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The Tale Of Lloyd Garmadon by Star_OfTheShow
The Tale Of Lloyd Garmadonby Fable
Imagine if Lloyd had discovered his powers before he'd ended up on the Bounty. Imagine if he decided to use the powers meant for good to completely fxck up Ninjago.
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Jade Garmadon: Lloyd Garmadons little brother by MoofyOofy
Jade Garmadon: Lloyd Garmadons lit...by MoofyOofy
After 6 years of being apart, Lloyd finds out he has a little brother. Jade has been living with a fake, abusive family ever since he was little. Lloyd takes Jade back a...
next in line | ninjago by thr0ughthedark
next in line | ninjagoby thr0ughthedark
Lloyd usually had the upper hand, but this time the darkness got to him first. He can't seem to shake the evil side that was born into his body. He doesn't want to hurt...
The Master Of Gems by annon_author
The Master Of Gemsby No one needs to know my name
Lloyd x reader: master of gems y/n l/n is known as the master of gems. You know the myth that stones have auras? well she can amplify that aura and concentrate it to wea...
Promises (Ninjago's Kai x Reader) by wackywolf2003
Promises (Ninjago's Kai x Reader)by hannah
"Promise me something?" "Anything." "Promise me you wont turn evil again." "I wont make promises I cant keep." "Then promise...
TommyInnit da star: Tommy in Ninjago (MovieVerse) by Ness_XP
TommyInnit da star: Tommy in Ninja...by Ness_XP
After spending a few days in Jimmy's new secret base in Antarctica Tommy flies back to Brighton on his newly bought plane. Only problem is, he didn't expect crushing alo...
I Am, Lloyd Garmadon. by Star_OfTheShow
I Am, Lloyd Garmadon.by Fable
This is an AU where Lloyd never wanted to be like Garmadon, but Garmadon wants it to be like father like son. Also, to be clear, unless it's stated by me in an author's...
A Sister's Legacy - A Lego Ninjago Reader Insert by thewidowsghost
A Sister's Legacy - A Lego Ninjago...by TheWidow'sGhost
This is pretty much like the show except it's a reader insert. 😂😂❤️ I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THIS EXCEPT A LITTLE EXTRA DETAILS THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM...
ITS YOUR TIME //ninjago x Male\\ by kodaluvsyou
ITS YOUR TIME //ninjago x Male\\by kodaluvsyou
Y/n trained under Mystake ever since his dad had disappeared. One day while Y/n was playing with his powers he has opened a time gap he was hesitant but stepped in. Wh...
True Prophesy (Lloyd x Reader) by Morailsforlife246
True Prophesy (Lloyd x Reader)by Morailsforlife246
You and Lloyd grew up together. You did everything together, basically you two were inseparable. When Lloyd accidentally stumbles across the first Serpentine tomb he wan...
The LEGO Ninjago Movie [Lloyd x Female Ninja! Reader] by HoomanTree
The LEGO Ninjago Movie [Lloyd x Fe...by # — ARTEMIS .
violent red | l. garmadon by fallenv0id
violent red | l. garmadonby void
What describes an oni? The opposite of Daeva. Daeva, for the longest time, has felt conflicted on her purpose and her existence. She's too much of a monster for the huma...
Past Ninjago reacts by cosmic_hoodie
Past Ninjago reactsby 𝐀𝐧𝐮
Taken place from after The first episode of season one, I bring The Ninja's, Lloyd, Wu, Nya, and Garmadon to react to the future. It all goes to chaos from there. No ac...
legacy high | ninjago au by alirxi
legacy high | ninjago auby predebut han
Welcome to Legacy High, where the sons and daughters of Royals and Rebels attend and prepare to fulfil their destinies. Join Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Morro, Nya, Sky...
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Ninjago One Shots [x Reader] by APH_Nordic_Greenland
Ninjago One Shots [x Reader]by APH_Nordic_Greenland
Indulge in Ninjago and really dive in to live in the story. If you like scenerios, romance, or fluff, then you've come to the right place. -Boy x Fem!Reader -A bunch of...
Querencia (Rewrite) by Morro_the_Cursed
Querencia (Rewrite)by Morro_the_Cursed
(n.) A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self. Cover Art: SeiichiBakugo (from Quotev) Lloyd...
Don't Make Him Mad... by HelloBonjourHola5
Don't Make Him Mad...by Hello!😁
(You found the right one!) Lloyd Garmadon is an interesting kid, and I'm talking about those stunning green eyes. He's the green ninja, one of the six protectors of Ninj...
Querencia Discontinued (Lloyd Garmadon X Male Reader) by Morro_the_Cursed
Querencia Discontinued (Lloyd Garm...by Morro_the_Cursed
(n.) a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self. Lloyd Garmadon x Male Reader x ??? (Read to f...
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Lloyd Garmadon ♡ Boyfriend Scenarios by ifangirl_toomuch
Lloyd Garmadon ♡ Boyfriend Scenari...by Leah the Fangirl
The typical fan fic where you become the girlfriend of one of the famous Ninja. In this case, that ninja is Lloyd Garmadon.
Chaotic Shattering (Ninjago x Reader Insert) by Master-of-Chaos
Chaotic Shattering (Ninjago x Read...by Master-of-Chaos
Chaos has come to the land of Ninjago and she is you. Things will change in drastic ways. Relationships destroyed as Ninjago's dirty secrets are revealed and when the t...