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Time travel to Mahabharata by SamWoodss1
Time travel to Mahabharataby Clexaroon
Join our protagonist as she becomes the most vital part of dharmstapna. Will she side with Kauravas or Pandavas? Will she help Pandavas unite with their eldest? Will sh...
Suryavanshi Yuvrani To Empress Of Aryavrat by Jethiicia
Suryavanshi Yuvrani To Empress BookReader
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Every characters (beside my OCs) belongs to Maharishi Ved Vyas. "RAGHUKUL REET SADA CHALI AAYI, PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE...
kaal yantra by kgffan
kaal yantraby kgffan
Naina Singh a successful cardiologist surgeon. known for her sweet, calm and kind nature loves to help people around her. is a Krishna devotee. but, what if one day taki...
 MY PERPETUAL LOVE  by jimanuu
MY PERPETUAL LOVE by Park jimanu
This is a story of a boy j-hope who is a successful businessman who doesn't believe in love but his mother made a forceful marriage with a sweet but poor girl y/n ... Th...
Jyesht's strife for kinship (A Karna-Arjun what-if story) by bleedblue2011
Jyesht's strife for kinship (A Neha Srivastav
~Book 1 of Mother's secret series~ After the incident in the graduation arena, where Karna has sworn himself in front of the entire kingdom to Duryodhan and vowed to def...
Anuj's claim to affection (A Karna-Arjun what-if story) by bleedblue2011
Anuj's claim to affection (A Neha Srivastav
~Book 2 of Mother's secret series~ At the graduation arena, Arjun is winded by a stranger's fierce hatred towards him. The stranger swears himself to his cousin Duryodha...
ANURAG SYAMANTAKAM : 𝓐 𝓕𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓪𝓰𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓽 𝓕𝓪𝓽𝓮 by Captain_Sham
How terrible it is to love someone who can be touched by death..... Not many know that although raised as a prince, the third Pandav had one of the toughest lives. Desti...
The Epic From Her Eyes- Mahabharata  by TheCryingSoul
The Epic From Her Eyes- TheCryingSoul
Meet Amrit, a 19 year old Indian girl who went to the age of Mahabharata. But what will happen if the way she knew the Mahabharata is not exactly how it is? What will ha...
TANGLED BOND by parthjaya
This story is pure fictional don't take it personally. "Tangled Bonds" tells a story of a family facing love and struggles. As they deal with conflicts and em...
Utpathasthita-Avengers in Dwapar by Sindhuxsuta
Utpathasthita-Avengers in Dwaparby Sindhuxsuta
Tony just wanted coffee. Steve just wanted to draw. Clint just wanted to sleep. Natasha just wanted to dance. Wanda just wanted to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Peter just wante...
The Time travel to Mahabarat  by Krishna230903
The Time travel to Mahabarat by Krishna
Swara, a twenty first century's girl gets transported to the mahabarata era and gets to knows that she actually belonged there. She is Vasudev Krishna's priye bhen. She...
Music of soul (Y/n x Krishna) by ananna0123
Music of soul (Y/n x Krishna)by Lilliana Roy
"I will leave such an imprint on you. Anyone who comes into your presence has to know me, be able to understand you." Lord himself spoke with his calm voice, b...
To Fix What Is Broken by Kkashish_205
To Fix What Is Brokenby Kashish
The great epic; Mahabharata, was a war for dharma, but how can we forget the countless lives that were lost... Was there no way to save warriors like Karn, Abhimanyu, Ma...
To Love A Murderer | ✔ by ruhitherambler
To Love A Murderer | ✔by ruhi
She, a murderess. He, the Preserver. If they are bound, can a murderer ever be loved? **** She is a nameless shadow who walks in the...
TIMELESS TEMPTATION by author_caramel
As modern-day Tara finds herself inexplicably thrust into the tumultuous era of the Mahabharata, she becomes ensnared in the intricate web of time and love. Caught in th...
An interlude to Sunset by budstarc
An interlude to Sunsetby Taniya
This is a Mahabharata Fanfiction mostly based on facts we see in Star Mahabharat. Mahabharat holds a lot of facts and is a complicated and marvelous creation, But this...
Aadya- The Devil's Dharmaa by Siashii_010
Aadya- The Devil's Dharmaaby Sia
Duryodhan The first thing that comes into our minds Is that he is cruel, arrogant and egoistic But he isn't like that at all It was all Shakuni's influence He just neede...
Mission from gods by ashleylightwood20
Mission from godsby ashleylightwood20
Two best friends Aishwarya and malavika lived a normal life. Neither of them expected to die in a car crash. The next thing they know, they are surrounded by the triumvi...
'Sivasya hridayam vishnur-vishnoscha hridayam sivah' Vishnu is the heart of Shiva and likewise Shiva is the heart of Vishnu'. Harihar, the combined form of Hari that is...
Arrow of Time- Path of Destiny  by Nilathisai
Arrow of Time- Path of Destiny by Nilathisai
21st century girl is going to time travel to duwara yug where betrayal, humiliation, love, loyal and war were taken place. How is she going to react? What will be her de...