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Silent all these years by Mary_Bree
Silent all these yearsby Mary Bree
Shego left many years ago. Now she's returning home to find what was missing all this time was waiting for her all along.
Drakken's daughter  by BiancaSantana880
Drakken's daughter by Bianca Santana
Drakken finds out he has a daughter
The Unstoppable Team and the Ninja  by Yxzay21
The Unstoppable Team and the Ninja by Lord of Chaos
Kim Possible Harem x OC Reader. Tony Torres is an old friend of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable and is dating two of the cheerleaders of Middleton High School. Things ar...
Toonville High School (Cartoon Harem) by KingCeeDee1
Toonville High School (Cartoon KingCeeDee1
When CeeDee Rose moves into Toonville he joins Toonville High School which was a popular school but he quickly becomes one of the most popular students while he is also...
A Small Possibility by ReaganKey
A Small Possibilityby Key
Disclaimer: All rights go to NoDrogs on who gave me permission to share this Shego leaves Drakken after discovering what his latest plan has done to Kim. ...
Ask or Dare: Cartoon & Anime All-Stars! (2nd Saga) by Durand16
Ask or Dare: Cartoon & Anime Durand16
The Ask or Dare Adventures continue! All of your favorite characters are still here and ready for more, along with some new faces! From returning favorites such as Spong...
Ask or Dare: Cartoon and Anime All-Stars (1st Saga) by Durand16
Ask or Dare: Cartoon and Anime Durand16
Ask or Dare over 140 characters from fan-favorite shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Glitter Force, El Chavo, Sailor Moon, Pokémon, Precure, Powerpuff...
When The Unthinkable Happens by ReaganKey
When The Unthinkable Happensby Key
Sequel to A Small Possibility Kim and Shego have the perfect life together, but what happens when Kim has a mission mishap? How far will Shego go to protect the ones she...
As Told By Edwin Goku Grayson by No_Body_Home
As Told By Edwin Goku Graysonby Stranger_On_Earth
This story holds the timeline of events that happened within Edwin Goku Grayson's life. From his origin being revealed, to him eventually becoming a big brother and a fa...
The possible adventures of a hero and a bot by Spiritwolf76
The possible adventures of a Griffin
During a mission to stop Mech from acquiring a highly advanced satellite. Team prime learns that one of their human friends is not who she believes she is. Along the way...
Kim Possible x GTA V Male Reader by EnclaveCommando
Kim Possible x GTA V Male Readerby Enclave Commando
No friends, no home, and broke as a joke and the cherry on top is that he grew up in the worst city on the west coast; Los Santos. Now a teenager/mercenary/biker/bank ro...
Mission: Possible 007 by LivingStoneWriter
Mission: Possible 007by Sean Livingston
A decorated MI6 agent, a crime-fighting cheerleader, a rogue IMF operative, and a platypus. They make an unlikely team, but - like it or not - their skills are going to...
10 American Phantoms (and ninjas too!) by sophiespruce
10 American Phantoms (and ninjas sophiespruce
When 22-year-old Kim Possible joined SHIELD she didn't expect to to be put in recruitment. She made a deal with her superiors. If Kim was able to recruit everyone on her...
🎃Other Fandom Edits🎃 by Lilly_Bartlam
🎃Other Fandom Edits🎃by 🚁Skye🚁
This is a collection of all of my Marvel, Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice The Musical Edits I have posted so far over time. Settle in for an crazy ride that includes Kim...
Cartoon and Anime All-Stars Adventures! by Durand16
Cartoon and Anime All-Stars Durand16
These are stories featuring the cast from Ask or Dare: Cartoon and Anime All-Stars! Ever wondered what we do whenever we're not answering random questions and dares? Wel...
EL DESPERTAR DE LA MALDADby Theorellanoxmaster
espero que disfruten esta historia dividida en varias partes
The New Fearless Ferret by NeoTyson
The New Fearless Ferretby NeoTyson
AU that takes place in So the Drama where Ron has to step up causing him to take a new path from sidekick to hero. Pairing undecided