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Our Little Home (Kaishin) by _LIAN_ZAVALA_
Our Little Home (Kaishin)by LOZIE HOODIE
An 'accident' that will change everything. To make this clear, I don't know where I'm going with this but I'll make it work. A fanfic where Kaito also gets a second chan...
Stop caring (Kaito×Shinichi) by NoraHanson1
Stop caring (Kaito×Shinichi)by NoraHanson1
[Completed] Kaitou KID and Shinichi Kudo have been rivals since they could think. Whenever Kaito announces a heist, Shinichi would definitely show up to stop him. But as...
Behind the Scenes with Detective Conan by KokoroRin
Behind the Scenes with Detective C...by Reias
A request-based one-shot fiction. What does the team that put Detective Conan together do after each episode? Do they hang out or go straight home? Failed humour, I tri...
Exploring Hidden Feelings (Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi X Kaito KID/Kuroba Kaito) by Akariqueen16
Exploring Hidden Feelings (Edogawa...by Ishikawa Akari
This is a story of Conan/Shinichi having hidden feelings for KID/Kaito until Haibara, Hattori and Agasa-hakase revealed it to him after their battle against the Black Or...
My Destiny by ZelKouka_
My Destinyby 光花 dé 𝐙eldyx
"Ne KID, just give up. I know you're omega" "As I said, I'm Beta!" "You can't lie anymore, and I won't lie to you anymore. I- I just fall in lov...
Truth Revealed [Detective Conan](ON HOLD) by Maymthiri03
Truth Revealed [Detective Conan](O...by Maymthiri03
This author here is from the future and is gonna reveal Conan's identity. What will the others do?
The Cat Detective in The Moonlight (kaishin) by Ryushuu1412
The Cat Detective in The Moonlight...by Shiina Minami
Everyone knows that Shinichi turn into a child when he got himself poisoned by the members of the black organization. And the first one that found him is his neighbour p...
Addiction (KID×Conan/Shinichi) by NoraHanson1
Addiction (KID×Conan/Shinichi)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* He woke up, surroundings swimming in his eyes. Not long after, finally a dark and empty street materialized itself in front of him. What had happened? All he...
KaiShin Oneshot [On Hold] by Kai_1412_1
KaiShin Oneshot [On Hold]by Kai_1412_1
A book of oneshots about Kuroba Kaito and Kudo Shinichi sweet to angsty moments in different stories. Shinkai may also be included at some Oneshots. Disclaimer: I do no...
Complete by NoraHanson1
Completeby NoraHanson1
*Completed* To be honest I had the idea after reading a quote book and am actually really glad I recharged my inspiration. (Thanks a lot @mitzishin~) What happens once t...
When Pandora bleeds... (Shinkai) by NoraHanson1
When Pandora bleeds... (Shinkai)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* Sequel to KID's Drastic Methods A few years have gone by since the disappearance of Kaitou KID. Kuroba Kaito, worldfamous magician by the age of 27, kept his...
One shots (Shinkai) by il-cielo-e-il-sole
One shots (Shinkai)by Il cielo è il sole
A drabble series of the Pairing Shinkai (not Kaishin) in which Shinichi didn't shrink because he didn't follow Gin and Vodka and Shinichi and Kaito are Childhood friends...
KaiShin OneShot by emifufu22
KaiShin OneShotby emifufu 22
Disclaimer: The characters are from both Detective Conan and Magic Kaito anime. They both created by Gosho Aoyama. . Summary: Just random oneshots about Kuroba Kaito an...
The lonely bird (Shinkai) by NoraHanson1
The lonely bird (Shinkai)by NoraHanson1
*Completed* Thanks to a slip up of his, Kaito was forced to take the APTX 4869, yet just like the famous Kudo Shinichi shrunk into a child of merely 7 years. His mother...
Dress up to Impress(ShinKai/Kaishin) by Akariqueen16
Dress up to Impress(ShinKai/Kaishi...by Ishikawa Akari
This is a story where Shinichi is back to normal and had revealed what really happened to the people who needed to know the truth including Ran, which ended up with the...
Kaito Kid Oneshots [Kaishin] by NightStarry1412
Kaito Kid Oneshots [Kaishin]by NightStarry
A collection of Kaishin / Shinkai Oneshots. Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters. This is just a fan fiction. I do not own the cover photo.
Midnight White by blueplcnet
Midnight Whiteby kat
An explosion at a KID's heist puts an unpleasant end to the night. But it was only the beginning. It started when Takagi-keibu disappeared. ---- ---- ---- © Alaena F...
Brother (KaiShin and KidConan) by trizkhaanimax30
Brother (KaiShin and KidConan)by trizkhaanimax30
If Kudo Shinichi the high school detective have a little brother that smart like him and Kuroba Kaito have big brother name Kuroba Kid. What is gonna happen? curious~ we...
A Case Of Identity by EphemeralEntity
A Case Of Identityby EphemeralEntity
Falling out of love with Ran was as unpredictable as was falling into love with KID. But with Ran crushing on Kuroba Kaito and KID not knowing his identity as Conan, thi...
Transport to the world of Detective Conan by AnimeloverMirai
Transport to the world of Detectiv...by HappyFreeWriter
"Yeah right!" If I told you that I got transport to a anime show, you wouldnt believe would you? Well, me too! But it's amazing neh? By the way, must read chap...