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Red Crossed Heroes (Kirishima X Reader) by SoullessKahfee
Red Crossed Heroes (Kirishima X Soulless
As a quirkless individual, you always assumed that you wouldn't be of any help. However, once you joined the JWA Nursing Academy, you realized the amount of potential yo...
Sharkboy (E.Kirishima x OC) (on break) by ashtsukishima
Sharkboy (E.Kirishima x OC) (on IZZY!!
"Are you okay?" "What the fuck?!" "Huh?" "Did you not think I can take that hit" "For what I've seen from this exam so far...
A Night Out With A Stranger by abbywogan08
A Night Out With A Strangerby abby
This is just a fanfiction of Eijiro Kirishima x Reader! My Hero Academia RP (Role-Play) Original by: elizabeth (Which My Hero Academia Boy Falls For You? Quiz on Quotev)
KirishimaXreader |a Flirty fanfic| by otakubunnycakes
KirishimaXreader |a Flirty fanfic|by Otakubunnycakes
After heading to a party at Kirishima's dorm, you noticed he'd been eying you the entire time. But what happens when the parties over? You don't plan on going home... Do...
mha - gf - crystal heart & hard soft boi by whateveriwantowirte
mha - gf - crystal heart & hard mirio's wife
meet crystal runaway teenager with a quirk can make her body into any material she wants, for example crystal or diamonds as well. she was raised on a amish farm in am...
My hero~ A kirishima x reader by Pierce_the_pureblood
My hero~ A kirishima x readerby Pierce_the_pureblood
⚠️This story will include triggering subjects such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions, language, Other types of mental illnesses and...
kirishima fanfiction by pansexual445
kirishima fanfictionby pansexual445
This is just a little story I thought up. It's about how y/n wants to get in better shape and your trying to find a personal trainer, when you stumble apon two men on a...
The Boy Beneath The Sad Skies by rays_Fringe
The Boy Beneath The Sad Skiesby E L L I E <3
It can be funny how sometimes, you just see yourself as one person in this big world. You feel as if life is nothing but God pressing the loop button over, and over agai...
When You're afraid of thunderstorms  by PurpleStarlighttt
When You're afraid of PurpleStarlighttt
This is a comfort fanfic. Please note that this is my first anime fanfic and it is a one shot. If there are any spelling mistakes just read over them 😅. I hope you enj...
 A Christmas Dream Kiri x reader by BaileeLoudermilch7
A Christmas Dream Kiri x readerby Bailee Loudermilch
A holiday romance between you and kirishima