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The Unforgiven { Legolas x OC - LotR Fanfiction} by artalicous
The Unforgiven { Legolas x OC - artalicous
A fellowship is formed to destroy the One Ring to save middle-Earth. They withstand lost, battles, war. What they hadn't reckoned was Ethir - lost bloodline of Sauron. L...
Ten Companions... So Be It ! [WIP] by lorienstale
Ten Companions... So Be It ! [WIP]by Cléa
Currently under revision ! -AU- What if more than one son of Denethor attended to the Council of Elrond ? In other words, what would have happened if both Boromir and Fa...
A Peculiar Fellowship by SpareOomOfRivendell
A Peculiar Fellowshipby SpareOomOfRivendell
Laradel is, by far, the strangest Elf. While she is, admittedly, the best archer in an age, she associates with Dwarves and seems to know little to nothing about the tra...
Of Futures Past (Legolas) by MinnieGrace14
Of Futures Past (Legolas)by Minnie
Alana is the daughter of one of the blue wizards, Alatar, and Galadeth, Galadriel and Celeborn's second daughter. After running from Lothlorien in her 'rebellious stage'...
Shadow Hunter-LegolasxOC by lepineapplefish
Shadow Hunter-LegolasxOCby felicia lin
She was born questioning her place in Middle Earth. She grew realising that her powers brought only pain. She journeyed, to find the truth and love for herself. An or...
The Wizard and The Prince by McStario
The Wizard and The Princeby Mc. Stario
He felt like he never belonged. He felt out place among the like's of Men. But when he is asked to help out the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, he finds himself not carin...
Bluestar | Legolas x OC by AzureSky14
Bluestar | Legolas x OCby Azure Sky
"Nine companions," Elrond began. Not so fast, Adar. "Make it ten." When Eluin, the fiery youngest of the House of Elrond, decides to embark on a jour...
The Antagonist [ A lord of the Rings / Legolas Fan-Fic] by artalicous
The Antagonist [ A lord of the artalicous
Awarthrie was the only child of Kili and Tauriel, raised by Glóin. She hates the shinny pointy eared tree-hugging bastards. The apparent enmity between Elves and Dwarves...
Wanderlust (Legolas LOTR) by Raider-k
Wanderlust (Legolas LOTR)by Raider-k
What if Legolas hadn't always been the amazing warrior we all know and love? What if he was a little...dorky? Fed up with being stuck in the halls of the Elvenking Thr...
Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic) by Grneyes0987
Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic)by Grneyes0987
I entered my story in the 2022 Wattys! #watty2022 The one ring has been found, 9 companions join together to defeat Sauron; but what was unexpected was another companion...
My Star ~ Legolas by JinniefortheWinnie
My Star ~ Legolasby Ashley
Astella, Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel's younger daughter, is an adventerous and energetic elf. She had always wished for more than her life cooped up in the fore...
An Arrow or Two || Legolas/LotR by foreversmaug
An Arrow or Two || Legolas/LotRby s m a u g
Elven Princess Under the Mountain by fandom-4ever
Elven Princess Under the Mountainby fandom-4ever
Jackie's an Elf. But.. Her parents were killed when she was 4 years old. The King Under the mountain at the time found her, a small elf-ling, close to death all alone at...
I see fire (The hobbit x female reader) (discontinued) by Angelbreeze-
I see fire (The hobbit x female ⚚ 𝘼𝙉𝙂𝙀𝙇 ⚚
She woke from her slumber by the screams of the people of Dale. She shot her head up, looking wearily around her. She saw nothing but she could hear the screams of the p...
Glorfindiel: Magic of Imladris  by Uilosris
Glorfindiel: Magic of Imladris by Uilosris
Prince Thranduilion Legolas is brought to Imladris after a nearly fatal encounter with a large pack of goblins and orcs, and feels ready to fade into the Halls of Mandos...
Blood Will Be Spilt (Hobbit fan fic) by alliekatt314
Blood Will Be Spilt (Hobbit fan alliekatt314
"How did I get here? How could I have let this happen?" I whisper to myself. Blood is everywhere so much blood too much. Orc blood mixes with elven, goblin, dw...
To Tame A Fire by IamTheNightWalker
To Tame A Fireby Hwindohtar 🔥
~In progress~ Set around the year 2060 Mirkwood fights to keep the enemy at bay. Prince Legolas, leading Captain of King Thranduil's military, prepares new recruits to j...
Hiding in Plain Sight by lolanna1998
Hiding in Plain Sightby HavenNoelle
Zhyraenzia ran from Mirkwood. She helped the dwarves escape, disgusted with Thranduil's actions. Now she's in Lorien, with a new family, one that will never let her go...
My Light ~Legolas~ UNDER EDITING by Onyx66613
My Light ~Legolas~ UNDER EDITINGby Sun_Child_66
I had found another light, another shelter His ice-blue eyes shone through my darkness, filling my heart with a warm glow i had never felt before.... I am currently edit...
Moving On by SamanthaJo285
Moving Onby Samantha Jo
Samantha has found herself in the world of her favorite movie, though she can't remember what happens next. The more she tries to remember, the more she forgets. With he...