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My monster husband (Series #1) by karthikinaira
My monster husband (Series #1)by Karthik naira
He is also the one who is the reason for her Wound . everyone hates her include her family. first she torture by her family now she torture by her husband will she get l...
The Perfect Bride (Completed) by Saleha_M
The Perfect Bride (Completed)by Saleha_M
Since the tragic death of his wife, Dr. Manik Malhotra hasn't considered another woman, until Dr. Nandani Singhania arrives in his Emergency Department. After Manik's pr...
Crossroads of love: Enstranged or Adultery? by ditisha21
Crossroads of love: Enstranged ditishakhaitan
Manik and Nandini found themselves in long, unhappy relationships. Manik had been married for 9 years and was in a 3-year relationship before that, which had grown dista...
💜 It is based on Reunion of 6 best friends. It will also include the flashbacks of their college life. 💙
A journey of two beautiful souls ... Made for each other but it takes alot from them to be with each other. A beautiful Manan story with their favourite fireflies and...
Manan - Monster's Princess by Aflyingbirdinthesky
Manan - Monster's Princessby Aflyingbirdinthesky
Hi, This story is about how a monster is changed to human and lovable person by his princess. Also how he healed her with his love and healed by her.
Suffocating Desires: A tale of Love & Control by -lilyy-y
Suffocating Desires: A tale of Lily🦋
[On- Hiatus] "Damn, who the hell do you think you are, telling me what to do?" Nandani bellowed, her words slurring in her drunken state. Manik's face twisted...
Masoom Ishq by Swarmayi
Masoom Ishqby Swarmayi
Manan Short Story!
Manan ff:Reason Behind My Existence by Moon_Malhotra
Manan ff:Reason Behind My Existenceby Moon Malhotra
Hii guys...Moon very new to Wattpad and this is my first story am quite nervous...I want your support guys... All I can say that this is totally a diff...
On the Run  by Polu1998
On the Run by Louboutin Lover
Nandini murthy is a simple, ambitious girl who dreams of being a top researcher at ISRO. Even though her family has set her up to be married soon, her opposition to the...
Manan: Happily Ever After(Completed)✔️ by the_bogummy
Manan: Happily Ever After( 🇰🇷
Copyright ©️ 2021 the_bogummy All rights reserved. No part of this book/book may be reproduced without the writer's permission on any kind of sites or any forums. It is...
Our Family (Discontinued) by the_bogummy
Our Family (Discontinued)by 🇰🇷
Copyright ©️ 2021 the_bogummy All rights reserved. No part of this book/book may be reproduced without the writer's permission on any kind of sites or any forums. It is...
Manan - Sacred Relationship by Aflyingbirdinthesky
Manan - Sacred Relationshipby Aflyingbirdinthesky
This is my first story This story starts after soha fiasco What will happen if manik was able to reach nandini before soha lite up fire? What will happen if soha is aliv...
PLAYING YOU (#2) by _unicorn_writer_
PLAYING YOU (#2)by unicornwriter
The sequel to MUTUALLY MARRIED ******************************************** Manik and Nandini are finally married but for reasons apart from love. Ready to play each ot...
Deep In The Woods by M99666
Deep In The Woodsby Mona
Vrushali got lost in the forest and meets Dheeraj in an unknowm circumstances which compels her to stay in forest few more days. What are those circumstances? What is D...
💛 This FF is based on Rebirth of MaNan. This basically starts Talent Hunt. All this story original updates are on Wattpad so I would request everyone to read it on watt...
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Manan :- It's Started With Eve Of Valentine's Day by MonsterAngel96
Manan :- It's Started With Eve MonsterAngel96
Start from kaisi yeh yaariyaan episode 147
I Fell For My Nurse✔️ by thegirlwith__flaws
I Fell For My Nurse✔️by Alina Fatima
She entered in his life as a nurse to take care of him but changed him to be the person he never imagined to be. He fallen for her but will she also fall? Will she also...
Will You Love Me Again?||√||(republishing) by maha_manan1108
Will You Love Me Again?||√||( firefliesdreams♡
#3- separation(29/4/2021) Love a four letter word, difficult to find but easy to fall in it....but more painful to come out of it.....but marriage is most pure bond betw...