverse by TJH323
Breeding Project || Klance TJ.
The war is over, and omegas have never been more valuable. The Galra empire severely dwindled Earth's population, and now omegas were required to have at least one pup w...
Fear || klance  by mygayheart
Fear || klance by ✨Luna✨
Everyone thought he was afraid of nothing. That was until Shiro found him shaking and in tears after a fear simulator.
klance smut oneshots by poptabs_420
klance smut oneshotsby Ferret
To Kill a Wolf Walker || Klance by TJH323
To Kill a Wolf Walker || Klanceby TJ.
Wolf walkers, people who could take to form of a wolf, but kept their human minds. Some say they have magic on their side, but magic made them mad, made them monsters. T...
Dancing To Our Love // Klance (COMPLETE) by Patty-Thompson
Dancing To Our Love // Klance ( That Table
KLANCE BAND After Keith's music producer dropped him so they could focus on different performers, he decided to pursue his other dream and become a dance teacher. His br...
Something Sensational (Klance Voltron Fanfic) (Keith x Lance) by Tiamo4ever
Something Sensational (Klance Tiamo4ever
Lance is a traveling street performer who only earns money from the tricks he preforms. It isn't an easy life to live, hard times are hard and with no real place to call...
Mute love__Klance soulmate au by Missbunhead
Mute love__Klance soulmate auby Clerp
Au where a soulmate can write on their skin and it'll show up on the other's. Keith is a mute boy who is scared to meet his soulmate because they won't love him. Lance i...
.✧*。☆【Your Stars Are The Same As Mine】☆✧*。. by LoWkey_Weeb
.✧*。☆【Your Stars Are The Same As Space Furries?
《.✧*。☆~"When violet and blue gazed upon each other." When Keith and Lance locked eyes, the two instantly fell in love that night. But their families had been a...
Klance: "Like hell were going to share a bed."  by LucifersPigeonNugget
Klance: "Like hell were going to _solius_
["There is no way I'm sharing my bed, let alone my room. With that-with that Texan." Keith raised his hands indignantly at Lance's outburst.] Lots of fluff, uh...
Klance Oneshots by XxFujoshi_FangirlxX
Klance Oneshotsby XxFujoshi_FangirlxX
More Oneshots because I have too many yaoi ships. This will have both smut and fluff (if you've read my other books tho I mostly write smut).
The Blades and Voltron by Springla
The Blades and Voltronby HolaSoyRarito:3
What happens if Keith was raised by his mother instead of his father? Keith's father died when the galra attacked Earth to capture the blue lion causing his mother to b...
Voltron: Legendary Defender but s8 is better this time by allPanicAnd-noDisco
Voltron: Legendary Defender but optimus prime
Basically season 8 never happened but a LOT of Klance happened. Bonus: Allura never died. Matt still has long hair. Adam was found. Hunay, Veracxa, Romelurra and Adashi...
Klance Comics by siIIydragon123
Klance Comicsby siIIydragon123
Some cute Klance art/comics Also, some of the stuff in here may include swearing so if your uncomfortable with that then just a heads up
Klance - Percy Jackson AU: "Cloud 9" by sophie_chis
Klance - Percy Jackson AU: " sophie_chis
*ALSO ON AO3* Camp half blood has not been troubled for many years. No quarrelling gods, no psycho titans, no mass world destruction- nothing (bar a few monsters stumbli...
klance smut oneshots by cockyhoe
klance smut oneshotsby boss bitch
here's a book of klance smut, you nasty little fucks. you can request and you know you want to. enjoy reading ;)
Soulmates- Book 1 by YoMamasNewCar
Soulmates- Book 1by Vex
In this reality, at the age of 10 you can contact your soulmate. Any scratches, bruises, marker on your skin, it appears on your soulmate. Keith didn't care for the &quo...
Mine // Klance by dreamyjhope
Mine // Klanceby dreamyjhope
Jealous keith or some shiz idk its completed for now unless i decide to make another oneshot but ye.
Kingdoms | Galtean Klance by Kara005
Kingdoms | Galtean Klanceby ✧Kara✧
Prince Lance of the Altean kingdom is expected to marry and raise the next heir to the throne, but he's reluctant to accept romance! He hates being royal and finds refug...
Meeting future  by gaalexis77
Meeting future by ozzie
Younger versions of Keith and lance get stuck in an older reality. Young Keith has to trek his unique puberty with the help of an older, kinder lance. Young lance must...