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Babysitter-Camren by Camrenisreallolocamz
Babysitter-Camrenby Greatest love story
Lauren-23-rich-has a 2 yearold son-works alot Camila-18-just finished high school-lives with parents and sister
Take You Back [ Camila/You ] by historia_cccc
Take You Back [ Camila/You ]by petrichor
as they say, "if it's meant to be, it'll be." | a camila & y/n (g!p) fanfiction.
The Twin Sister (Norminah) by wtflisle
The Twin Sister (Norminah)by Lislo.
Dinah Jane Hansen é uma mulher de negócios que dá extrema atenção ao seu trabalho e toda essa importância resulta no fim de seu casamento com Nela Otukolo. Dois anos dep...
Lust And Love (Lauren / You) by iamgraciee
Lust And Love (Lauren / You)by gracie
What happens when you're forced to live with your sister, Camila Cabello? What happens when you fight with your sister? Will you fix it - or not? What happens when you c...
more life / b.simmons (2) by rihflection
more life / b.simmons (2)by 🐇 ™
take a look at the lives of amari, ben, and their children as they get older. [read book 1 (recognize) to understand.]
Anonymous Number by PapiJauregui
Anonymous Numberby cynthia
One day you get a random message from an Anonymous Number, What's gonna happen? Highest Rank: 57 In fanfiction
My Only One by JaureguiObsessed
My Only Oneby JaureguiObsessed
Basically it's New kids from my Lauren Imagine book it's a short story and if you choose not to read that then just know it's G!P y/n
Waitress (camren)  by Camrenisreallolocamz
Waitress (camren) by Greatest love story
Camila cabello is a waitress Lauren jauregui is a soccer player Lauren's coach takes the team out for dinner after winning a match, Camila catches Lauren's eye as she...
When Two Become One (A Camren Fanfic) by Nefrenity
When Two Become One (A Camren Fanf...by Nefrenity
Lauren isn't a part of Fifth Harmony. She has her own group known as 'Girl Code' with four other girls whom she was placed with in the X Factor, and for the past 3 years...
Wrong number Lauren/you by moonlitjauregui
Wrong number Lauren/youby ☾
I suck at descriptions lol #1 IN LAUREN JAUREGUI- May 1st, 2020
Love Locked (Normani and Keith Powers) EDITING  by beee_harmony
Love Locked (Normani and Keith Pow...by sarai writes
The love connection that locks you in you know? You cant let go at the first glimpse of each other true love was Present. Will they admit it? Will the love prevail?
The guitarist- Camren by Camrenisreallolocamz
The guitarist- Camrenby Greatest love story
Camila cabello is in need for a new guitarist since Shawn left after she rejected him, Dinah Camila's best friend and roommate finds Lauren jauregui on Instagram, will s...
the truth about tomorrow ➸ camren by txrches
the truth about tomorrow ➸ camrenby txrches
North Haven Medical Hospital is home to many types of patients, including newcomer Camila Cabello - the girl who hates endings. The young brunette hates thinking about t...
Beautiful Disaster (Camren) by CrownedDirection
Beautiful Disaster (Camren)by ✖
I was suppose to stay away from the broken girl. Like Ally said "You think you can fix them, but this isn't your thing to fix" I just brushed her off telling...
Who are you? (Camren texts) by CamrenIsDating
Who are you? (Camren texts)by Camren for life
Unknown: hallo!!! Camila: Hi Camila: Wait Who the fuck are you??
Counterfeit Love (Normally fanfic) by Abbey_Baby5h
Counterfeit Love (Normally fanfic)by Abbey Harmonizer
After setting her sights on a new victim, which happens to be Ally, Taylor hatches a plan to fully embarrass the girl. It was simple: Normani would pretend date Ally for...
Mechanic  by Camrenisreallolocamz
Mechanic by Greatest love story
When Camilas tire pops in the middle of a town she doesn't know, Camila meets Lauren the owner of a mechanics shop. Lauren g!p
Bad Things (Camila Cabello/ YN (YOU) / Ariana Grande) by forbiddenloved16
Bad Things (Camila Cabello/ YN (YO...by ✈D
"I asked for their blessings, anyway. I've found out myself that I can't live without you. You know that of course. We may have those shitty fights, we may have tho...
Oneshots & Short Stories. by NorminahKorhansen
Oneshots & Short Stories.by under construction
Mostly Norminah. • My Home Is Here With You. ✔
LDR (Norminah) by rattatus
LDR (Norminah)by Julian
(Texting style) Normani and Dinah matched with each other on some dating app. Dinah was looking for a friend, and Normani was looking for more.