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Bowers and Loser club gc by NiahGrace17
Bowers and Loser club gcby NiahGrace17
When a teacher gets fed up with the Bowers gang and the losers club fighting, she gets their phone numbers and make them a gc to get them to interact
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) UNFINISHED AND DISCONTINUED by MockingbirdsDontSing
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) UN...by Peach
[PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND WILL NOT BE FINISHED] Please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart... Life in Derry Maine had its ups and dow...
Are You Sick of Me? ||Richie Tozier angst by ImTooTir3d
Are You Sick of Me? ||Richie Tozie...by LOSER
*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS APART FROM HANNAH THATCHER* Richie Tozier is a totally normal teenage boy. Right? Everything is going great for him, hes a total cr...
You are Real (Henpat/Henrick) by ahhhhstabs
You are Real (Henpat/Henrick)by Neptune
(Patrick Hockstetter x Henry Bowers) Henry knew one part of his past was haunting him, he wished that it was nothing more than a nightmare, but the memory held true and...
The Montreal girl (Finn Wolfhard x reader) by mendesxarmys
The Montreal girl (Finn Wolfhard x...by mendesxarmys
Y/n just moved to Vancouver. She meets him. The one and only Finn wolfhard. Scared, insecure little girl she is. Afraid to show her real feelings. She got it all but she...
Henry Bowers ~crush by BowersGangBiatch
Henry Bowers ~crushby bowersgangbiatch
Lou has had a crush on Henry for as long as she can remember even though he bully's her friend. Her friends know of this not so secret crush but support her any way. Bu...
{WILD}~ R. Tozier by AshauntiKashmir
{WILD}~ R. Tozierby AshauntiKashmir
Arrietty Mulligan is going through life and has been having fun doing it. Richie Tozier has grown up, the way everyone does, and he's been staring at his girlfriend alo...
That Bowers Girl by InkMonster1
That Bowers Girlby InkMonster
Patrick and (Y/n) dislike each other. Patrick has feelings for her deep down, but because of how he views the world and others around him, he dismisses her as if she mea...
Loser blood (female Oc x Richie Tozier) by Taylor_4ever
Loser blood (female Oc x Richie To...by Emmy❤️‍🩹
-Hi there Denbrough -Hi there tozier Where Emma Denbrough has been feeling something about a trashmouth. Where Richie Tozier finds out his friend's sister meant more for...
Loverboy (Eddie Kaspbrak x reader) by jellyfishy2silly
Loverboy (Eddie Kaspbrak x reader)by jellyfishy2silly
Waht the title says I can't think of anything for a description.
Rᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ||Rʏᴇʀs/Bʏʟᴇʀ  by st_it_hp
Rᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ||Rʏᴇʀs/Bʏʟᴇʀ by st_it_hp
Ryers/Byler Will Byers went missing again but no one knew that he didn't want to be found this time.
Regret. [Stanbrough/Stenbrough] by lmjusthereiguess
Regret. [Stanbrough/Stenbrough]by skyli
This takes place two weeks after the blood oath. "Eddie.. what's happening to me..?" Stanley spoke his voice was shaky. "Hanahaki.." BOOK 1: COMPLETE...
Jealousy (stenbrough) by mel_stenbrough
Jealousy (stenbrough)by theo <3
stan just moved to town and is kinda a loner, until he meets bill denbrough. Bill denbrough is one year older than stan but he was held back so he is in the same grade...
The Mother:(IT) Interracial by shamyawheeler
The Mother:(IT) Interracialby shamyawheeler
Meadow isn't a ordinary girl,she's different from the others,different in a lot of ways,but one way is her race, and her being the only black girl in the loser club,and...
Truth or dare// Reddie {completed} by trashmouthloveseddie
Truth or dare// Reddie {completed}by ~Finley~
"Richie, truth or dare?" HUGE NOTE; this book is kinda sucky i wrote it a while ago lol Richie and Eddie have had a crush on each other since the 4th grade. B...
Eddie kaspbrak x reader by zacherronsfluffyhair
Eddie kaspbrak x readerby Eddiesloser
-in love with an innocent dark eyed boy -like in awe -"hey I hear you like that wheezy kid" -otherwise known as Edward Kaspbrak
Rats. //Richie X Eddie oneshots by 3_Kitten_3
Rats. //Richie X Eddie oneshotsby The Trashman
Soooooooo, leave some ideas if u want 😎 I come up with random ideas and then create stories and never finish them sooo one-shot books fix that problem.
IT/ST Crossover Sequel  by SatansDaughterrrr
IT/ST Crossover Sequel by SatansDaughterrrr
Like it says it's the sequel 2/2
Taken [reddie] by gjvdhcrgv
Taken [reddie]by Reddieforlife
Eddie gets taken by the neibolts and Has been replaced by his neibolt self Richie is determined to fmnd the real Eddie after he realized neibolt Eddie isn't Eddie (Also...