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Please, love me  (kidge) by Ria_737
Please, love me (kidge)by ✨Ria✨
Everything about her is like a black hole, sucking him in Keith knows he loves her. Pidge still can't accept the truth. He needs her to see how perfect they would be tog...
The Small Town by prettyterribleperson
The Small Townby ur mom
Keith is forced to visit Shiro's friend and his family. He expected it to be boring. What he didn't expect was for him to fall for Matt's little sister.
Runaways [Kidge fanfic] by ChillyMillie13
Runaways [Kidge fanfic]by ChillyMillie13
In Galra terms, 'mating' means marriage though the process of it is close to exactly what you would expect from the word, though it is a long process that contains sever...
Katie Holt, I presume  by BlueDemon1999
Katie Holt, I presume by BlueDemon 1999
Kidge fan fic...first time trying this...if you hate it sorry!!
Get Out in One Piece by Destinytale
Get Out in One Pieceby Destiny
"Little green Paladin," Lotor said curtly as he gripped Pidge's chin tightly to force her eyes to meet his. "By the time I'm done with you, your team won'...
A angels broken reflection by Ender_writes_book
A angels broken reflectionby Ender army leader
Keith tried to kill himself for the blades sake. This left Pidge broken, after their fight she couldn't stand it much longer. Will the one person she cares about most sa...
More Than Friends {KIDGE} by INEEDSLEPEP
More Than Friends {KIDGE}by Halp
Shiro thinks that the team needs to 'bond' with each other. Keith teams up with the only other serious one, Pidge. They become friends, but maybe more than friends... NO...
Keith x Pidge  by PotatoFanFictions
Keith x Pidge by PotatoFanFictions
This is a fanfiction about the characters Keith and Pidge from the show Voltron. I'm warning you now, it's going to get super cheesey! Read on if you like! It takes plac...
Hopeless and in Heat by Destinytale
Hopeless and in Heatby Destiny
Pidge really should've known she was an omega. A kidge ABO fic. Smut warning.
Are all Galrans bad? (A Kidge fanfic) discontinued by KiwiCrayonz
Are all Galrans bad? (A Kidge Kiwi
!!!!WARNING!!!! MOST OF THE OLDER CHAPTERS ARE UNEDITED AND NOT VERY GOOD. I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE Before reading this story, please note that there may be some suicida...
Forbidden, A [ Kidge ] Tale by Silver_Magic177
Forbidden, A [ Kidge ] Taleby Silver_Magic177
Katie is just a normal girl in a normal least that's what she thinks. She gains the Prince Keith's interest when he goes in disguise and the pair becomes fri...
Kidge One Shots by Rapunzabelle
Kidge One Shotsby Rapunzabelle
I have 15,000,000 one shots already written (not really) and I write another 15,000,000 a day (also not really) so I figure why not publish them for the world to see.
Pidge's Tourment  by fangirl-express
Pidge's Tourment by MJ
Pidge is captured by the galra,she is beaten and tortured everyday.her family/team looks for her everywhere until they finally find her, but will she return the same? K...
who knew ? //KIDGE VLD; first book! by MILLI_greenity
who knew ? //KIDGE VLD; first book!by greenity
"What were the probabilities for them to end up that way ? " pidge just came back from work very tired .. she was ready to get some rest but then her friend ke...
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Klance, Plance and Kidge oneshots by prettyterribleperson
Klance, Plance and Kidge oneshotsby ur mom
A bunch of short stories that have no home. Mainly Plance and Kidge, but I have the occasional Klance cause why not, right?
How Far For Peace? by Destinytale
How Far For Peace?by Destiny
"How far, little one," he whispered as he dragged his hands along Pidge's skin. "Are you willing to go for peace?" - Eight years after Allura's death...
Garrison High  |  Pidge x Keith  |  Kidge by immadumpling
Garrison High | Pidge x Keith | immadumpling
Pidge is a freshmen, but she skipped two grades and is now starting highschool as a junior. She has her best friends Hunk and Lance by her side and she befriends an emo...
Kidge: Green and Red by Scarlette_Writer_05
Kidge: Green and Redby Tristen Errickson
((Yes. I did draw the cover. Please don't steal art. I did sign it. So I can prove it's mine. )) Highest ranking: #1 princessallura Katie is a fifteen year old girl, who...
Peony Petals (A Kidge soulmate AU) by briannaray2020
Peony Petals (A Kidge soulmate AU)by briannaray2020
In a world where soulmates aren't just a mere concept, two people struggle with the idea of one day meeting theirs. They have marks upon their skin that they knew would...
Allurance One Shots by Sparky225
Allurance One Shotsby Sparky225
Pretty much what it says in the title. Also writing this cause I'm disappointed with how little Allurance FanFiction there is. This is also slightly angsty so trigger wa...