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Kylie Jenner Imagines GXG by youmenewyork
Kylie Jenner Imagines GXGby youmenewyork
Kylie Jenner x Female reader 🤎🤍✨
JUST FOR ME by BriFlare
JUST FOR MEby -BriFlare
With the lows and the midnight highs The pills and the pain and the bad advice I swear that I'm done with it one last time Falls in love with the fire, baby, it got cold...
✔️| JENNER. JACK AVERY. by -herronsbaby
the 6th youngest sister of the karjenners fall in love with some boy band? °°° "I love him!" "Oh please, you don't even know what love is kensley"
Jenner- ZAYN MALIK by Briana_Lilly
Jenner- ZAYN MALIKby Briana_Lilly
Being part of the Kardashian family and married to a Malik Will Kayla Jenner stay strong through the drama or break oc x Zayn Malik
Maybe or Maybe Not  by joricaminah
Maybe or Maybe Not by bey’s husband
Kylie never loved Travis. It was just a hookup that turned into a relationship because she got pregnant. Eventually Travis and Kylie together became good for business an...
Just Us? Right? by YolandaJaca
Just Us? Right?by Yolanda Jaca
Kylie Jenner × Y/n Y/ln Sorry I don't edit!
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Broflovski x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Magi
This is a simple Kyle x Reader. In this story, (Y/N) is the top female student in the class, while Kyle is the top male. Throughout the story, the two grow a close bond...
Mending Our Love by bubblygal
Mending Our Loveby bubblygal
He held the bloodline of the Beta and the Beast. She held the bloodline of the Gamma. They were destined to be together since born. But one incident pulled them apart fo...
Kendall Jenner & y/n imagines by bey4life
Kendall Jenner & y/n imaginesby Chloe
Imagines of you with none other than Kendall Jenner. Enjoy the highs and the lows and please don't forget to vote and comment. I accept requests. Mature content - gxg ...
Loving You Was a Mistake (Season 8! ❤️ by Kitti_Sunni
Loving You Was a Mistake (Season ツ ❁ Kylie Katsuki ❁ ᗢ
These two been together for a long time together. Kiki thinks that they might last long, she even thinks that they both could get married and have kids! That is far for...
There's only a few of this book so why not give it a try
Into the family  by Gottaloveadumbasshuh
Into the family by Diormauni
Jayda has 2 kids and is Married into the Kardashian family the only thing that scares her even is hoping his family likes her even though she already has 2 kids with rob
bad mood ⇨ travis scott  by -ILLEST
bad mood ⇨ travis scott by ILLE$T 🗡
"Shut the fuck up im trynna finish." Best friends who know each other like the back of their hands.
He's Beautiful. She's Beautiful. But Together, they are a Disaster. But a Beautiful Disaster.
NEVER  LEAVE by lauren360
NEVER LEAVEby she who must not be named
After a horrible attack, Kylie, the most popular girl in school, is not only left wounded, but pregnant and not only pregnant but pregnant with a werewolf baby. During t...
Texting || Justin Bieber. by vicsghost
Texting || Justin V.
and it all started with the wrong number. highest ranking; #59 in FanFiction © 2017, Victoria Geraldine Cover by: @freakiestsoul
Vinnie what you do to me  by sofiamcrae_
Vinnie what you do to me by sofiamcrae_
This story is gonna be shown through TikToks and Instagram posts. You're friendship/relationship with vinnie hacker
Dance on|The Next Step  by mikaelson4lyf
Dance on|The Next Step by themikaelsondaughter
Meet Kylie she is a dancer for the next step along with her twin brother. She loves dance and loves her team, however with all the drama at the studio will she be able t...
Red Love » A Greek Royal Family Fanfiction  by ThelovelyAngels
Red Love » A Greek Royal Family 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕𝚜
𝑅𝐸𝒟 𝐿𝒪𝒱𝐸 An ambitious businesswoman, Kylie delves into the world of living a hectic life in the celebrity spotlight and now dealing with dating a Prince. Started:...