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The Other Flame (Ninjago x Dabi OC) by GreyKnight88
The Other Flame (Ninjago x Dabi OC)by GreyKnight88
Haiiro Touya Smith is the older brother of Kai and Nya Smith. After he turned 27, he left the blacksmith shop to his younger siblings as he went to travel Ninjago. On hi...
The Secret Njnja Force(A LEGO Ninjago Movie book) by Peachynessy
The Secret Njnja Force(A LEGO Ninj...by Peachy
Book Cover made by: @nyny_writez What if...during Garmadon's last stance, the ninja don't reveal themselves, and are still called the Secret Njnja Force. But most of the...
The real Me ~A Ninjago Jaya Story by jaya_forever
The real Me ~A Ninjago Jaya Storyby jaya_forever
Well, I have to make some things clear : 1. My english is not the best cuz I live in austria have to speak german and my mother lenguage is turkish so don't judge me ple...
Ninjago High <3 by WritingMareBear262
Ninjago High <3by WritingMareBear
Can these hormonal elemental teenagers make it through High School? Follow along to watch drama, romance, friendships, and most importantly, the love they have for each...
Evil Kai AU - Kai and Morro by Nr1KaiStan
Evil Kai AU - Kai and Morroby Nr1KaiStan lol
!!Lavashipping!! What if the ninja hadn't seperated Kai from Lloyd/Morro when he was trying to help Lloyd gain control over his body again?
Ninjago Story - Purple Melody. by ShyWriterGamerGirl19
Ninjago Story - Purple Melody.by Courtney James
It's been a little while since Ninjago City's latest threat has been dealt with by the ninja team. But soon, they'll be coming across an enemy that's beginning to emerge...
Ninjago World  War by Disgustingreptile34
Ninjago World Warby Disgustingreptile34
The year is 2022. Several new kingdoms, states and enpires have arised in the ninjago island. The emperor of ninjago is in the middle of a civil war with some communists...
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NINJAGO ONE-SHOTS (Dainty_deer13 edition!) by Dainty_deer13
NINJAGO ONE-SHOTS (Dainty_deer13 e...by Dainty_deer13
Hi! It me! Dainty_deer13! This is probably the first book I'm making about Ninjago to yeah, that's exiting! And BTW! I'm making this while making another book called 'RU...
Dragon Ball Super X Ninjago: Transaction Dimension Goku Meet The Ninja by Nicholas574
Dragon Ball Super X Ninjago: Trans...by Nicholas574
After the event of DBS: Broly saga, Goku went through a portal and he's in the new world called "Ninjago". He met 6 ninjas and their friends for the first time...
Never realm disaster   by leah_multifandom
Never realm disaster by Leah
This story is about the ninja going to the never realm to save their friend Zane but... they brought a special friend. Skylor Chen.
Void - Ninjago x Female Reader by Sh1r0Kur0
Void - Ninjago x Female Readerby Shiro & Kuro
Nothing. That's all you remember of your past. That's all you know about yourself, and hell, that's probably all that you will ever be in the future. Or so you thought...
Realm traveler: Ninjago Reader Insert by Lexi51283
Realm traveler: Ninjago Reader Ins...by Lexi51283
A/n You are a werewolf in this and while your hanging out in the Myth Nation, you get pushed into a portal by the Fire Nation. Will you ever return to the Myth Nation...
ninjago movie: Lloya by Omegamemerlego
ninjago movie: Lloyaby Memedninjago
its lloya btw its just the story of the ninjago movie universe
Ombrophobia by -OceanSunFlower-
Ombrophobiaby ♤Ace♤
The Fear of Rain. ---- Raven Harlow. She's just a regular person living in Ninjago. She's a jeweler and she's a survivalist. Only problem is that she's afraid of the rai...
Kai's secret by Danielle_Phantom_nd
Kai's secretby Sierra Hart
In the final battle against the OVERLORD Kai sacrifices himself instead of Zane. When he wakes he finds that he is in a void between dimensions, where he meets a group o...
˜"*°•S̴p̴i̴r̴i̴t̴s̴ ̴W̴i̴t̴h̴i̴n̴•°*"˜(Ninjago)(greenflame) by ShadowButterfly21
˜"*°•S̴p̴i̴r̴i̴t̴s̴ ̴W̴i̴t̴h̴i̴n̴•...by Shadow
2 weeks since that day. 1 week since the funeral... Kai Smith is still trying to get over the fact that Lloyd is gone forever. Or so he thinks... WELCOME TO SPIRIT'S WIT...
Time of Past by SilverDraconequus
Time of Pastby Golden Honey
There is a woman, who's claimed as a goddess under her husband's name. Kronos. Even though in great myth, that her husband should of been the time keeper. But fate has o...
I'm Sorry.. by DragonCrystyGarmadon
I'm Sorry..by DragonCrystyGarmadon
Llorumi story. Rival Before Accident, Regret After Accident. In this story, can the word "I'm Sorry" even be heard for the last time? WARNING!! Do NOT do anyt...
Always a Need for a Ninja by thesapphiresamurai
Always a Need for a Ninjaby Sapphire Samurai
This will be my first book here on Wattpad, so please be patient with me. This will take place throughout the different seasons of Ninjago, and will focus on oneshots o...
○The other Garmadon○ k.smith by ITS_KILLEDME
○The other Garmadon○ k.smithby ITS_KILLEDME
Lloyd Garmadon is the only Garmadon child that the ninja know of. Or do they. Hidden among their 5 person group is Lloyds older sister. Y/n Garmadon, who is known as Y/n...