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An undying love [Sangwoo X Reader] [Killing Stalking]  by Hideki2001
An undying love [Sangwoo X Reader]...by Hidekane
[Mature content] [Gore] #1 on the Koogi tag on 10/18/18 #6 in the Sangwoo tag on 12/20/18 (1/2 endings finished) (Hey guuuys!! This is my first X reader fan fiction so...
KILLING DRUGGING K.D. (Y/N)  by AaliyahSann-
KILLING DRUGGING K.D. (Y/N) by AaliyahSann-
Two wrongs don't make a right.... .... What happens when y/n meets someone who is 100 times worst then anyone she has every met in her life.. Read as you struggl...
Star Crossed (Yoonbumxreader) by NovaBona
Star Crossed (Yoonbumxreader)by NovaBona
*Takes place during Bums school days* [DISCONTINUED]
Salty love (Sangwoo x reader) by goddessofgreatness
Salty love (Sangwoo x reader)by Liya
You are from the sea, and he is from the land. People from the land and sea don't mix... or do they? What happens when a gentle soul from the sea gains the affection of...
Killing Stalking by MarshmallowQueen13
Killing Stalkingby 💖❄~Lisa~❄💖
Lisa, a scrawny, quiet girl, has a crush on one of the most popular and pretty girls in school, Levi. One day, with Lisa's obsession towards Levi rising its peak, Lisa d...
My Daddies And Me (Killing Stalking) by LluviaZepeda
My Daddies And Me (Killing Stalkin...by Lluvia 🌧✨
Yoon Bum ocultaba un gran secreto... Salia con dos hombres al mismo tiempo...Pero no es una relación cualquiera, si no una en donde el era el baby boy de ambos hombres.
Another Chance (Yoonbum x Reader) by annaspaws
Another Chance (Yoonbum x Reader)by annaspaws
You had heard about the serial killer on the news, his house being only a few neighborhoods away. Curiosity got the better of you. But what happens when a young man...
In Your Blood by NovaBona
In Your Bloodby NovaBona
There is a disruptance in your mundane life, but it is definitely not a cause for concern. At least, not to whom it may concern. If proven otherwise, you'll surely take...
Don't Fall For Me // Oh Sangwoo Fanfiction by Itsneecoke
Don't Fall For Me // Oh Sangwoo Fa...by Neecoke
Sangwoo was known as the school's hearthtrob, everyone is head over heels towards this man and Eunji was one of them. She knew Sangwoo since they were kids, and she knew...
The secret side of me by goddessofgreatness
The secret side of meby Liya
Sangwoo x hacker reader ____ is an extremely talented hacker who just happens to fall in love with Sangwoo. Does crazy + crazy = love? Who knows.
Dear Summer ♡ by NEWACCBCNO
Dear Summer ♡by rey uh yuh
What happens when your own childhood friend leaves you for the military, leaving behind all memories and contact information? Song Jiyeon, a 20 year old student a...
Inseparable~ (Fluff Sangbum AU) by -Tofu-
Inseparable~ (Fluff Sangbum AU)by -Tofu-
Fluffy Sangbum AU, Sangwoo falls in love with the popular rich boy Yoonbum. Sangwoo runs a small restaurant with his friends and one day Yoonbum applies for a job. He s...
Not What I Expected (SangwooXReaderXYoonbum) by spl33nz
Not What I Expected (SangwooXReade...by Spl33nz
I'm this story Y/N will use male pronouns, but feel free to change that to fit you! ----------------------- Y/N L/N has been friends with YoonBum since as long as he can...
In Another Life by monsterkink
In Another Lifeby ⚱
Sangwoo is in love with Yoonbum.
fated [YOONKOOK] by stella_yoongles
fated [YOONKOOK]by stella 🤍
"you know...you're actually really pretty.." "can you please shut up you're literally on your death bed right now, is this the time for you to joke around...
( Kooga )Này đứng lại cho em. Min Yoongi by tathao1233
( Kooga )Này đứng lại cho em. Min...by Tờ tờ
Người con trai ấy luôn đợi em, luôn chờ em dẫu như nào. Anh ta sẽ không từ bỏ, sẽ không buông tay mà. Vì anh ta chỉ yêu mình em, không còn ai ở thế giới này. Để lòng...
The Art Of Killing // Oh Sangwoo Fanfiction by Itsneecoke
The Art Of Killing // Oh Sangwoo F...by Neecoke
"Killing, it's an art that nobody ever agrees of." Ara smirked at the woman laying helplessly on her basement's floor. "Just kill her already" Sangw...
First Meeting (Killing Stalking) (Oneshot) by violet_baudelaire
First Meeting (Killing Stalking) (...by violet_baudelaire
Just a oneshot. I was thinking how they might have met if Sangwoo was an Alpha and Bum an omega and this was the end result.