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One Last Touch [Craig X Tweek AU] by Kimchiartist
One Last Touch [Craig X Tweek AU]by KimCHi
[Editing] "I just wish I could touch you.." Tweek Tweak, a boy who had blonde messy hair and was addicted to caffeine. He had been bullied a lot for the past y...
Why Not Both? by belongtotherain
Why Not Both?by Codi
After not talking to Craig Tucker for so long, since their fake dating days, when they were the best of friends, Tweek finds himself sitting 'alphabetically" on the...
Muse by OmissionSoul
Museby OmissionSoul
A late night incident, causes two unlikely individuals paths to cross one another.
The Adventures of Creek: Beginning of Bunny  by TweekTweak95
The Adventures of Creek: Tweek Tweak
Honestly this a request for a Tweeny story that ends with Creek and Bunny so this should be fun! Tweek and Craig have been openly dating for a bit now and since being o...
Tweeny One shot by ButtersBottomBitch69
Tweeny One shotby Butters_Bottom_Bitch
Idk why I wrote this, but I like it
Broken Hearts (Twenny) by LetTheShipsHappen
Broken Hearts (Twenny)by ShittyYaoiSmutWriter
After 6 years being together by the end of their Sophomore year, Tweek and Craig broke up. The shock hit the whole town, no one knowing the reason why. Rumors spread tha...
A lovely sunflower by 33_lovelybreads
A lovely sunflowerby 43 Strawberrycow
Both Craig and Kenny are truly and deeply in love with Tweek.
Kenny X Tweek by nibba69
Kenny X Tweekby nibba69
A lustful story of Kenny and Tweek doing sex stuff.
not so quiet love by Rainbow_loveLOL
not so quiet loveby Rainbow_LoveLOL
kenny Mcormic? He is a party crazzy populor boy Tweek Tweek? He is coffee crazzy nerd boy Find out the rest
EXTRAÑOS SENTIMIENTOS (2.0) by ErikaFujiyoshi
Kenny es alguien que usa el sexo para sentirse menos miserable y vacío. Por ciertas circunstancias decide acercarse a Tweek quien se encuentra desecho por la relación de...