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Son Of Sage by VioletYbrehl
Son Of Sageby VioletYbrehl
Uzumaki Naruto, the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi who grow up being lonely. But what if his Past lives memories came back from him after he was beaten badly by the Villager? W...
A new life in Suna.(Naruto Fanfic) [DISCONTINUED] by Alpha_Beta_Omega2116
A new life in Suna.(Naruto Fanfic)...by Alpha O. Maiga
What happens if during the mission to wave Naruto had not stabbed himself and they went back to Konoha to remove the poison... due to his freezing up the council declare...
Resonance - Miraculous Ladybug: Tales Of Shiro by LegitChipmmunk
Resonance - Miraculous Ladybug: Ta...by Chippy-Resonance
Blinded years prior. Evelyn adapts to her new life. One day her life is changed when a Magical creature grants her the power of sight, but not sight as she knew it. Sto...
Stratus | Avatar: The Last Airbender. by FinlessShark
Stratus | Avatar: The Last Airbend...by Thresher
DISCONTINUED Sequel to 'Clouds'. The continuation of Kumo's tale where sudden death lurks behind every corner, well, almost every corner... Anywhere the Fire Nation lurk...
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The Fox Queen by Kenzrocks47
The Fox Queenby ThatObsessedFanGirl
Naruko Uzumaki was abused and hurt in her village, by her parents, her siblings, and the villagers. For one reason; she holds the demon fox Kyuubi. When she and her two...
Rengoku&Donten ni Warau fanbook by LexyRManga
Rengoku&Donten ni Warau fanbookby LexyRManga
Photos, news, facts about our favorites! Even links to wonderful fanfics! Let's fan girl together!!!!
Naruto Uzumaki-Shoto by pROTOKILL
Naruto Uzumaki-Shotoby death is certain
okay Naruto has a kekkei genkai that is basically Half hot half cold from MHA or Shoto Toderoki. So he was trained by the the best anbu and is still the 9 tails jinchuri...
Finding Happiness (MinaKushi) by Scarlet_wind_2101
Finding Happiness (MinaKushi)by Scarlet_Wind
Ever wondered what happened After Minato saved Kushina from those Ninja? How their love grew Day for Day? Well in this story You'll find out! Minakushi
Laugh with me by Chocochibi
Laugh with meby choco_late~
The three brothers of the village always live laughing. but what happens when the jail the three of them look over is one day commanded to be tear down and the prisoner...
The Cat In The House by RedKnight21K
The Cat In The Houseby YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Naruto discovered Yugito Nii, a fearless jinchuuriki of the Hidden Cloud Village was in his apartment. It wad an unfortunately coincidence when Naruto observed Yugito's...
Tenka Kumo's birthday!(fluffy) by LexyRManga
Tenka Kumo's birthday!(fluffy)by LexyRManga
This is a cute, fluffy fanfictional story about Tenka Kumo of the series Donten ni Warau. Contains spoilers.
Rune factory Oneshots by Emily-227
Rune factory Oneshotsby Emily
Runefactory oneshot fanfics. most probably for 4 and 5 but I've played all the games and may write some for them as well! :)
the hyuga sisters vs the Kumo kunoichis  by Ovrlrdalex
the hyuga sisters vs the Kumo kuno...by Ovrlrdalex
If you think hinata is the only total narcissist in the clan then you havent seen hanabi in action,a trait that they took from their mother.
Hunter X Hunter: Targeted by JuliaTeng555
Hunter X Hunter: Targetedby JuliaTeng555
Gon and Killua are being targeted by the Phantom Troupe?! What's more.... They've been kidnapped by them?!?!
Yugito, Ang Asawa ni Hatake Kakashi by RedKnight21K
Yugito, Ang Asawa ni Hatake Kakashiby YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Si Nii Yugito ay nagpakasal kay Hatake Kakashi at nagkaroon ng limang anak, apat na babae at isang lalaki. Ito na ang bagong paglalakbay ni Yugito kahit hindi na siya bu...
Illogical by SkyTheLoner
Illogicalby SkyTheLoner
Evil can not comprehend good. Or rather, Shiro doesn't understand the concept of valuing others more than oneself. [A Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? | So I'm a Spider, So What...