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Alone together (Akatsuki kittens) by Black4raven15
Alone together (Akatsuki kittens)by Black4raven15
Alone. That's how I've always felt. Until one stormy night when I was heading home and I stumbled upon a kitten. Soon after that, my life starts to change drastically. N...
Stupid Mooching Kittens by CherryHearts13
Stupid Mooching Kittensby CherryHearts13
A Naruto Fanfiction. Kim and Jade are two best friends, living fairly normal lives, but all that changed when ten adorable little kittens made their way into their lives...
Akatsuki Kittens by Anime-Skittles
Akatsuki Kittensby Anime Skittles [On Hiatus]
The Akatsuki: A well-known, notorious gang of outlaws in the shinobi world. They're fierce, vicious, deadly, lethal, and definitely NOT cute. But what happens when they'...
Rainbow Fireworks (Akatsuki Kittens) by Salty_Garlic
Rainbow Fireworks (Akatsuki Salty (Mitsukai)
Suffering from loneliness ever since the untimely death of her parents, Kaiya Hoshiyume struggles to find company, aside from her two brothers and adopted sister, as wel...
You've got to be Kitten me! by Kitty3Kat3Kawaii
You've got to be Kitten me!by The Queen
(Y/n)'s day was going pretty well until some pricks from an alternate universe decided to drop some villainous kittens straight into her lap... (This is totally, and sha...
One piece cats x reader by qtHaru3
One piece cats x readerby Qt Haru ;)
What happens when the most handsome, funny, crazy one piece characters turns in to cats and gets thrown to our world. The cover doesn't belong to me neither are one piec...
Akatsuki kittens A world where i belong by BloodyMoonX
Akatsuki kittens A world where i BloodyMoonX
Luna lives in the real boring world where she's being used as something to brag about, her adoptive parents are rich and left her alone completely after they got their o...
Uchiha Kittens? by DaddyWen
Uchiha Kittens?by I’m scared
Risa and her best friend, Kae get themselves in an interesting situation that involves some special kittens. - - - No art in this story belongs to me Completed This stor...
My cats are from One piece by shaura96
My cats are from One pieceby shaura96
Stephanie was just your average person nothing special at all. She loved rock/heavy metal music, video games, reading and anime. She lived up in the mountain region of G...
[One piece] Kittens that brought me Fate. by Lily_sazukixp
[One piece] Kittens that brought LilySazuki
Lily, a girl from a abusive family in our world, has found some cats along the street. Her mother was killed by her step-father and she is hated for being a witch and a...
Sleepy hollow [genshin impact] by FearTheHime
Sleepy hollow [genshin impact]by Hime-sama
[M/N] is just a hard-working man, having a child to feed and college debt to pay, even when he didn't finish college himself. He works night times at a small diner, and...
Kitten Namjoon x his Daddy Yoongi and Oppas BTS by ProteccLino
Kitten Namjoon x his Daddy OoOoOF
Namjoon is a rare type of kitten hybrid. He was sold to an illegal hybrid auction by his abusive parents when he was 16. Lucky for him he was bought by two kind men. Yoo...
Akatsuki Kittens by ZeAwesomeSerinah
Akatsuki Kittensby Ze awsome me
the akatsuki are now kittens and we get to see how they react to his and how their new friends deal with them
My Akatsuki Kitties by Demon_D_Raika
My Akatsuki Kittiesby Demon_D_Raika
Look at the title. Will later become a small romance.
Breathe - Adopts by MYSTICALPAND0RA
Breathe - Adoptsby Pandora
A book of my designs, which you can give a bette home
mask ▹ warriors short story by weaselfang
mask ▹ warriors short storyby ♚ weasel♚
❝please toadmask, nobody's sure who you are anymore!❞ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ toadpaw was different. he never showed much - if any - emotion at all. he wouldn't share tongues...
Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader by sneekypanda22
Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x readerby Emily :)
When Y/n was 6 years old, her father decided to build her a tree house. Ten years later, Y/N decided to go back to her tree house. Opening the trap door, she hears a sma...
One Piece x OC {My World or Yours?} by Op-Law
One Piece x OC {My World or Yours?}by Em
Set in the real world with the characters being turned into kittens. Doflamingo will keep his 10 feet height I'll just have the girl's living in a house with tall ceilin...
Akatsuki Kittens by Juniper_Falls
Akatsuki Kittensby Grumpiest Grump
Pein, sick of eating Kisame's cooking, orders Deidara and Sasori to go get food from the market and not to draw attention. Deidara, being curious, buys a vile with writi...