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Nefarious ∆ Descendants [under major editing] by -Devoid
Nefarious ∆ Descendants [under maj...by t. •slow updates•
Ne•far•i•ous (adj.) Wicked, villainous, or despicable. "She was the most nefarious of them all, and she loved it." Hailey Hart, daughter of the hated red que...
end game || tayvis oneshots by hrtsfortaytay
end game || tayvis oneshotsby leah <3
heyy !! this is basically just a tayvis fanfic, haha. not really much to explain. but i would appreciate it if you'd read :) thanks <33
lookism x reader by TheSoggyNoodle
lookism x readerby anzimelogicz
It's not easy to pick sides. Everyone has secrets, secrets they want hidden and buried. What extent would you go to hide your secrets? How far would you go for self pres...
🖤MAFIA QUEEN 🖤 by stories-010
🖤MAFIA QUEEN 🖤by New story writer -01
It a story about girl Yn (like lost sister and mother)how she again meet her family And Happy Family Drama YN is Mafia Queen 🖤
His Arranged Wife by talesby_aehrsy
His Arranged Wifeby Aehrsy
Shridha and Rudra happen to come across each other through their parents. Shridha Saxena, a 22 year old girl who committed herself to the finance world was the dearest d...
Blonde ambition <3 Paige B&  Kate M. by JuicyFruit_hehe
Blonde ambition <3 Paige B& Kate...by JuicyFruit_hehe
Like "I'm that girl" "wanna bet? you try to pull the girl of our choice".
I HATE YOU | MASKY by Blxrrii
୨⎯ "Here, Let me help you up."⎯୧ Who knew that the person who was supposedly going to kill her had become such an important role in her life? Starring Y/n as...
Quiet • Sugarhillddot by thatpurplebitch
Quiet • Sugarhillddotby Aaliya
•B E S T R E A D I N W H I T E• •• *DISCONTINUED* In which the outgoing, stubborn, and affectionate girl meets the also stubborn, short te...
୨⎯ "But if you do plan on killing me, you're going to need an appointment."⎯୧ Being famous in a world filled with danger has many disadvantages. Being so vulne...
Snape x reader by sips___tea
Snape x readerby sips
A new teacher comes to Hogwarts, (y/n). you where best friends with the cute kinda emo Snape but you lost contact with him after leaving school. Coming back you meet Sn...
A New Challenger (Ryuko Matoi X Reader) by TheWhiteAnbu
A New Challenger (Ryuko Matoi X Re...by The White Anbu
#1 in Ryuko as of 11/26/19 #1 in inprocess as of 11/29/19 #1 in insert as of 4/22/20 This is the classic Kill La Kill story but with an added male protagonist that the r...
TOUGH ROMANCE || scoups || BOOK ONE by yoonlvrs
TOUGH ROMANCE || scoups || BOOK ONEby missy
"Come on now, Rose." O N G O I N G 🎀 Quiet, cold, rich Seungcheol prefers to live his life alone. Unless you count his dog, Kkuma. He doesn't tolerate drama...
The Alpha's Argent ~ Chris Argent by fasiham241
The Alpha's Argent ~ Chris Argentby Fasiha
Hayley Andrea Hale is the eldest Hale daughter in the Hale family. When Hayley was in high school, she had fallen in love with Chris Argent. Chris had fallen for Hayley...
One Game | Benny Watts by MaybeItsYourLaugh
One Game | Benny Wattsby MaybeItsYourLaugh
"Such a foolish reason I'm afraid, I just wanted to kiss you," she shrugged. Benny went quiet thinking for a second about his next move... She's just like a ga...
CURSED - The Blood War  [ BTS FF ] by xxx_m_xi
CURSED - The Blood War [ BTS FF ]by MORPHS.
CURSED 1 " Aye , International Nerd !! " I scrunched my nose and dragged my feet away from them , not daring to mess with them , not wanting to get bullied a...
Fractured | Ninjago AU (EXAMS RIGHT NOW THEN ILL UPDATE)  by LuckyBugBooks
Fractured | Ninjago AU (EXAMS RIGH...by Lucky (She/Her)
"Sometimes what's broken isn't as broken as you think." ~*~*~*~ Master Wu's School for Self-Discovery. A school for the broken. Six people, totally different...
Naruto the true godson of Jiraiya by Kurama12345678910
Naruto the true godson of Jiraiyaby Kurama12345678910
Jiraiya looks upon the dead body of his student and his wife as his heart is filled with pain and saddest wising he was just a bit faster so he could have helped. But al...
𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙗𝙚..™️ by durkioswifeee_
𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙬𝙖...by <3💕
a hood love story.💕 - BOOK 2 COMING SOON.
Broken To Fixed Kiri X Reader(fem) by Bokugo_the_uke
Broken To Fixed Kiri X Reader(fem)by Bokugo_the_uke
Y/n is a student at UA, and shes a good one. She's smart, kind, and practically a model student. She doesnt have a friend group, she likes to do her own thing, but she's...