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To hell with it by SaraSchrader5
To hell with itby Sara Schrader
You are Loki's assistant. He is a ass and you always are cleaning up after him. Beside your normal job duties. Then learns what you think of him. And he soon starts to f...
Loki/Tom Hiddleston Oneshots by jojo_loke
Loki/Tom Hiddleston Oneshotsby Jojo
Title says it all ^^ 💚💚 Both POV and random storylines I write when I'm inspired to ✅ angst ✅ lemon ✅ fluff ✅ ✨Mobius✨ 🤧💛 P.S pls ignore the spelling mistakes in...
The Sound of Silence by nekoamamori
The Sound of Silenceby nekoamamori
A mute Enhanced and Loki both move in to the Avengers tower on the same day.
Snaker by Mariah_laufeyson
Snakerby Mariah
Y/N is half snake, half human. She can turn fully in a snake, fully human or her waist downwards snake, she's basically a therianthrope; which means a human who can turn...
Final Frontier (A Post Endgame Loki Fanfiction) by Swissheartforever
Final Frontier (A Post Endgame Lok...by Mary Jo
"And how do you know I won't just kill you?" He asked. "Because you need me. Without my survival skills and knowledge, you won't last a week in the Alask...
Adriana Stark (Loki And Bucky Love Triangle Story) Enemies To Lovers Romance by lokistark76
Adriana Stark (Loki And Bucky Love...by God.of.mischief
She is Tony's step sister Howard left her when she was just a baby because he didn't want her from the beginning Her mother Raised her alone until she died because of th...
A New (Loki Love Story) by indiieinabox
A New (Loki Love Story)by Princess
Thor brings Loki to Midgard, on Odin's orders. They move into Avenger's Tower and meet the newest avenger, Peter Parker, AKA SpiderMan. Soon Loki and Peter become friend...
Glitch {LOKI} by _Strawberry-Tea_
Glitch {LOKI}by _Strawberry-Tea_
Freya didn't know how much longer she could take at the TVA, she was becoming tired of the paperwork, the pruning, and being under Renslayer's thumb. She was already kno...
The King and The Lionheart (Loki fanfic V:1) by ElfRachel
The King and The Lionheart (Loki f...by I'm Just Me
Amril is thrust into a world that she doesn't know, as she grows up she meets friends and maybe people who will mean more to her than she thought possible.
loki laufeyson x female reader oneshots by theloveisadagger
loki laufeyson x female reader one...by emma ✰
i'll fill this book with oneshots about our favourite god of mischief. i'll always appreciate your feedback, comments, etc. and read it. <3 note: i don't own any of t...
Goddess by Mariah_laufeyson
Goddessby Mariah
Hiii!! This is my first story ever so please no hate ♥: Before we begin I just would like to tell you the this is A LOKI ROMANCE STORY. So prepare that holy water😏 Y/N...
Loki/Tom Hiddleston Imagines by mermaidatheart45
Loki/Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby mermaidatheart45
Just some random stories/dabbles/preferences from a fan of the God of Mischief, and the actor who brought him to life. ;) Mostly fluff; no smut; vote, comment, enjoy! Cr...
The Devil Is A Gentleman | Loki by tempestuouspoet
The Devil Is A Gentleman | Lokiby tempestuouspoet
"Man of few words I assume?" "You could say that" "Then you must think I talk too much." "Not at all" "Then what do you thin...
To Die For| Loki Laufeyson| OLD by Marcela4325
To Die For| Loki Laufeyson| OLDby Marcela
"You are all I ever hoped for-all I ever wanted. You are to die for" The rambunctious princes of Asgard, Thor and Loki, grew to know love at a young age. A fal...
Bounded World by lokilub
Bounded Worldby bangtan/avengers
He is obsessed with her a loki x story smut ahead along with swearing this will be full of kinks and a good storyline. Warning : rape, suicide, depression, manipulatio...
The Love of the Broken [B.BARNES, L.LAUFEYSON] by taytayrae03
The Love of the Broken [B.BARNES...by 💫tayler💫
When Bucky Barnes comes to the Avengers Tower, mindbender Juliette Rousseau can't help but pay special attention to him. She finds his shy, traumatized character intrigu...
Stealing the Grandmaster's Treasure by AJtheWriter22
Stealing the Grandmaster's Treasureby AJtheWriter22
Loki was on Sakaar for weeks, but we've never known what happened in that time until now. He meets Jadis, the daughter of the Grandmaster and soon finds himself in love...
United on Midgard (Thor x oc) (Loki x oc) by wpfangirls
United on Midgard (Thor x oc) (Lok...by Odinsongirls
Two girls, a banished asgardian and an immortal experiment who has lost most of her memories, both end up on earth. They become great friends, join shield, and become a...
The Princess of Jotunheim by sunnytyler001
The Princess of Jotunheimby Sunnytyler001
For centuries, Frigga sent invitations to the Jotuns, as a sign of peace and friendship... However, one day, they sent a positive reply, and their most precious treasure...
Salvation  by 0livia_xo
Salvation by 0livia_xo
The year: 2012 Loki's fallen from the bifrost and no other than thanos finds him, floating aimlessly around the galaxy. Thanos seen it as an opportunity, an opportunity...