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Please Remember (Kise x Reader) by KAYNUKY22
Please Remember (Kise x Reader)by K A Y N U | カイヌ
Grew up as Childhood friends, Kise and Y/N are really close. Kise the man that everyone loves and Y/N the timid but kind girl lives together at Kise's place because it's...
Dorm Mates with Aomine Daiki [A Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction]  by LittleFictionWriter
Dorm Mates with Aomine Daiki [A Ku...by I am Cassiopeia
(UNDER MAJOR GRAMMAR CONTRUCTION, AND POSSIBLY REARRANGING CHAPTERS AND PARTS) [Aomine Daiki x OC] Sugahara Kaede had been living peacefully as her own roommate until th...
Kuroko no Facebook by kurodokidoki1110
Kuroko no Facebookby Ao-chan
What would happen if the Kuroko no Basuke characters got their own facebook accounts?? If you wanna know,you gotta read. ^_^ [DISCLAIMER:THE ANIME NOR THE CHARACTERS ARE...
The One Who Owns My Heart(Takao x Reader) by KAYNUKY22
The One Who Owns My Heart(Takao x...by K A Y N U | カイヌ
As he stands in front of her, The girl who helps him overcome his sadness, the girl who is always around and cheers him up. Takao tries to shoo any kind of guilt and emo...
Second Generation ➳ KNB by AsiyaKage
Second Generation ➳ KNBby Asiya Kage
❝ They say the people that I came to care about, until today, will disband after a game ❞ The Generation of Miracles were considered one of the strongest junior high tea...
Kuroko no Basuke x Readers (One Shots)  by SoDarnFabulous
Kuroko no Basuke x Readers (One Sh...by ジン♤
The Basketball that Kuroko Plays 黒子のバスケ *MANGA* Written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki Published by Shueisha *ANIME* Directed by Shunsuke Tada Written by Noburo Takagi Studio: Pr...
Why? (Akakuro fanfic) [Hiatus] by Animeforlife123
Why? (Akakuro fanfic) [Hiatus]by Jikookies
Akashi and Kuroko were best childhood friends. They would see each other every day, no matter if it's only for a while. They had so much fun. But One day, Kuroko had to...
希望 One Shots Request [ kuroko no basket X reader ] by payu0206
希望 One Shots Request [ kuroko no b...by payu
❝ there is no winning to victory , if you win alone ❞ ○○○ { DISCONTINUED . } multiple one shots featuring the characters from kuroko no basuke x reader ! ○○○ All copyrig...
Kuroko no Basuke Scenarios by Rukoreos
Kuroko no Basuke Scenariosby ✖ Marin McClain ✖
This is how I show love to fictional basketball players without armpit hair © Ruko Izumi | 2014 - 2015
Phantom Butler • akakuro ✓ by THlSGRACE
Phantom Butler • akakuro ✓by Charis Ten | hiatus
© June 2014 [Book One of KnB Trilogy] • revised • "Let me love you." He whispered-- And he did, til that naive love tore him apart.
傷 Scar // Midotaka Fic by AngelaAgness
傷 Scar // Midotaka Ficby AngelaAgness
Takao got injured trying to protect Midorima, but winter cup is just around the corner and Takao forces himself to play even though his injury isn't healed completely. ...
Unforgettable Memories (Akashi X Reader) by animefinatic2013
Unforgettable Memories (Akashi X R...by animefinatic2013
'It was the memories of that summer that makes it hard to move on' Will I ever forget them? ~Based off of the song September by Daughtry~ FYI: all KnB characters belong...
Kuroko no Basuke Oneshots by LightBlueRedChestnut
Kuroko no Basuke Oneshotsby Snow Melts
Oneshots and drabbles for Kuroko no Basuke characters. I might put Character x Reader x Character, Team x Reader, GoM x Reader, Character x Reader x OC, OC x Character x...
Kuroko no Basuke One-shots by smoleevee
Kuroko no Basuke One-shotsby Eve
[Various Kuroko no Basuke one shots] You didn't mind dating a basketball player. As long as you can fawn over their toned muscles, everything was fine.
Iridescent(Akashi x Reader) by Weird_Pizza
Iridescent(Akashi x Reader)by *charctr
ir·i·des·cent (ĭr′ĭ-dĕs′ənt) adj. 1.) Producing a display of lustrous, rainbowlike colors
KuroBasu Scenarios (X Reader) by AsiyaKage
KuroBasu Scenarios (X Reader)by Asiya Kage
Life has been quite interesting for you; but the addition of the one of the Miracles may change everything up; for the better or worse. {The cover is a manga re-color do...
In love and sickness (KagaKuro fanfic) by salty_watermelon
In love and sickness (KagaKuro fan...by Salty Watermelon
Tetsuya knows how to make his light as his own butler who does anything for him, even when he's sick.
(Kuroko No Basket) The Snow Girl by AllvishTOV
(Kuroko No Basket) The Snow Girlby AllvishTOV
Kuroko and his friends spent their winter holiday here, in the ski resort. Everything's ok until one of them got an idea and it became worst because the other one did so...
We're all mad here (Kuroko no Basket fanfic, Mental hospital AU) by salty_watermelon
We're all mad here (Kuroko no Bask...by Salty Watermelon
Kagami has worked hard to get a job from his father's mental hospital. He gets to work at block-C where six patients need his attention. Kagami does his best to help the...
An Absolute Annoyance (Kuroko no Basket - Akashi Seijuurou Fanfiction) by ShirayukiEru
An Absolute Annoyance (Kuroko no B...by El~
"What would you do if an intimidating guy suddenly appears in your doorstep and effortlessly throws your life into the currents of change?" -Akiyama Saki